The Naturist Vacation suitcase (6)

Over at the PB store you can pick up L$1 dollarbie goodies, each for men and women.

In the men’s bag you’ll find the T shirt worn…others!…I’m still not brave enough to get certain bits out, lol! Given the sentiment, and the comments it might attract, I’m not even sure I’d want to wear this one out, even with bikini bottoms or jeans in place!

In the end, I chickened out, I admit it, and asked Harry (in his ‘Spencer Cloakk’ alt -the only person I know who was online at the time) and one of his models to pop them on and model for us.

spencer good babies3_001b


The SLN 2014 Calendar : March



Yes, I know it’s not March yet, but I’ll be working over the weekend, and my SL time will be extremely limited. Therefore, rather than miss the bus, I thought I’d squeeze the March calendar ‘wallpaper’ in now, just in case I don’t get time. I’ll be writing and, maybe, blogging for the rest of today (Thursday) but then I’ve got a long stretch of long days at work ahead of me. Typically, I expect to be having 7pm-8pm finishes each day (from 9am), so by the time I get home, grab a meal and flop out of the sofa, there won’t be much time to write up for SL. Happily, though, my work schedule has a huge great hole in it around the middle of March -it’s swings and roundabouts in my line of employment- so I’ll be getting caught up with a lot of posting around then. Of course, some of the others will still probably get the odd posting done while I’m tied up with work for the next week.

When I get back to a little posting next week…Wednesday, I think…I’m starting to plot a little mini St.Patrick’s Day special. Not a full issued of the mag, but a little ‘supplement’ with an emphasis on all things Irish, since the world is Irish on March 17th.


‘Adventures in Agde’

Because of the content, Ella has deemed the series of photographs (and accompanying texts) unsuitable for SLN.

We gave you a little bit of a heads up a couple of months back, and after weeks and months of preparation we’re (i.e. myself and the two libertines involved) are almost ready to go!

‘Venus’ and ‘Mars’ Agde are, indeed, a RL/SL married couple who, shall we say, indulge in some adventures in Cap D’Agde, the very resort where Ella made her own nude debut. (Yes, and it has changed out of all recognition to become a resort for voyeurism, exhibitionism and sexual shenanigans, which is why I’ve never returned. Ella)

Responding to occasional references to Agde, ‘Venus’ and ‘Mars’ were inspired to write to tell us about their own adventures there, and to inquire whether I would help them out in the compilation of a photo album, of the SL variety, chronicling these vacations. I agreed, and thus began a lengthy process of replicating their RL Cap D’Agde adventures. And this is why my own blog, SL Fine Art Nudes, a space for glamour/erotic SL photography, has been seemingly neglected for quite a long time. It’s not because I couldn’t be bothered with it, it’s because I was so busy in SL terms that I was fully committed to recording ‘Venus’ and ‘Mars’ and undertaking innumerable photo sessions with them. And now we’re approaching the conclusion to that process.

I agree with Ella. These are photos and texts that don’t fit the usual SLN fare. But they are artistic/erotic and thus fit the remit of my own blog, so these adventures will unfold there, rather than here.

I’m now confident that we’ll probably begin this series of SL-replicated sexual adventures tomorrow night (Thursday), with the usual caveat that things can go strange when computers, internet signals and RL impinge on plans.

I’ll begin with an introduction to both ‘Venus’ and ‘Mars’, and we’ll develop the series of posts (with photos) from there.

In the meantime, here’s some profile photos I initially undertook for Venus & Mars.

venus poses10_001b




Josephine Baker

Do you know who Josephine Baker is?

0000-4749-4~Josephine-Baker-Black-Thunder-Posters 51UbdZTeoXL._SL500_AA300_ Baker_Banana josephine Josephine-Baker-and-Beyonce josephinebakertwo632013

An American-born dancer whoo continued to work in German-occupied France during World War 2, she’s maybe better known for her dancing (topless) than the fact that she continually aided the French Resistance during the war, and was asked to lead the American Civil Rights Movement following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Her ‘banana’ costume has endured and (see above) was revived a few years ago by Beyonce for one of her own stage costumes (complete with top…that’s….progress?)

Anyway, the bi-annual Cart Sale is on at The Wash right now, and one of the items you can pick up is an outfit called ‘Josephine’ in obvious homage to the great lady. (The tp takes you directly to the cart in question…be sure to check both sides of it to see the ‘Jospehine’ costume).

cindy josephine2_001b cindy josephine3_001b cindy josephine3_002b


Yet another world record breaking skinny dip attempt. (Sydney, Australia)

We’ve previously reported on world record breaking skinny dip attempts, in Vera Playa, Spain, and in New Zealand.

