Heroes of Naturism : Miley Cyrus

Following on from the post in which I referenced Miley Cyrus, regarding underarm hair, it has only just been brought to my attention, as I touched on in the original post, that Miley has given up the razor elsewhere, with a gallery of shots in ‘Paper’ magazine (is that the same one whose Kim Kardashian’s shots were going to ‘break the internet’?)

Idolator website has reprinted the gallery.



I think she looks great and she’s certainly doing her bit to normalise nudity in wider society.




Underarm hair…it’s a trend, apparently

Back in May, Miley Cyrus was in the news (again) for revealing dyed underarm hair.

Around about the same time I was experimenting with underarm hair, in the sense I was growing it! I wasn’t putting any dye on there, but I had a period where I was quite happy not shaving under my arms and I quite liked the look. I just got lazy in respect of having to do it all the time…a week went by…then a second…

‘Eewwwwww!!!! Gross!!!’ said friends when I mentioned it (or if we had a rare warmish day when I’d be in a tank top and it was visible). I went to the swimming pool, as I do most weeks. ‘Disgusting’, a teenage girl muttered to her boyfriend as I raised my arms to put my swimming cap on, ‘I bet she doesn’t shave anywhere‘, hissed the boyfriend before they both giggled. Just my legs, dear, just my legs.

Strange how we’ve all become conditioned to think of what grows naturally as ‘gross’.

Or do we?

I’ve read that females with unshaven armpits is a bit of a trend on instagram. The NY Post also has done a piece on this in the past few weeks, with one Mum who has stopped shaving her armpits saying “it was kind of startling that these gender stereotypes were already so ingrained (in her five year old daughter). I do it, or rather don’t do it, for me but also as a reminder to my daughter that it’s up to the individual what we decide to do with our bodies.”

Others have taken to youtube to show their approach to  the issue, and explain why shaving is now, for them, ‘out’.

ella armpit hair_001b

As a result I took to wearing underarm hair in SL. It did attract comments.

‘Are you like that in RL?’ asked one avatar, and even in text form on the screen you could almost sense a disapproving wrinkling of their nose at the idea.

I didn’t do it to attract comments but just to reflect RL as it was at the time. Besides, I’m operating my life (and Second Life) for me, not you. Your opinion is worthless to me.

We all change hairstyles from time to time, many of us will wax our shave our ‘bikini line’, and many of the younger generation now routinely remove all traces of pubic hair. I suppose there are positives and negatives to this: received wisdom is that pubic hair is there to cushion friction against sensitive parts, and removing it can lead to infections. On the other hand, pubic lice have been practically wiped out around the world due to many women removing their pubic hair. In times gone by, pubic lice, often known as ‘crabs’ was linked in with other venereal diseases.

In the past, apparently, it was not uncommon to hear people talk of having to visit a ‘VD clinic’ because they had ‘a dose of the crabs’ or ‘a dose of the clap’ (gonorrhoea). Nowadays these are referred to as STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) after a period of being known as STD’s (sexually transmitted disease). The reason for the ‘rebranding’ is obvious. These are often easily treatable infections, not a full-blown ‘disease’.


Winning World War 2 by not having sex.


But we’re drifting away from the point of the initial post here. Let’s get back on track.

Body hair is natural, there is nothing gross about it, and it’s high time that the media stopped perpetuating the myth that there’s something wrong with it. There isn’t. What there is something wrong with is the idea you can or should be belittled, sneered at or held in contempt for making your own body choices. In a time of tattoos being fashionable, would we stand for people like the media adopting the same approach to tattoos? ‘Ooh, they’re gross. You look like a tramp‘, etc, etc. No. It would be regarded as bullying. The same applies here. A woman’s decision to grow her armpit hair, or even dye it thereafter, should only be reported as that person indulging in ‘a bit of colourful fun’.

During research for this piece, I discovered that it’s not just armpit hair that’s getting colourful. Some ladies are extending use of that bottle of dye downstairs as well.




I don’t know about you, but I think these two photographs (above) are absolutely stunning and beautiful. They make me want to….well….

..where’s my alt? 🙂


Hahaha! I like it! I actually like it a lot! 🙂 I got this short hairstyle at Boon & Saikin. Perhaps I need to give my main avatar a radical makeover! 🙂

As for ‘downstairs’, we’ll take this back to where we came in, and the shock revelation that, yes indeed, Miley isn’t a total fan of the razor (follow the first link in this post).
















From time to time SLN has reported on body hair as an add-on for your avatar.

