I don’t post that regularly on the blog and when I do it’s almost certainly to do with the ‘older avatar’.

Second Life is ‘Neverland’, where no one has to grow up, and we find that many more mature people wear young looking avatars. Similarly, there’s a minority whose avatars reflect their age, and in terms of providing diversity to the game, they’re absolutely gorgeous. I just wish more skin designers would maybe reflect that in their wares. The appearance of older avatars enriches the game.

While reading the blog the other evening I spotted a post by Diane, wherein she compared a Helmut Newton photograph to clothing items offered by Ydea.

Reference to the Ydea freebies was almost a throwaway, but freebie clothes? I had to check that out.

I’m so glad I did, because there’s a massive box of all their past group gifts (all L$o) that I’m working my through. The real delight is that many of the items fit an older avatar’s style really well, so ten out of ten to Ydea for doing that!

Furthermore, to be strictly accurate, an older avatar will be slightly more on the ‘fuller’ size. I try to keep my shape in proportion to the real me, and the reality of many other ladies my age (late 50s). Astonishingly, Ydea’s mesh size L (large) fits perfectly, when some mesh clothing by other designers doesn’t even work at an XL size, so ten out of ten again.

barbara ydea_001b

barbara ydea2_001b


I’ve photographed a couple of the outfits to give you an idea of what I mean. The top outfit looks a bit ‘frumpy’. That’s no disrespect to Ydea whatsoever, in fact I adore the fact that the blouse’s pattern is fitting to some women of a certain age. More of this sort of thing, please! 🙂

The bottom one is more modern in delivery. Again, it’s something that some ladies of a certain age (i.e. mine) could get away with wearing. Personally, I’d wear it with a bit more length, but the knitted dress/scarf ensemble is definitely my sort of look. I adore both of these outfits and can’t wait to see what else I can find in their huge box of freebies.

(Ella adds: that ‘frumpy’ outfit, to give the post some naturist perspective, is so accurate in its depiction of some of the more mature naturist ladies I see each time I go on holiday. Arriving in their everyday wear, large patterned blouses and such like, you can’t imagine them being naturist. Where I holiday I have French and German neighbours whose style would be exactly that, when you see them going off to the shops. They do not look ‘naturist’ (whatever textile style we assume a naturist might have). And yet there they are, 20-30 minutes later, delightfully thumbing their noses at whatever preconceptions we might have had about them. And I love that. I love to see people we wouldn’t imagine as being part of the lifestyle being enthusiasts of it).