Now the Australians are at it!

These aren’t naturist events per se (although Vera Playa’s one in in the region’s naturist zone), but rather involve a lot of naked people, people who wouldn’t generally regard themselves as naturist. I like these events because they show increasing numbers of people are prepared to shed their clothes and think nothing of it, and indulge in an increasing sense of body awareness. And, in the case of Sydney’s event, held last Sunday, raise money for Australia’s National Parks. Nakedness and fund raising? What’s not to like?


We like a bit of fund-raising in SL, so….when are we going to organise our own record-breaking skinny dip within the game? And, you never know, raise some cash for some worthwhile charity.

Further links here. And here.

I’ve also discovered that ‘a thousand’ people took part (wow!) and each paid A$40 (£20, $35, 25 euros) for the privilege. As they were entering the water ‘in waves, every fifteen minutes’ it’s unlikely this will break New Zealand’s current Guinness Book of Records listing (I believe Guinness expect all skinny dippers to be in the water simultaneously). So that’s A$40k raised for Australia’s National Parks! An incredible effort! Well done to all who participated!


Newbie Special Part 2 (the new male)

Following on from the invention of a female avatar from scratch, here’s the male version, in photos.

The skin is from 8Designe, the hair from Dura, the free (non functioning) realistic penis from Midnight Lotus (free ‘Chrome’ edition). Links to each store to follow tomorrow night.


One of the ‘old style’ starter male avatars. If your avatar should ever get ‘stuck in a cloud’, i.e. he doesn’t ‘bake’ properly, a re-bake will revert him to this old style avi. The female re-bake’ reverts to the pink polka dot, ponytailed girl I started life as.


Stripped down, the skin from a few years back is even more ill-defined than today’s ‘out of the box’ avatars are.


Keeping the original shape, but adding the (Feb 2014) group gift male skin from 8Designe.


Note how the emasculated male is ‘born’ without genitals. These need to be added separately for all male avatars.


Picking up the realistic looking genitals from Midnight Lotus, our new male avatar now begins to look more…um…manly! 🙂


Tweaking the shape, and losing the newb hair, our new male now looks more realistic. Even leaving him bald is fine, as male pattern baldness means many males will have no hair, so this does not look out of place necessarily.



Adding the current free group hair gift from Dura, our new male now has a mohawk.

I’ll continue to develop our male friend tomorrow, and we’ll then begin to add more detail and accessories to both of our new ‘out of the box’ models, again without spending a single Linden dollar.


Newbie Special Part 1.

So…you’ve clicked on the Second Life link, chosen an avatar, filled in a user name, your email address, date of birth, your memorable question and you’re good to go.

Like your new avatar look? No, me neither. 😉 You look…new!

sl join


And these avatars are a marked improvement on the previous ones. I joined as a pony-tailed, pink polka dot dressed girl who walked like she had a stick jammed down the back of her dress. More experienced avatars will know exactly the look I mean!

Fortunately, as it says on the page, ‘you can customise your appearance later’. Which is what we’re about to do!

The reason why I’m offering up this newb special is because, as I’ve already said on the blog, we appear to be ‘breaking out’ of being just an SL naturist blog and crossing over into the RL naturist blogosphere. It’s not something I planned, it has just happened. I know why it has happened; it’s because we’ve blogged on RL naturist events, they’ve been picked up by search engines and thuse we’ve ‘broken out’ a bit.

And I guess that it means there may be people whose interests lie elsewhere maybe ‘breaking in’ to SL. If this is you, maybe you’d never heard of it before. It’s a virtual online world, limited only by your imagination. Want to play ‘Game of Thrones’ virtually? You’ll almost certainly find a sim (a sim being an area of SL designed with suitable architecture and geography) catering for it. In my time I’ve seen several fads in SL. When I began, vampires were all the rage, and there was a game within a game whereby a ‘Bloodlines’ system operated and vampires had to encourage people -particularly newbs like me- to accept bites in order to survive. It was a pain in the ass, from my perspective, fending off uninvited requests to suck my blood. Thankfully, vampires seem much less prevalent now. Nekos were also in abundance at the time, they being humanoid shapes with cat’s tails and ears. They were harmless, and again seem to be much less prevalent

Gor was, and remained, a popular role-play game within the game. Based on the books of John Norman, they were like a parallel universe that had become strangely disconnected from how we understand the real world in the 21st century, but vaguely familiar from the perspective of, say, Tolkein’s Middle Earth fused to medieval attitudes to power and sexual identity. Shades of, say, Cleopatra as a powerful woman running up against Julius Caesar. Who, in a manner of speaking, was wearing the trousers? I observed Gor for a while, but I couldn’t really warm to an overwhelming sense of women as very much the second sex (although supporters of Gor will suggest that some Gorean roles present women as the superior sex). And Gor probably remains popular, although it has fallen off my radar entirely, while being partially supplanted by a similar vein in ‘Game of Thrones’ styled sims.

