Happy Hogmanay!

I’ve prepared this post in advance. By the time I post it I’ll be in a castle away from home, publishing this ‘remotely’ via my phone, and Gran will be looking after the children. Jim and I are here for a Hogmanay Charity dinner. Photos will be taken and some may even reach the local newspaper (not our local newspaper, incidentally! Thankfully we live beyond this local paper’s catchment area!)

I have to say that, just like SL (above) we kind of scrub up OK in real life too.

Thank goodness photos like those above won’t reach our local paper though, lol.

Last week I gave you a heads up on some tartan flavoured dresses suitable for Hogmanay, but during the week I was able to get a simpler, non-tartan evening gown, and of course went shopping in SL for something similar. The real life and Second Life aren’t remotely similar, but I’ve stuck up a post to show me making a little non-tartan stand this evening 😉

I’m also meeting up with BB tonight (whom I cast as ‘Bebe’ for the duration of that holiday). Some of you may remember she was one of the non-naturists who went on holiday with me in June 2014. Over three years ago already? Wow! BB had embraced naturism by week’s end and, although she hasn’t been on a naturist holiday since (as far as I know) she joined a naturist swim on her return and attends it regularly every month. I’ve been to a couple of the swims with her. So I’m looking forward to a good chin wag and catch up later on.

‘Is anything worn under the kilt?’, Scotsmen are often asked.

‘No’, is the joke reply, ‘it’s all in full working order’ 🙂

When the highland dancing begins later, or when sitting chatting between dances, I fully expect that I shall see more than expected from some of the men, as nothing will almost certainly be worn under their kilts! It’s a topic I covered last year.

This time last year I’d also had a bit of a fall on the ice, so wasn’t dancing. I wasn’t worried, I don’t like dancing. This year I’ve no excuses so I also expect to be dragged onto the floor for some ‘reel’ or ‘set dance’ that will almost inevitably involve a bit of dancing over and around swords.

Happy Hogmanay!




EDITORIAL, December 2017

Over at Çommune Utopia’s sim, there’s a meadow where, I think, erotic readings sometimes take place.

I’ve never been to that, I’ve no idea what it entails, as ‘erotic’ falls beyond the remit of this blog. Come to that, promoting Commune Utopia activities has previously led this blog into a little bit of bother, lol, when Diane suggested she might blog about an orgy they were holding and the grid (well, a couple of people, lol) objected. At the time they were probably right to object, as we’ve always held a firm ‘genuine naturism only’ policy, and reporting an orgy was well off our radar.

But we, and presumably they, got over the storm in a teacup. Indeed, one party who objected saying ‘that’s not genuine naturism’ had the audacity to do so while their own blog freely promoted a bit of adultery as relatively commonplace in naturism. It’s not. Never has been, never will be. Hypocrisy at its finest, and I told the blog author as much on here AND on their own blog.

Since then, I’ve tried to widen the scope of naturism a little. I still don’t like, or recognise, this sort of behaviour as acceptable within naturism, but I’m adult enough to know that (a) goes on and (b) does get tacked on -inaccurately, unfairly- as an adjunct of naturism. Consider the slightly more freewheeling activities at real life naturist venues like Cap D’Agde or Hedonism to understand that while many can and do visit these places for the same sort of genuine naturism I enjoy, they’re existing hand in hand with ever more risqué activities being hauled into ‘the naturist family’.

It is entirely conceivable I could return to Cap D’Agde, with my family, and enjoy an entirely innocent, genuine naturist holiday…providing I don’t explore certain sections of beach by day or clubland by night.

I could choose to ignore the reality of the ‘more risque’. And indeed I have ignored it for the time this blog has existed. But we can’t hide our heads in the sand to the existence of this sort of behaviour.

These locations do exist. These locations are a part of a wider naturist fraternity/sorority whether I, or you, like it or not. And, as I’ve said, the genuine sometimes co-exists with the risque in the same location.

I decided some time ago to, not exactly embrace these sort of ‘naturist’ activities in real life and Second Life, but to at least acknowledge their existence. I can certainly report, but still maintain a firm ‘anti’ line in our editorial. It seems that I can very readily say ‘look…this sim exists. It’s not what I regard as real naturism. It’s not what you’ll see at a real naturist beach, 999 visits out of 1000’. But it’s quite silly to suggest sex never happens at a naturist beach or resort. Of course it does. Go to the beach early enough in the morning in a genuine naturist resort and you may stumble upon a couple getting ‘frisky’.

What’s key is that there’s no one around. Or the people (participating) think there isn’t. It doesn’t fall into the ‘public sex’ element of, say, Cap D’Agde. Young lovers making love? What could be more natural?

On that basis, then, there is a place for us to report, even disapprovingly, the full range of naturism. Some of this we’ve already done. ‘Wild swimming’ isn’t ‘naturist’, being more of a ‘nude activities’ kind of thing, but no one would ever suggest it doesn’t belong within the broader naturist family. Where do we draw the line?

