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This page contains links to ‘naturist accessories’. All of us carry a bag to the beach, sunglasses, sun tan oil, a book, a towel, flip flops, sarongs…etc. Sometimes, we’ll even wear a bikini or swimming shorts until we get there!

This page will contain links to items (both free and for sale) that add elements of realism to the SL naturist experience.

(Designers please note: I’m always happy to review and promote items that fall into this category, so if I’ve missed you out and you’d like your items promoted, let me know. We aren’t a clothes blog, but we will promote items that qualify as naturist accessories).

OK, let’s kick off at Avatar Brasil, a great freebies shop. Be sure to join the group on automatic invitation as it entitles you to access and buy further ‘group only’ items on display.

I sent logged in my ‘bots/alts’ (I’ve told you before I’d created two alts for the specific purpose of modelling items or locations when I’ve no model readily available or other member of staff online). I’ve…umm…given them the names ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ (in quote marks), and they may also be displayed as SLNModel or SLNModel2. I’ve stated their ‘non functioning’ purpose in their profiles, so even if you spot them, as you probably will if you hang out in naturist locations long enough, remember they’re being worked by some member of staff and don’t actually have any ‘free will’.

‘Eve’ managed to pick up a truck load of freebie goodies here, much of it beach related

Eve logged in and grabbed as much as she could prior to tp’ing over to Eden to catch a few rays.

Watch out for that bag! It contains far more than you could ever imagine! Eve’s looking very chic in that hat, too, although she discarded it the instant she got to the beach, which shows off a nice updo hairstyle, a current group freebie at Emotions hair. Updo’s are, for longer haired ladies, a popular beach style. It’s possible to go swimming with your hair pinned up, in both naturist and textile locations, so that you aren’t combing sea water out of the majority of your hair for ages afterwards.

Then it was down to the water’s edge to test the temperature!

A warm current seems to run through the channel here at Eden, because it’s always lovely and warm when you get in for a dip.

Mind you, it’s that first moment when you dip your toes that are the worst. Here, Eve expresses some dismay at the apparent chill and runs back to the warmth of the sand.

The sun’s come out, though, and Eve finally felt it sunny enough to strip off Adam’s tank top. Ssssh! Don’t let him know that Eve has borrowed some of his beachwear!

And, eventually, the bikini briefs come off to enjoy a while lazing in the sun. You can’t be too careful, though, as Eve has positioned herself under the shade of a palm tree.

There’s nothing left to do but relax for a while and see if Adam turns up, and what sort of mood he’ll be in on discovery his beachwear drawer has been gone through for a few of his favourite items.

No sign of him? Eve pulls out a sun visor to take the glare out of her eyes and…whoops!…lol, Adam’s favourite cowboy hat, the one he uses to keep the hair out of his eyes, has somehow, magically, made it into Eve’s beach bag. If his mood might have been bad before, he’ll be livid now. Still, it’s a nice hat, exactly why Eve covets it, and it serves the dual purpose of keeping the sun directly off the back of her neck too!

No sign of him still, so Eve decides on a walk. Best to put on a pair of flip flops for the walk. The sand’s almost too warm in places, and when she goes into the stream that runs off the waterfall and into the ocean, she’s aware there could be some sharp shells down there. She doesn’t want a cut on the sole of her foot, so some footwear makes perfect sense.

By now, even if Adam hasn’t turned up, a slight breeze has, and Eve shivers slightly. Reaching into the bag once more she pulls out a fresh tank top, the previous one now being damp from the waves as she paddled around for a while. Not quite cool enough yet to get dressed, so Eve opts to remain ‘bottomless’, a familiar sight for both men and women at RL naturist beaches. As with the hats, going ‘bottomless’ is a dual purpose mode of beachwear. For one thing, it keeps direct sunlight off the neck and shoulders, and it’s important to be aware of the strength of the sun and possibility of sunburn or sunstroke. Secondly, if a sea breeze should pick up, particularly towards the end of the day, then it’s a layer of insulation. Both men and women will feel the chill on the upper half of their body first.

Time for Eve to go home. She pulls on a pair of board shorts. Not Adam’s this time, but her own. What she likes about them is he deep pockets where she can pop some money if going off to buy a choc ice or a can of pop for Adam. 

All items modelled available free at Avatar Brasil (see the link further up the page). Text and photos by Ella, operating her own SLN alt, ‘Eve’. Photos shot on location at Eden Naturopolis.


Adam was, of course, pretty angry at having the contents of his beach wear drawer borrowed by Eve, and had to work off some aggression at Shepherd’s Gym. Not naturist, but it offers free towels to be worn around the shoulders.

He’d been adding to the contents of his very own beach bag over at the Summer Dreams naturist sim, where he’d picked up a free swim poseball. By the time he got to Eden, wearing a sullen expression, Eve had left, and so he stripped down to his underpants fairly rapidly (free group gift for March at Vitamen), and popped on his sunglasses (inventory item).

Having wrestled off his underpants, he went in for a swim. Cooled down, and having worked off some anger at Eve’s theft of his beach gear, he returned to the beach and towelled himself dry.