You see? Second Life will subtly change to reflect RL popular culture.

It also has developed amazingly in the time I’ve been playing it. ‘Mesh’ clothing is now pretty much standard. Two years ago it was a rarity. I’m not a clothes designer, or the builder of anything in SL, but ‘mesh’ certainly pushed forward the boundaries of what was achievable in clothes design. Ditto ‘mesh hair’, and before it ‘flexi hair’ -hair that flowed and moved in a more believable sense- which made the SL experience more real.

‘Furries’, living life as a giant rabbit (shades of ‘Harvey’ here) or other form of animal, was also briefly popular. I once tp’ed into a sim to watch a rabbit and a badger in the middle of a discussion on Foucault. An interesting, to say the least, experience.

I’ve walked on the surface of the moon (and had a fight there with a ‘griefer’), scuba dived, undertaken naked sky-diving, climbed the Eiffel Tower and sat in the trenches of World War 1 in SL. And loads more besides!

But it all comes back to me having these experiences on the journey as a side-show to my original intent in coming into SL. As a RL naturist, I thought it might be somewhere I could meet other RL naturists in a virtual naturist setting and we’d discuss RL restaurants in RL naturist locations, for example, and swap hints and tips for our next naturist holiday. That’s not to say I’ve not had those conversations. It’s just that that’s not the main thrust of SL naturism. But the weather’s wet, windy, dark and miserable tonight. My thoughts of RL naturism are months away. So why not enjoy naturism of a virtual kind? And that’s why I’m here, as are many fellow RL naturists (and non-naturists in RL who explore a different facet of their personality inworld. And whatever lifestyle we explore in SL is often exploration of different aspects of our personalities, not just in the context of naturism.

While I’m going to use this newbie guide as a way of turning out a great looking avatar, for naturist purposes, much of this post -part 1- is equally applicable to non naturists. You’ll still want to have a great looking avatar, even if you keep your clothes on. So don’t go away! If you have strayed here and wish to explore Second Life, I hope you’ll find some of the following advice invaluable.



Meet one of the ‘out of the box’ avatars you can have. Let’s call her ‘Novavivo’, the Esperanto for ‘New Life’. Foxy, eh?

Novavivo is, in the first instance, going to check out the Fab Free blog, and bookmark it. Why? It’s pretty much darned-essential daily reading, as it will update several times a day with a focus on many items available for free! Now, I’m going to utilise free items to give Novavivo a total makeover, and use Fab Free as a starting place. I’m writing this in late February, 2014, so if you chance upon this post in May, or September of 2014, my makeover of Novavivo won’t apply at all, but you’ll certainly find equivalent types of freebies on the Fab Free blog to makeover your own avatar.

From the FAQS & TUTORIALS tab at Fab Free, you’ll also find their ‘30 days list‘. Many designers recognise that you want a terrific looking avatar without a huge spend. After all, you may decide SL isn’t for you at all, so there’s no point in pumping RL money into it to begin with. Indeed, this is exactly what I did in my early SL days. Would I like SL? Was it a brief phase? Over half a decade later, I’m still here, enjoying it more than ever. But that might not be you. Still, while you discover the virtual world, you might as well look good doing it, yes?

And guys, while I’m focussing on Novavivo, the same links and blogs are equally applicable. Guys may also wish to check out the Fashions and Freebies for Men blog, with an emphasis on making a guy avatar look great. Indeed, whatever your chosen SL sex, I’d recommend adding bookmarks for all of these places. After all, a girl can look great in a guy shirt, or a blazer. A guy can look great in a pair of jeans ostensibly designed for girls.

So let’s strip Novavivo down to her bare essentials. Not because it’s a naturist blog…but because you will want to do this anyway and build from the ground up. Ditto for the guys.

