We have our own ‘Vintage’ page here.

Harry used to try and style some photoshoots in a ‘vintage’ way, imagining what this blog might have looked like had SL existed in the 1960s, 1950s or even earlier. Not a page that’s regularly updated, but something he would have done on an occasional basis.


I mention this because it’s my intention to briefly divert from all things current & naturist (in and out of SL) to all things vintage and naturist (in and out of SL).


We begin with a trip to 1920s Weimar Republic Berlin (there’s an excellent, long standing sim dedicated to the period in SL) and using that as an excuse to go on a bit of a (naturist) history excursion alongside some RL photos that capture a feel of the time, alongside some SL photos that attempt to replicate the feel of the time.tumblr_ndm9bpTkVO1td0p2ho2_500

I anticipate we may stick fairly rigidly to a ‘vintage’ kind of theme for the next month or so (there may be brief diversions into the contemporary) as we explore naturism from Adam & Eve to 2014.


SLN 11: Beach balls, vintage naturism and airbrushing

If you ever check out vintage naturist photos, you’ll maybe be taken by the ‘shaved’ ladies featuring in them. Look closer! They aren’t actually shaved, thus pre-dating genital grooming by 50 years, they’ve been airbrushed!

Pubic hair was deemed…obscene? (not unlike 2014 in some quarters!)…and thus it was airbrushed from the photos. If not, the models were posed in such a manner that the genital area wasn’t on display, for males and females alike.

And thus we have a naturist trope of the semi-ubiquitous beach ball, or some other ‘prop’ used to hide the genital area.

Harry covered the airbrushing phenomenon in June last year.

I thought it was time for an ‘update’ on this photographic style, and thus I asked Diane to do some vintage-styled photos in which the model’s nether regions were hidden.

vintage1 vintage2 vintage3 vintage4 vintage6


I think she’s done a very good job of capturing 1950s/60s styled naturist or ‘nudie mags’ shots.

Better than that, while the sepia tinting gives one sense of retro photography, the original colour versions also have a sense of vibrant colour -usually red- that dominates in vintage naturist photos. What is it about red? Is it that it sets off skin tone best in the thinking of the times?

vintage colour




A beach ball typically appears in many vintage naturist photographs. 


It looks like airbrushing has been applied to both him and her, with strategically placed text completing the job on her, a strategically placed guitar on him.


An obvious example of airbrushing


More vintage airbrushing