It was too nice a day to remain angry for long, at anyone and anything.

Eve rang him on his cellphone, apologised, and told him she was home. More than that, she had some home-made lasagne in the over. Sweet words to Adam’s ears, so he pulled on his singlet and prepared to make tracks for home.

Singlet free from Avatar Brasil, towel from Shepherd’s Gym, sunglasses from basic inventory. underpants from Vitamen (March 2012 gift, not linked)

 Words and photos by Ella, logged in as SLNaturist2/’Adam’ alt. Photos taken on location at Eden Naturopolis.


September, 2012

Members of the ‘Nudity Where Art Thou’ group will have received a note telling them there’s now a new pharmacy open. These aren’t strictly naturist accessories, but female (and some male) accessories, but may be items you’d like to have in inventory.

The one I’m going to show you precipitated getting the razor out (ouch!) and going bald down there again, because ladies, you can pick up tampons in the NWAT pharmacy. The tampon string is possibly just a little too big to look realistic, but hey, it’s such a small thing in RL that an accurate depiction of it would make it invisible! I tried it before I got the razor out and it doesn’t work as well on a natural woman. Hence the need for me to endure razor rash for days to come, just for you!

Also available are KY jelly, for him and her (just hand worn), and condoms because people do need them 🙂

You can pick these all up from the pharmacist, Rosy Derrier, at the NWAT pharmacy.



‘I was at the New Toulouse sim and saw these ‘modesty layers’ in lace. I thought you might like to include them on you ‘naturist accessories’ page…writes reader Roberta.

Indeed we would, Roberta, and thanks for the lovely photos 😉modesty 15th century 1modesty 19th century 2 backmodesty 19th century 2modesty 19th century1


areola bag2_001areola bag3_001areola bag4_001Coco Designs has this lovely beach bag -ideal for a trip to the naturist beach- filled with beach ‘essentials’. Ipad, sun tan oil, a couple of magazines and an all important bottle of water. Always remember to rehydrate! It’s a past group gift, but still available (as are all of Coco’s group gifts) and the group is free to join! 🙂



Probably the best uncircumcised penis in SL. A standalone post on circumcision is available on the main page.

The uncircumcised penis would reflect -sources differ on the figures- the reality of 2/3rd’s of the world’s males, while in SL the overwhelming majority of male avatars are circumcised. This probably reflects the origins and largest user base of SL (north America) where a majority of males are circumcised. Thus, designers have designed accordingly and so the available penises in SL (and a lot of the best looking ones) have always been of the ‘cut’, circumcised variety.

In Europe, less than 20% of males are circumcised. Despite that, most European males probably wear circumcised penises in SL. There’s a number of reasons for this. 1) The easy availability of good looking circumcised penises and 2) why pay additional L$ for an unnecessary (unless for aesthetic reasons) foreskin add-on? Result? A slightly skewed version of reality as we’d know it and recognise it on the naturist sims of SL.

I was therefore delighted to learn of Aero’s uncircumcised model, the most realistic uncut penis I’ve seen in SL.

It’s not quite perfect, in my opinion, in that it certainly reflects some, but not all, RL uncircumcised penises.

For example:

uncut2 uncut3These RL uncircumcised penises show the foreskin fully over the head of the penis, while the Aero would lean more towards


this look, with the penis’s head partially showing. Obviously the reality is that Aero’s penis reflects some, but not all, RL penises. A minor criticism, but the only one I have to make. The Aero is still a remarkably good uncircumcised penis.

penisflaccidHere’s the Aero in its flaccid state (head partially visible).

penis semi erectThere is an extensive, terrific HUD that permists all manner of settings and ‘looks’ to be achieved. Above, the penis enters a semi-erect state before becoming (below) fully erect.

penis fully erect with head displayedThe length and girth (and colour, and size of the testicles) can be managed with the HUD, too. Quite obviously I didn’t get to experiment with this, being given a ‘guided tour’ by our model, Mark, but he went on to demonstrate some additional features

penis pre-cumThe Aero allows the user to produce a flow of ‘pre-cum’ (or, dare I say it, post-cum?) as well as (obviously) urinating and achieving orgasm.

penis during orgasmThe Aero during orgasm

Again, the HUD apparently allows full control over the flow of semen (and urine), and the colour of each can be altered. Mark did demonstrate urination, a bright yellow, unrealistic colour, but suggested that the colour can be altered, which he hadn’t done as it was a feature he didn’t expect to utilise in his SL. I didn’t photograph this effect.

penis masturbatingA masturbation animation is included

There’s also a feature in which the pubic hair can added, resized and recoloured, so as you can see it’s a very thorough HUD, as well as being a very realistic uncut penis. If this is a look you’d like to have, then you can find Aero’s Cocks (as the business is known) here.

Ella November 2013 posting showing one of the best pareos we’ve seen in SL, and it’s free.



At the ongoing Cart Sale at the Wash (February 2014), you’ll find this beach hut for L$10. A steal!

For anyone wishing to add a sense of Victoriana to a sim, or just to have a feature at a naturist beach, you need this!

beach hut_001b

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