And my 2014 RL naturist season ends…

That’s that! My 2014 real life naturist season is over. 😦

I fly home tomorrow (Tuesday) to what’s likely to be rain. Certainly not the mid-30s temperatures I’ve experienced for the past week.

It all started away back in June, coming out with my non-naturist friends Nanni and Bebe, who became naturists during that week.

I was back out in July with the family (and meeting up with the RL Pookes and her husband).

And I’ve had a week out here alone in September, a break where I can get some work down without interference and also get stuck into SLN uninterrupted for a few days.

It has been a great RL naturist ‘season’ for me and….not quite enough!

ella airport_001b


Well, not quite over. I’ve probably enough time to get down to the beach early tomorrow morning and have a final Mediterranean sea dip before a quick breakfast, get my hair washed and then back in the car towards the airport for a flight tomorrow afternoon.

While the RL naturist season is over for me, the virtual naturist season goes on. I’ve written a fair bit of the next issue of SLN while out here, and got some of the others to add their own takes on where we are, virtually and in real life. We’ll be back later in the week 🙂

And, of course, once back home it’s time to begin planning for 2015’s naturism, both in RL & in SL.

As the northern hemisphere’s summer slips away (but not much evidence of it yet in Spain! 🙂 ) I hope you’ve all had a terrific naturist summer. And if you haven’t indulged in the lifestyle yet, now’s the time to begin planning your introduction to it in 2015.