Issue 8 Oops!

Sorry! The Caireann profile pages should have gone in before the front cover (I always publish the front cover last)

To make amends, here’s some previously unused photos 🙂

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I was going to make this a standalone post, as I’m about to ‘clear the decks’ regarding previously unpublished photos, but, well, here it is! I make no apologies that it’s a little bit more male-fixated than usual 🙂


issue 8 editorial

What I’ll add to the text above is that you will find this issue of SLN much ‘wordier’ than previous issues. This is how it should be. This is how I envisaged it. We’ve also blurred the lines between naturist and non-naturist locations in SL, as well as blurring the lines between what we’re writing about. The real world’s naturist community certainly impact on me, and so I’ve opted to include real life naturist events and theories into the writing, and let those concepts and happenings bounce off us and influence our writing. In many ways, missing the St.Valentine’s deadline benefitted us, and I don’t expect that in future we’ll work to any sort of false deadlines. We’ll publish when we’re good and ready.


Issue 8 One billion rising

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy علياء ماجدة المهدى is the Egyptian blogger who posted photos of herself naked in order to highlight the lack of freedoms for women in her country and, by extension, within Islam.563782_321330557980684_1405780824_n

Since doing so, surviving a rape attempt and death threats, she has sought political asylum in Sweden, and participated in Femen protests.

One of our very earliest SLN posts was in support of Aliaa, and of other ‘dissidents’ who dared to stand up to oppressive governments. It was a popular SLN post at the time and remains so now.

You may have heard about Onebillionrising an organisation which highlights the fact that one in three women on the planet (i.e. one billion) will be raped or beaten during their lifetime. A Second Life equivalent is also in existence. We would urge you to support the cause, both in SL and in RL.

Violence against women MUST stop. Whether that’s some sort of mental violence, that results in ‘dissidents’ fleeing the country, or physical violence, it must end.

We would also urge women in SL to avoid sims where any sort of violence, passed off as ‘role play’, occurs. That may be Gor. That may be BDSM sims. But we would urge every woman to avoid those kinds of sims. We neither need or want them, and we feel that women must absent themselves from those sims, playing the victim and thus reinforcing the image in men’s minds that we are willing pawns in this ‘game’, or that we approve. We don’t.

Women have the right to be equal, to be free, and to express themselves. For us, Gor and its ethos is no better than Sharia Law, or Islamic subjugation of women.

Absent yourselves from Gorean, or BDSM sims, if you’re female. We DO need to make this message, make it loud and make it clear.