My first stop was the Al Vulo skin store. They’ve been around a long time, and do great group gifts. You can join their group for nothing (just explore the sim until you see the ‘group joiner’ point, click it, then grab the current group gift. (Note, SL changes quickly, so they may not be in the same location in some months time. Use the ‘search’ tab to look for them, or any other links, if they’ve moved).

novavivo stripped_001b

Okay. I’ve now stripped Novavivo completely of her clothes. ‘Hang on’, I hear you say, ‘I can clearly see her underwear!’ That’s right. You can. In the wonderful world of Second Life, because there was a historical PG element to the game, which under 18s could play before progressing to the adult version, no ‘out of the box’ avatar is ever nude. You’ll need to apply a ‘bought’ (in this case ‘bought for free’) skin to her before she will appear naked. Male avatars are similarly stuck with a pair of underpants until you undertake the same application of a new skin.

So, let’s apply a new skin, the one we’ve picked up from Al Vulo, to Novavivo and see how she looks.

novavivo stripped2_001b

Better? I think so. An immediately prettier face, as well as realistic nipples and genitals. Guys, please note that new SL male avatars are born without male genitalia, which in the course of the dressing/undressing process need to be added and subtracted depending on whether you want your ‘package’ on display or not 🙂 I’ll show you fellas, later on, where to pick up a properly realistic penis, for no cost (albeit a unit that is ‘non functioning’, i.e. you can’t make it erect as with the genitalia you can buy. Still, if you’re wandering around naturist sims, a realistic looking penis is probably a must).

What do you think about Novavivo, shape wise? She looks OK, I think, but we can adjust many elements of her look in the ‘appearance’ tabs on your controls. This isn’t something I think you need to overly concern yourselves with, as newbies, right now. As such, I’ll leave that element of changing her look to the last, and stick with her ‘out of the box’ shape for now. Ultimately, I’m going to make her taller, with slimmer hips, and probably with breasts that sit lower on her chest, but for now, she’s fine.

One thing you are, as a newbie -or even experienced grid-crawler- going to struggle with is great looking free hair. While free skins are in abundance via the likes of Fab Free, or various group gifts at stores, hair is a different matter. Finding a style you like can define an avatar. Finding it free is almost impossible! That’s not to put you off though. There are still great free gifts around. Maybe not in your intended colour or style, but out there, if you know where to look.

novavivo hair_001b

I’ve popped some clothes onto Novavivo while I took her shopping, and picked up the Subscribo gift at Truth Hair (you don’t join a group as such, but subscribe to group notices being sent to you, which includes news of new store items, and occasional gifts. The style above was available in February 2014, but may have changed by the time you read this). Her clothes, incidentally, are ‘female average jeans’ and ‘designer shirt’ you’ll find in the inventory we all receive at SL birth. I don’t think much of the shirt, myself, but I still think the jeans look more than fine.

OK. That should give you enough food for thought for one evening. Remember…you can pick up many further free skins, clothes, hair and so on via the Fab Free ’30 days’ link (for males and females).

I’ll pick this up again tomorrow evening, firstly by quickly doing a similar process with a male avatar (including add-on genitals) before we let things ‘simmer’ for a little while.

Tomorrow, too, we’ll examine AO’s (animation over-riders) which can give you a sexier walk, and some sense of animated standing too, before digging into the wonderful world of freebie stores (which while providing many outfits that now look a little ‘dated’ in their design, can usefully help fill your inventory -which is essentially your ‘wardrobe’.

See you then! 🙂


PS If I’ve not explained anything clearly, check the Fab Free links, which essentially walk you through the process of getting a new avatar up and running, or ask a question in the box below. I’ll try to answer any queries prior to moving on.


After what seems like an eternity, I’ve been able to reclaim my alt, Spencer Cloakk, a thinly disguised alter-ego and homage to Spencer Tunick.

spencer & harry

My thanks to the lovely people at Linden Labs for allowing me to reclaim him (my account was blocked because I’d spelt my email address wrongly, in the first instance). But all is now well and good, and thus ‘Spencer’ (i.e. me) will utilise him on a semi-regular basis to re-enact, as best I can, some Tunick-like ‘installations’ in SL.

You won’t see these for at least a couple of weeks…organising an online presence of several willing models at once demands patience and planning..but expect something more of the same vein as we posted in December (below) soon.



Might a battle be brewing?

I recently read a group message from one of the sim owners/staff which was gently reminding group members that, on a nude beach, nude meant nude. Sadly, it seemed that more and more visitors to the sim were keeping their swimwear firmly on.croatia.lokrum-island-nudist-beach

A sign in Croatia spells it out clearly. No swimming costumes, no cameras.