With this in mind I’ve been exploring for possible new developments in these…er…areas, and managed to locate something that isn’t new, but is new to me, on the marketplace.



At L$89, it’s a snip (no pun intended). While Nearly Tactile’s pubic hair (for men and women) remains the benchmark for genital hair, they don’t do underarm hair, and this set (both underarm and pubic hair come in panty and tattoo layers) gives a natural look to the underarms, if you are into that look. I also think that both would equally suit a male avatar. So if you need some body hair on a budget I suggest you try the marketplace, type in ‘underarm’ or ‘armpit hair’, and grab this nifty set.

NB: Despite there being reference to an in world store -which exists- I couldn’t see this collection being sold on site, so we picked it up from the marketplace and gave it to our model to model!

ellana hairy armpits_0012b





Underarm hair.

You remember the astonishment when Hollywood A-lister Julia Roberts began waving to fans having not clearly shaved under there for, well, months.



‘Good on you, girl!’, I thought at the time, despite howls of protest from others -men, women marching to a patriarchal agenda– about how awful it looked. Wrong. It looked marvellous. A woman in command of her own body and body image, regardless of any stylist’s idea of how she should present herself.

Odd, isn’t it, how a little bit of underarm (or pubic) fluff can get some men so steamy under the collar! And, indeed, steamy in both ways. Most will loathe it. Some adore it.

Look, hair grows on women. On our legs. In our armpits. On our crotches!!!!!

Less than a year ago, the Daily Mail, Britain’s reactionary right-wing rag that passes for a newspaper, was chastising singer Pixie Lott for turning up for a premiere having ‘forgotten’ to shave under her arms.  Disappointingly, Pixie suggested it was an error, rather than fronting up and saying so what? Not that I’m about to criticise her for suggesting it was an error. It’s her body to present as she chooses. But I am ready, willing and able to criticise the odious Daily Mail for their fashion Nazi-ism and self-styled commentating and moral guardianship on the state of Britain (folks, if you’re reading this from outside the UK, be aware that all of Britain’s, and the world’s, ills may be laid firmly and squarely at the door of ‘foreigners’. Never mind that we, Brits, have had our culture broadened and deepened by exposure to other cultures, one of our favourite ‘British’ dishes being curry, something we appear to have got a taste for during the time of the Raj, with the word itself deriving from the Indian word ‘kari‘, Daily Mail correspondents can disregard the breadth of our culture, and where we got it all from, because it essentially comes down to the fault of ‘foreigners’).

Emer O’Toole, a graduate from Dublin, even had the ‘audacity’ to appear on morning television in the UK to admit that she hadn’t shaved under her arms for 18 months. Way to go, girl! Your body! Your choice! 🙂

(The interview is on youtube, here). Without decrying Emer’s ‘foil’ in the debate, Emer looks real, pale and lovely while her ‘foil’ looks ‘fake’ to a degree, an embodiment of women merely slavishly following fashion in terms of fake tan, fake hair colour. Again, it’s her choice, but from my own perspective I think it’s time we women stopped operating to a fashion industry’s demands and male expectations. Effectively, do we spend hours dying our hair, shaving our legs, armpits, genitals, applying fake tan for ourselves? Or others expectations of how we should look? I think many women might say ‘oh, I do it because I look good and feel good after the beauty process’. Wrong. We, or rather they, do it to feel good because a media and fashion industry are telling us that we can only look great by subscribing to the agenda they’re setting. Don’t know about you, but I feel good having rolled out of bed first thing in the morning with my hair all over the place and in desperate need of a shower and a good teeth cleaning. And I’m certainly happy enough to answer the door without having put a brush through my hair or had a shower.

Ella and I have had lengthy debates on this issue, both being interested in a soft feminism, a.k.a equal rights, while not being card-carrying militants. And I guess we’ve arrived at the conclusion that it’s not for others, in respect of matters like underarm (or pubic) hair to judge a person. Ella’s SL (and RL) preference is not to shave her pubic hair. I flip flop (in SL and RL) between a natural and shaved look. It’s not a major issue for us, ergo, it shouldn’t even be a minor issue for others.

Let’s get back to underarm hair.

Hop over to the marketplace, where you’ll find variants of it here.

natural hair

Our model is wearing pnd underarm hair, purchased via the marketplace link provided, and a Nearly Tactile ‘man muff’.

I use the female variety of the ‘man muff’, but the male version is thicker and more…luxuriant. Diane is currently doing a photo shoot for a post I’ll probably entitle ‘you make me feel like a natural woman’ 🙂 which I hope to post next week, kind of Tuesday-Wednesday.