Bringing the blog back…

Thanks for the positive feedback. As we reached the limit of the blog’s storage capacity, I’ll not be able to add to this blog, and I’m currently in the process of setting up a new blog site to cover all-things-naturist. Reaching that limit was probably the main issue for me discontinuing it almost 18 months ago, maybe it felt like ‘the end’, but as there’s still an appetite for it, it’s time to revive it, more on a weekly as opposed to a sometimes almost daily basis, but we’ll return as soon as I’ve got to grips with a posting layout that looks so different from the end of 2019.

Stay tuned!


Anyone still out there?


15 months away from Second Life, and RL, naturism.

A lot has occurred in my life during that break, including a house move and internet not capable of handling SL, one of many reasons for the long break.

That was recently upgraded, and I find myself capable of playing SL once again.

A lot has changed in SL naturism in the intervening period of time. I’ve no idea if there’s even an audience for this blog anymore. But if there is, let me know, and I’ll look into the idea of reviving the blog.



We’ve been for a couple of years now, but I’ve decided not to renew the .com domain, which runs out in five days time. This means we have reached our storage limit, I can no longer upload any images…and thus I need to re-assess how we move forward from here.

I thought this might happen, and thus contingencies have been made…including not posting that much in recent weeks and months in anticipation of how things might roll out.

I’m still busy with the blog (articles written, plans laid, etc) and am getting some in-world time in after a period of not getting inworld quite so much. This forthcoming week will be one of housekeeping, to see how we progress from here.




SLN Calendar 2020

These two calendar naturist photos remind me that we did our own SLN calendar shots in previous years, a ‘tradition’ that fell by the wayside. From January, I hope to revive this ‘tradition’ with an SL related calendar shot at the beginning of each month, paired with a real life calendar shot if I can find enough photos from the golden age of naturism.



Thanksgiving takes place in North America this Thursday, the fourth Thursday in November, and the day before what has become the utterly vile Black Friday.

We don’t do Thanksgiving in the UK (or, indeed, across Europe), as our equivalent might be Harvest.

Given that crops ripen at different times and in different climates around the world, it’s not a surprise that there are different dates.

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving this year, have a fabulous holiday.

Presents aren’t, as far as I know, given for Thanksgiving, but it is the commencement of the retail madness season. I don’t, and never will do, ‘Black Friday’, because it seems like such a crass, commercial experience. Do you really need to be involved in fistfights to get a new television? Probably not.

There have been petitions to ban it in the UK and fights have occurred at shopping malls due to it.

Second Life’s retailers won’t be immune to it either, with all manner of ‘deals’ offered. It’s safe to say I won’t be bothering much with it. However, when it’s all over, we can turn ourselves to the much more pleasant Christmas experience in SL. 🙂


Is it safe to come out now?

Back to full health, my re-entry to the world of SL coincided with my least favourite time of the year in SL -Halloween. It’s not something I get excited about in RL either. So rather than worry too much about the various SL related product boards, crammed with stuff I don’t like or need, I loaded up my alt and have spent a lot of time inworld recently, rather than blogging.

2019 was, for me, a total wipeout where naturism was concerned in RL, and that impacted onward into SL.

I’ve become becalmed by naturism, in and out of SL, so a bit of a rethink was required. Then it struck me while doing some Christmas shopping online, and buying some olive oil for family members from a website in Greece (actually adopting an olive tree in an olive grove).

By the magic of SL, I was able to imagine buying olive oil directly from the farmer, who was naturist, of course 🙂

And all of a sudden, my SL was reinvigorated.

We’re going to go back in time 🙂 And undertaking a series of posts relating to historical naturism, and how acceptance of nudity has ebbed and flowed over time.

I’m well into a couple of posts intended to cover attitudes to nudity in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, and these will be posted in due course.

In the meantime, here’s a small gallery of modern day naturists in Greece, plugged into a long, historical acceptance of the naked human form.



Apologies for the lack of posts recently, but a period of illness that I thought I’d got over turned into something a little more serious, requiring a few days in hospital and now a lengthy period of convalescence at home. I’m fine, I’m recovering, it’s not something that will impact me in the long term, but it has left me very tired and weak.

Finally I’ve turned the corner with it, and I’m now getting a little stronger every day, but still exhausted a lot of the time.

I will be back soon, I promise!


Those wonderful vintage days

This has been quite a wretched naturist summer for me. Poor weather,ill health. And one of those irregular periods where SL didn’t excite me. I’ve got the bug back again…it usually only needs one post,one item to be purchased, to reinvigorate me. And now it has.  The best way to move forwards is sometimes to look backwards. So here’s a small vintage gallery to get us started for the autumn/fall. Ella