I have to say that, since that group message was posted, I’ve noticed exactly the same thing recently at one or two places. I’m not going to get drawn into naming where I’ve noticed this growing desire to remain clothed, but just let me say that I’ve found it increasingly frustrating.

$(KGrHqV,!oMFEL(8s!!WBRrPOSZ4z!~~60_35When Sweden Naturist was open, Evacaroline was quite militant about the wearing of clothes. If online, she would, without a moment’s hesitation, eject swimwear using avatars from Sweden. In real life, the beach at Arnaoutchot (France) is equally firmly guarded, with visitors expected to strip off at entrances to the beach manned by ‘guards’, so as to best to protect the naked purity of the beach. Otherwise, more and more ‘textile’ visitors would come and in time erode the very notion of it being naturist. To maintain its reputation as a naturist beach, it is thus firmly guarded to remain fully naturist.

I’m also of the opinion that in some locations, notably in the United States, the use of the term ‘nude beach’ is sometimes applied to what we in Europe would call a ‘topless’ or CO -clothing optional- beach. So not really nude, boys and girls. Right?tumblr_lr5wht8lus1qjo1zxo1_500

I understand that we, the naturist community, have some beautiful, stunning facilities at our disposal in SL and that you, the non-naturist might want to visit and avail of the lovely facilities at our disposal. I understand that we, the naturist community, have a reputation for being a friendly, outgoing, tolerant bunch who make friends easily and that you might make some good friends in naturist sims. I understand we, the SL naturist community, have a very few beaches for our chosen lifestyle in the context of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of ‘textile’ beaches (i.e. swimsuits are worn). These are all traits that mirror RL. Out there in the real world there are a very few naturist beaches in the context of the sandy stretches around the world as a whole. Out there, we -naturists- maintain a reputation as a friendly bunch.600_126706172

So please, I implore you, if you’re going to visit our beaches, please play by our rules and leave the bikinis and speedoes in your inventory. Otherwise, to protect the purity of the beaches we enjoy as a community, you may find that sim owners and staff may just begin to be a little more militant, as Evacaroline was, in ejecting those who remain clothed. And if you think that’s an over-reaction, ask yourself if you would want us -naturists- turning up, genitals displayed, in PG sims.9564109-vector-naturism-sign-means-nude-people-only-no-textile


The Female Photographer Reel 2: Selfies

tumblr_m96d5oN3hJ1r4wdm0o1_500 tumblr_n0ne9t1TX51s08fx7o1_1280 tumblr_n0z4m7PGQB1s1gk63o1_500 tumblr_n17gft2gqx1svi3t5o1_500tumblr_mp7tcgKUpj1rwey8mo1_500


Not all quite ‘selfies‘, the first photo would easily have fitted in with my first ‘Female Photographer’ post, and the second one could just as easily being a naturist checking texts as taking a selfie. The other three are clearly selfie styled shots. And while not strictly naturist, they show the allure of nude photography, and being the subject of a nude photograph, is strong. Of course, the fact that the subject is most often female, nude or in lingerie has led to a debate on whether or not the whole culture for selfies is one of objectifying the female (or more accurately the female model/photographer allowing herself to be objectified).

And while they may be cute, in the midst of a young love affair, what’s the position on intellectual property rights or morality when that love affair breaks up? What if your ex boyfriend or girlfriend subsequently subsequently opts to publish these on social media as an act of revenge, a way of getting even with you for having ended the affair?

I confidently predict, 25 years from now, some leading politician who opts to stand for the Presidency of the United States will be forced to quit when his (probably his) teenage selfies, sent to one of his first girlfriends to show how -ahem- ‘manly’ he is, come to light.

This despite the fact that attitudes may have further changed in 25 years to the point where photos of one’s naked self floating around in cyberspace are met with a shrug of the shoulders by most people. ‘I was young, I was silly’ will run the ‘excuse’. But politics aren’t quite like that, the attitudes therein being of dull piety -no one ever inhales in advance of standing for President- and typical political hypocrisy.

self1 self2 self3 self4 self5 self7

So I snagged myself an iPhone, found a mirror and started posing. 🙂 The different bedrooms, incidentally, are from a showroom in SL…I haven’t been running around half the bedrooms of SL in my birthday suit! I’ve not attempted to do any post-production on the photos as they’re quite often in their ‘raw state’ as published by RL people. Indeed, I should ask Harry to ‘degrade’ the photos on his iPhone, as he’s done before with some SL shots, in order to give them a truer air of being not top quality.

The art of (reproducing) the selfie is something I shall return to in a subsequent post.