At music festivals people adopt a fairly ‘clothing optional’ attitude, often, and while it isn’t ‘naturist’, it’s often seen as within the broader naturist family. Where do we draw the line?

WNBR? Burning Man? Again, it’s all about being clothing optional and of ‘body acceptance’. Not ‘naturist’ per se but within that same broad naturism. Where do we draw the line?

Expect, in 2018, SL Naturist to expand the sims we review, without necessarily giving those sims our seal of approval.



Within SL there’s a growing tendency for ‘naturist’ sims to drift away from being ‘naturist’ to being ‘clothing optional’. I’ve had enough of this and of watching ever increasing numbers of avatars teleport into a sim while clothed.

Where ‘clothing optional’ sims exist, we’re going naked. No messing about in swimsuits. Naked or nothing, even if we’re the only ones naked. If the sim permits it, we’ll be naked, not trying to conform to a majority does code. Keen naturist avatars have been doing this, dressing, on some sims where clothes aren’t needed (according to the sim rules). If we, the naturist community, don’t make a stand in SL, we’ll lose more sims to the evil of ‘clothing optional’. Remember : nude or nothing for us in sims where nudity is allowed.



Sssh! Not a word! But after months of running the blog alone, I’ve now got a couple of new writers added to the staff roster. Expect to be introduced to them in the coming days.


And that’s it from me for 2017. Some changes coming to SLN in 2018, so keep checking back to the blog. I’m now about to jump in the car and drive to a Scottish castle for a New Year’s Eve (Hogmanay) bash. Ball gowns and men in kilts! 🙂

There’s a couple more posts to follow -relevant to New Year’s Eve- which I’ve already pre-written and will publish via my phone later, but I won’t be at the computer to add anything else until tomorrow afternoon. Whatever you’re doing this evening, behave responsibly, act sensibly and have a great time. See you all in 2018. Happy Nude Year.




Recipe corner

I’m a member of ‘Commune Utopia’, a sim and group in SL, and I was tickled to log in today and see this as a group notice!

I’ve not been there in a while (I’ll change that in the New Year) so I’ve not seen the recipe book Sparkle Lytton mentions in her group notice. I’ll change that too in the New Year.

What a fantastic use of SL resources! I just love the imaginative creativity many avatars apply to further enhance their SL experience.

Click on the notecard and…

Voila! The recipe! It looks delicious, and as is said, a lovely light recipe following Christmas excess. I’m going to try this next weekend (maybe not with chilli flakes, though) and will definitely be getting over to Commune Utopia to pick up a copy of their recipe book!

The kitchen, also remember, can be a place to practice some indoor naturism as well. In fact, for people who are just taking their steps into naturism, home naturism is a perfect jumping on spot, because it really is somewhere you can be naked, yet focused on something else, and if you’re unsure about the whole ‘social nudity’ thing, wandering around in your nothings will quickly make you realise that ‘hey, this feels good’ to not even remembering you’re nude in a very short space of time. At home, nudity need never be confined to just the bathroom and bedroom. You have a whole range of rooms in which to practice home nudity and normalise it for you.


My First Time : Ms.K

My First Time Becoming a Social Nudist
In 2003 I divorced my first husband, a man who was both insecure and jealous of the way I looked and dressed for work and socially. A year later I had met Mr. T and had moved 900 miles south to a much warmer climate. We have been together ever since and it has opened many new doors for me, none more significant than eventually becoming a social nudist. It didn’t happen at first but gradually.
Mr. T was always nude at home and anytime he could outdoors. I had never experienced someone so comfortable with their body before to be just so freely naked most of the time.
He began encouraging me to be naked more around the home which seemed strange at first but I quickly learned to appreciate the comfort and freedom of it. He also encouraged me to dress sexy and edgy for both work and socially, something I always wanted but my ex would never allow.
We started going to area lakes and when no one was around we would skinny dip, it was a glorious experience. Something he had been doing for years. Then he got me to join him on nude hikes on hiking trails. We would go mid week when fewer people would be about. The feeling and the pleasure of walking fully nude through nature was beyond words. Something we both still enjoy. We added taking nude photos to our pleasure as well.
Then in 2005 he suggested we go to a nearby nude resort. The nudity shared between the two of us was quite fun and pleasurable, however the thought of being nude in front of a group of people was beyond my comprehension. His enthusiasm empowered me to give it a try although I was quite apprehensive.
That June day arrived and I was quite nervous. We dressed lightly, packed a lunch, towels, sunscreen and headed out making the drive in about 50 minutes. We called in at the security gate and were directed to check – in at the office. The security was quite impressive as they required I.D. info and did background checks. No sexual perverts allowed here, I was impressed. It was still an eye opening experience though. As soon as we had passed through the gate there were nude people about. The office staff were nude too. We paid the day fee at which time our nude (lady) tour guide took us around the grounds on a golf cart showing us the highlights of the grounds and introducing us to members of the resort all of which were also nude.
My eyes and mind were struggling to digest and absorb all the boobs, butts, vaginas and penises of all shapes and sizes openly displayed without a care in the world. I was nervous, no actually I was really scared, could I actually be that naked in front of all those people ?? The tour lady dropped us off at our vehicle and said “the choice is yours, we are clothing optional except in the pool and hot tub”. “Undress according to your comfort.” T said well I’m getting nude which he did while grabbing his towel and sunscreen. I was shaking as I pulled my clothing off and joined him. We walked towards the pool area where we were met by a group of members who openly welcomed us.
We started talking with them. After 15-20 mins of conversation and laughter I suddenly realized I was no longer nervous or shaking. I was actually starting to feel quite comfortable and as I looked around, no one was staring at me or looking to judge if I was a little too heavy or my breast sagged a bit. They were accepting me for who and what I is was and who I am.
When that moment finally hit me I was like WOW !! I had actually found what I had been wanting all my life and didn’t even realize it.
We have been members there now for many years, own a lot there and plan on building a home/cabin there eventually. It’s the place I’m most comfortable at all times.
That’s how I became nudist and so happy that I did.


