The Festival of Holi (2)

Just a quick reminder that there’s about three hours to go until a Festival of Holi naturist event begins in SL. I wrote about it, complete with link to the sim in question and the start times, yesterday.

Then, I wasn’t sure if it was a naturist event and countenanced caution on tp-ing into it.

Since then, Gray Muircastle has kindly informed me that it is naturist, so be sure to wear that suit you got on your birthday!

I popped over there earlier and I noted that there already ‘free gifts’ available in the form of transparent, paint splattered ‘clothing’. Ideal for when the paint starts to fly. The effect of wearing these ‘clothes’ (L$0) can be seen in the photos I then grabbed while wearing them.

ella holi paints2_001b ella holi paints3_001b
I’m really rather excited about this event. It looks like it could be a whole heap of fun!

It’s being hosted by Virginia Lupindo, who also hosts her own blog page (in Italian & English), and on the page you can read about how donations at this event will help with educational projects in India.

virginia lupindob

Virginia Lupindo

While researching this post I somehow came across the following photograph…



I’m guessing this is from a WNBR event, rather than a Holi event, but if you compare my inworld photos with this one, there’s not much difference, is there? It all rather looks as though we’re in for a fun and messy evening.

Did I mention I was excited?

Three hours to go. See you there.