We’ve been theslnaturist.wordpress.com for a couple of years now, but I’ve decided not to renew the .com domain, which runs out in five days time. This means we have reached our storage limit, I can no longer upload any images…and thus I need to re-assess how we move forward from here.

I thought this might happen, and thus contingencies have been made…including not posting that much in recent weeks and months in anticipation of how things might roll out.

I’m still busy with the blog (articles written, plans laid, etc) and am getting some in-world time in after a period of not getting inworld quite so much. This forthcoming week will be one of housekeeping, to see how we progress from here.




5 thoughts on “.com

    • Thank you. We WILL continue, but the blog address may change. I am going to use this as an opportunity to revamp the site, though, with a newish layout and maybe re-assess some of the tabs that aren’t used that often. I’m on it, it’ll be a busy week 🙂 but we WILL continue.


  1. There are plenty of free blogging platforms that give you generous amounts of storage space. Google produce two. Weebly have a good one, too. I currently use all of these and can recommend them.

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