Modelled by Malgozata (debutant Ms,K) and Howie (representing experienced naturists).

Around the world in 80 nudes : Part 3, South America.

South America has a long-standing tradition of nude protest, something we’ve reported on from Mexico (I know, central rather than South America), and Argentina, a couple of times.

Now I learn of another ‘topless’ protest in Argentina, for (I think, if my Spanish is good enough) Free the Nipple. I’ve only just discovered this, and the protest took place last February, but what’s interesting is that the reporter, Moreno Pardo, who works for a news(?) organisation called Rosarioplus.com. joins in!

Moreno Pardo

I find that when disseminating the news, the mainstream media adopt an editorial viewpoint and report accordingly, mostly acting as ‘organs of the state’ (including the BBC). It’s unlikely you’ll find a reporter jump off the fence in any radical manner, mostly toeing the broadcaster and government’s line and offering only token ‘opposition’ by perhaps asking one or two soft questions which are intended to be batted back by the government spokesperson with ease, but the questions may still be presented as ‘evidence’ or ‘editorial balance’.

One of the great things about the digital age is that there’s a lot of micro-broadcasting organisations out there who now accurately counter a bland, meaningless version of ‘news’.

Would one of the major news organisations ever consider 19 seconds on a topic -top free equality- that affects half of the world’s population? No. Which is why it’s hugely refreshing to find a news outlet dedicate 19 minutes to the issue, and for the reporter to nail her colours to the mast by coming firmly down on the side of top-free equality herself. You go, girl! If major news outlets were to begin dedicating 19 minutes to top-freedom, how long might it be before the population determined that their governments passed it into law?

Mark my words: top freedom will eventually be like the Berlin Wall, and the entire Eastern (European) Bloc collapsing. The instant one nation opts to make it law, a domino effect will follow.



Around the world in 80 nudes : Part 2, Ireland

Word reaches me that in January Ireland will have its first official naturist bathing/sunbathing place, Hawk Cliff outside Dublin.

I don’t have a lot of detail yet, but what I can say is that until now Ireland was the only country in Western Europe that didn’t have an officially recognised naturist beach, so congratulations to them for making all of Europe now an official naturist zone. Anyone touring Europe can, if they so wish, enjoy naturism in every country in Europe! 🙂

I’ll add more detail about Ireland’s first official beach (there have been several unofficial beaches for years, apparently) as it comes in from my various naturist news aggregator links.

(Note : I don’t plan to do every country in Europe, or elsewhere in the world, as part of this ‘Round the World’ series, rather highlight naturist events such as that just described, or provide a snapshot of naturism in a country or region).


A slightly bizarre nude protest

Liana Klevtsova, a student from the Russian city of Irkutsk, has recently made a protest against cutting down trees for Christmas, saying that we should utilise fake trees instead. To highlight this, she stripped off and posed in a Siberian winter, fully nude.

The story is covered in many news outlets, including Russia Today.

Liana also has a youtube video…

and on her Vkontakte (it’s a Russian social media service, much like Facebook) page, some uncensored photos of her protest turn up.

Certainly, there’s no need to cut down young trees, something she rightly says are ‘the lungs of the earth’, but I was under the impression that of all the earth’s resources that we use, trees are the one thing we’re freely replenishing year on year. Use coal or oil once, and it’s gone from the planet. But we can and are replanting trees at a reasonably impressive rate, and it’s estimated there’s more trees on earth now than there were 100 years ago.

Nevertheless, it was something that persuaded model Amaris (of whom more anon) to get out in SL to express some solidarity with Liana.