Winter’s Icy Grip

icy grip


nb: When I did venture out earlier, the trip to the bottom of the driveway to check out the lane included a coat, hat, scarf, gloves, two pairs of socks and feet that were still wet by the time I’d slithered back to our front door. For anyone in the UK experiencing similar conditions today, and holed up at home, just roll with it and enjoy some unexpected SL time beside the fire.



New 7 Hills (2)

Pookes has beaten me to it! But I still headed over to the new 7 Hills place to check it out in more depth. Pookes’ report for SLN is pretty accurate, so there’s little more than for me to add than I simply adored the naked horse riding! A brand new experience, and a lot of fun. From what I can see between my first very brief visit and today is that it seems to be in development. Things that weren’t there (or I hadn’t noticed) have been added, and I look forward to seeing how it develops with interest. 7 hills2_001 copy7 hills3_001 copy7 hills6_001 copyOh yeah! I was dancing, lol!!!! That must also be almost a first in SL for me!!!! Blame it on the pirate rum available from the nearby kegs 🙂




Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Not quite a naturist posting, but I liked these shots Harry did for another outlet, which celebrates St. Patrick while showing just a little bit of skin 🙂

If you’re Irish, pretend-Irish, or just a jealous, envious wannabe Irish person, have a great day.

st patricks day1_001st patricks day3_001



New 7 Hills

I was greatly excited to log on and see Ella’s last post about New 7 Hills. Spotting Harry online, I rounded him up and we headed over there for an early glimpse of what it’ll have to offer.

I’m delighted to see that the emphasis will clearly be on nature within naturism, and engaging with the natural world’s delights.

The naked horse riding looks to be an exciting addition to the range of SL replicating RL naturist activities, and I can’t wait to try that out.

Otherwise, Miekel Skytower looks to be placing an emphasis on simple wooded areas, the beach and a rustic feel which I hope will be developed. It certainly looks as though there’ll be plenty of walking possibilities, and a kind of ‘antique’ feel in terms of the architecture. You’ll be pleased to learn that if you previously were a member of 7 Hills your group tag will still work, and if not, don’t worry, you can join for free at a very familiar tp entrance point.

I remember 7 Hills as being huge, with living opportunities, a massive (and popular) ballroom and so on. This looks like a more modest build but, as we know, that’s not a bad thing, as it generally places an emphasis on the social element of SL. Some unedited photos by Harry follow…

7hills_0017hills2_0017hills3_0017hills4_001 7hills5_0017hills6_0017hills7_0017hills8_001



Excellent News!

Just as I’m about to go offline for the evening, news reaches me that 7 Hills, a naturist resort with a German influence, is back!

Now New Seven Hills, long time SL users will remember this as a well run, responsible and thoroughly enjoyable naturist resort in SL.

I’ve no time to visit/report/get photos tonight, but I’ll report over the weekend.

In the meantime, the link to go over there is available here.

jax smoking_001

Jax smoking


It’s that time of year again…

…when the RL naturist holidays get booked.

While the destination remains the same, the route there has varied this time, out of choice, as we’ve explored options on taking in at least two and maybe three locations this year for the early summer holiday. This has meant exploring a number of different airlines, car-hire options and camp sites, all time-consuming, which has meant a dearth of posts this week.

I do expect to get back on track next week, with new posts as SLN gears up for ‘the season’, which is essentially the Easter holidays through to Hallowe’en in Europe. Still a bit chilly for me! While the forecast for Spain is currently hight teens/low twenties celsius, the weather can be either terrific or dodgy, and the sea is certainly still far to cold to contemplate a dip. That said, the hotels are opening up, the beach chiringuitos are already open, and numbers will rise in the coming weeks. I’m already counting down the days until I get off on holiday!

I’ve spent today simply wandering around the well-established naturist locations in SL, and was delighted to discover (it has probably been there forever) a boat taking you from the Eden Naturopolis central tp point to Tess’s ‘Naked Dreams’ island. What a delight that 10 minute boat trip was, just doing nothing and taking in the view, the houses and the attention to detail Elbag and Brenda put into their sims (as Tess does too!). It was simply marvellous to do nothing other than cam around, take photos and land up on ‘Naked Dreams’ after a leisurely ‘sail’.

sail to naked dreams9_001


Sailing is one of those things I wouldn’t do in RL. I like my water-borne activities to include life-jackets, lifeboats, restaurants, that sort of thing! 🙂 But it’s something I do do in SL, and I suspect that at some point I’m actually going to buy a yacht…with lifeboat…lifejackets…kitchen… :)…to simply enjoy the waters around Eden. Of course, I fully expect to find myself moored up in some isolated bay, tap-tapping the keyboard for SLN, as much as anything.

sail to naked dreams20_001


If you haven’t tried the boat ride from Eden to Naked Dreams, I thoroughly recommend it as a way to pass some lovely, relaxed and utterly pointlessly enjoyable time in SL.