Turtle Coast (and Wild Coast)

One location we’ve never covered, and a long-standing SL naturist location, is Turtle Coast.

turtle1 turtle2 turtle3 turtle4 turtle5 turtle6 turtle7


The reason we’ve not previously covered Turtle is because it has some naughty spots, and previously didn’t fit with our ‘genuine naturist’ criteria. That’s not to say it isn’t filled with genuine naturists, but sex poses, some in very public locations, kept it off our radar.

Diane, a member (as am I, incidentally) has been over there and taken the photos shown above. The naughtier end of what Turtle offers has been left out of our coverage, but locations like ‘Orgy Tent’ suggest it’s not quite the usual SLN location.

Diane says that ‘the sex is quite obviously available and there for those who want it, but in the main it’s more of a social meeting place. I go on a semi regular basis, and the focus is around the dance floor. Not too many people use the posable, as far as I know.’

Turtle started as an adjunct to Wild Coast, Kaiya Mumba’s long-running genuine naturist spot where a cuddle is as racy as it gets. Wild Coast was going when I first started in SL and was a place I visited almost daily, when I had more in world time (i.e before the blog). Wild Coast is still going, but is sadly under-used, with almost the entire clientele preferring Turtle.

ella turtle_001b

However, Diane’s visit led me to hop over to Wild Coast for old times sake and see what’s on offer there now.

wildcoast1 wildcoast2 wildcoast3 wildcoast4

The place looks as great as it always did. The only thing missing is….people! I’d recommend if you still have a group tag to hop on over and explore what has become, sadly, a forgotten genuine  naturist sim.



Turtle Coast/Wild Coast

I was surprised….shocked…to spend part of my hiatus looking over the back pages of SLN to discover we’ve never really looked at Turtle Coast as a naturist destination.

I know we’ve had my policy of ‘genuine naturism’ in place, but quite why Wild Coast & Turtle Beach have never made the cut I’m not quite sure. Wild Coast was one of the first naturist locations I ever visited, it was crowded and it was non-sexual (in the main…I’m sure many avatars used it as a place to meet others before slipping off elsewhere…) with only a few cuddle pose balls around. In time it was largely supplanted by Turtle Beach, now the much more active sim of the two (both run by Kaiya Mumba) and Turtle is marginally more ‘in your face’ in terms of the availability of sex poses, but not so much that it should have been an issue for SLN’s policy. I can only suggest that it’s likely it’s been one of those locations (and we did include it in our list of slurls to naturist locations) that I was thinking ‘oh, everyone knows it’ and it has somehow become lost in terms of our reporting. I can only apologise for that.

Turtle is nearly always packed. I’ve logged in at 400am, not so much recently, but a while back when I’d have babies awake in the middle of the night, and you could still find activity going on there.

To right that wrong, I’ve asked Diane to go over there for photographs, utilising different models so that we can bring you a definitive report on Turtle (and Wild Coast), and I’m hoping she’ll come back later this week with a photo-essay we can give you on these long-standing and active SL naturist locations.turtle6_001b





A sign at the entrance makes it blatantly clear that Wild Coast/Turtle Coast’s rules fit easily within SLN’s policy of ‘genuine naturism’




Photos from Turtle’s revolving message board at the entrance capture a flavour of the sim.

In the meantime you can find a slurl to Turtle & Wild Coast on our links page.