More nude swimming at the ‘Y’?

Previous posts on the practice of nude swimming at ‘the Y’ are exceptionally popular, months and years after they were written.

I’m of the opinion that the ‘nude male, clothed female’ angle is a total myth, but it’s certain that nude, male only swimming was considered standard practice in the past. Curious when there’s none of that now, and we live in more ‘liberal’ times, allegedly, while a less liberal era -the post war years- saw it as quite normal.

Our model emerges naked from the ‘Y’s’ pool

Someone’s CFNM fantasy, but almost certainly not a real life scenario at the ‘Y’ or anywhere else.


Naked trampolining

I dropped into Lake Nekid resort earlier and noticed a trampoline has been installed since my last visit. It’s something I’ve never done before in SL and it was kind of fun. This got me to thinking if naked trampolining is a thing that is do-able in real life, so I did some research.

It looks like it’s a little bit of a theme, but not really something that seems to be much of a thing in naturism, oddly enough.



Offending the Buddha…

A story this week on the BBC’s web pages is of our Foreign Office’s (i.e. Department of the Exterior/State Department) advice to travellers abroad. Occasionally we’ll read stories advising Britons not to travel to some of the world’s war zones, for quite obvious reasons, or rethinking their holidays in the wake of, for example, a terrorist atrocity. It’s a little more surprising to read of the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) issuing reminders on more mundane etiquette abroad, such as E-cigs being banned in Thailand.

It was in the wake of reading this story that I became aware of a British nurse, in 2014, being arrested in Sri Lanka for sporting a Buddha tattoo, despite being a practicing Buddhist herself.

And, of course, there are regular stories of backpackers posing naked at religious shrines around the world, a ‘stunt’ that can often land the perpetrators in hot water!

Imagine combining a Buddha tattoo with some public nudity at a religious shrine…

…in SL all things are possible. It’s not something I’d recommend for RL. Even in SL some might take offence, for either ‘indiscretion’. No intention to offend is intended by the above photo, but even if our model had been dressed, the chances are her tattoo, alone, might offend.

While being an enthusiastic naturist in RL & SL, I always try to ensure I never offend, and that goes for SL too. It’s not to everyone’s taste, and it’s inappropriate when going shopping in SL, never mind visiting other types of sim. So, as in RL, practice good manners in SL when visiting sims. In RL, offence can get you arrested, jailed, deported. In SL it can get you banned from a sim. Enjoy your naturism in SL, but take care to display good manners to others’ feelings too.


Hot Moon

Here’s a surprise!

I’ve been alerted to a new ‘nudist’ sim in SL called Hot Moon.

Just as interesting than the fact that we have a photo-essay featuring it is the fact that it is Pookes, formerly a correspondent in this parish, that provides it. Yes, she’s back -to SL, if maybe not to SLN (just?) yet. Oh, believe me when I say I’d love to have her come back on board.

Anyway, it looks like a lovely, photogenic sim with lots of different activities, and one I’ll be personally checking out in the near future.


Tattoos 2

Howie, the ‘publisher’ of SL Naturist, retired and moved to Spain a couple of years ago. A symbol of good luck in the area is Indalo Man.

As several of his naturist friends sport Indalo Man tattoos, Howie decided to get one done. But he didn’t want some huge ink statement, rather a little inking that would be private except in a naturist context. And thus, I’ve created one and he’s applied it to his avatar to replicate his real life! So small, it’s practically impossible to see, and it does apparently be invisible if he’s ‘natural’ down there, if you know what I mean!

The Indalo Man symbol as seen across Almeria

I don’t think tattooing is a skill I necessarily wish to pursue much further, unless friends ask me to do one, but it was an interesting exercise in developing SL skills. Normal service returns, with us concentrating on naturist activity on and off grid, next week.