Look! A penis!

I’d better be careful how I phrase this, hahahahahaha!

I stopped off at Yoga Poses earlier, and was excited by a poster on their wall, featuring one of their poses called ‘Feeling You’.

And my sense of elation was in regard to the fact that, in the poster, their male model’s penis is displayed. Now, this may not strike you as a cause for celebration, but for me it is an absolute breakthrough in SL shopping. Look…half the world’s population has one…half of SL’s population has one. For those of us writing SLN (or exponents of RL naturism) they’re unremarkable and, well, almost invisible after a time. In RL, I want to hear the brain of a male naturist at work. Engage me with your intelligence and sparkling conversation. In SL, I want the same and am pretty much underwhelmed if you’re sporting an appendage that is less a penis, more a third leg in size. 😦

yoga poses poster_001b


So well done, and a big thanks from those of us at SLN, for having the bravery to feature it (and properly proportioned, too!). Perhaps now that that particular barrier has been dismantled, we can see more of them in shops (where appropriate, of course) and on blogs. They are a fact of life, and entirely normal. Bloggers and shop owners should not be afraid of this fact and displaying them, where appropriate.