Moving house

No posts from the new girls yet, as I finally took the decision to move off the Eden Naturopolis estate after several years of living there. The destruction that occurred following Brenda and Elbag’s effective eviction, something Ella alluded to in one of her final posts, was the reason why. It no longer feels vibrant or alive in the same way it did when under previous management.

I’ve got somewhere new that will serve as SL Naturist HQ, so I took the opportunity to give the girls some building rights so they can effectively create the space they need and want to make SLN a continuing success. We all know ho SL time can sometimes be limited, so the girls have been helping me build, rather than spend time on actually posting stuff. But they’ve both filed their initial posts, and trust me when I say that I feel SLN will be in safe hands.

Posts to follow from both Flo and Gigi next week!


Poll result.

Hi everyone.

I’m not a writer, so I’ll keep this brief. It was pretty clear immediately when I stuck that poll thing up that you, the readers, wanted SL Naturist to continue. It’s a difficult decision for me because this blog WAS Ella as far as I’m concerned. But I took a punt on her a lot of years ago to lead the blog and it was an inspired choice. The poll wasn’t questioned as accurately as it could have been as I’m preaching to the converted. But 61 in favour? Wow! I never imagined the blog had that much reach.

I’ve put feelers out amongst friends and fellow travellers regarding anyone who might like to pick up the mantle of editor. In the end, I’ve decided we will keep the blog going, despite my own reservations, I imagined we’d run our course, and was already thinking about a new blogging SL experience, and I’ve appointed two people to the role of running the blog. It’s always difficult to know if anyone will have stickability, and Ella found that out when seeking help in the past. Some people delivered. Others liked the idea of it until the work required became apparent. Gigi and FlowerFairy (who will be known as Flo) are the two ladies I’ve picked out because both showed abilities to write and have previously blogged for SL blogs and real life blogs so there was evidence they could do it.

Both will introduce themselves tomorrow, or Sunday, and I can go back to simply running the thing in the background.

Thank you to everyone for your continuing support for this blog. Equally, it’s testament to the brand that Ella grew, and I thank her for that.


Continue? Or not?

A sizeable number of comments have come in in recent days asking that the blog continues. I’ve even had one or two people apply for the vacant editor’s chair.

I don’t want to spoil Ella’s legacy, or diminish all she did to promote naturism in general and SL naturism in particular, and my head says to close the blog.

But I’m open to what you, the readership, feel. Several have pointed out that, even for people not involved in naturism, it was a valuable resource. So I’m asking the question, continue or let it go?

I’ll let the poll run for a week and I’ll take my cue from how you, SLN’s readers, feel about it.


The End


I’d just like to place, on record, my thanks for all Ella did over the years in making SL Naturist such a success. It was her energy and hard work that did it, all I did was fund it a bit, but there can be no doubt it was Ella’s baby, Ella’s success.

When she stood down from the editor position when her most recent child was born, I still felt the blog had some wind left in its sails, so we recruited Trine as editor and she was equally energetic and successful in keeping it going before Ella was tempted back into the editor’s chair for a second stint.

If I remember correctly Ella once said that it had reached almost every nation on earth at one time or another with a few exceptions, and I know we’ve had about 1.5m visitors over the time we’ve, or rather Ella, has been running the blog. But this time it does feel like it’s time to stop, that we’ve run our course and Ella can be proud to have made one of the very few lifestyle SL blogs around such a success. The blog, as Ella has already said, will remain online. But! And here’s the difference between Ella’s thoughts on the future and mine. I will leave it open that if the naturist lifestyle expands again in the context of SL, and Ella feels in 3-6-12 months time that she is renewed with energy, perhaps we can revive SLN. We do, I think, need that jewel in the crown, as Ella referred to Eden Naturopolis, to be a focal point for SL naturism. There’s some other good naturist sims out there. I’m a member and regular visitor to Lupe’s, for example. But I’d also echo Ella’s view that the focal point of SL naturism has been lost. I maintain a home at Eden, but frankly it’s a shadow of what it was.

I remain committed to some form of lifestyle SL blog publishing, and will take time to consider another blog that might reflect a specific SL community interests. Lots of people make music, fed live into SL, so that might be an option. A growing interest in spirituality and alternative lifestyles (naturism might be part of that too, as it happens) is another option. I’ll take my time and see how we move forward from here. But the SLNMPG (SL New Media Publishing Group) will maintain a presence in blogging and reflecting the successful real life/second life crossover Ella brought to naturism.

Best wishes.

Howie (SLNMPG and SL Naturist Publisher)

This blog will close with immediate effect

Hello everyone.

All good things come to an end.

The closure of Eden Naturopolis felt, to me, as though a jewel in the crown of Second Life naturism had been ripped out. Although there are several excellent naturist sims in existence, it feels to me as though I’ve reached the end of the blogging cycle, and have therefore decided to close the blog with immediate effect.

It has been seven years of blogging, and there always felt as though there was something new to write about in that time, with limited repetition. Recently, it has been to feel as though I am going over the same ground, again and again, and there doesn’t even seem to be a huge amount of naturist related content in real life or in Second Life, to write about.

Thanks to all who read, contributed and commented over the years. Well over a million visitors in the time we’ve operated, from almost every country under the sun (a few Central African countries being the few exceptions to that global span). It has been wonderful and I’ve not regretted a second.

I shall probably be leaving SL too, on the basis that it doesn’t feel as essential as it once did, and log-ins are becoming increasingly rare. I may check in from time to time, I simply don’t know, but right now my appearances inworld are practically zero each month.

The blog shall, of course, remain online.

I don’t really expect to return to SL in the immediate future, if ever. Perhaps the long-promised, never delivered Sansar might change my mind, but that’s doubtful. Time for a new challenge.

Take care, be good to one another, enjoy your real life or virtual naturism, and lots of love to you all.



There’s a French TV series called ‘Nu’ being broadcast at the moment.

The premise of it is that a policeman wakes up in 2026, having been in a coma for eight years after being shot. In the interim, France has passed a ‘Transparency Law’, which requires everyone to be naked. That way, no one can hide weapons. There is a lot of male and female nudity in it, almost from the off, and it continues right through every scene of the entire series. Except for when the occasional ‘dissident’ is caught wearing clothes!

A silly idea, perhaps, but equally…why not? Where do you hide weapons in an increasingly violent world?

I’ve seen some of it online, but I had to go seek it on one of those rather odious ‘naked celebrity actress’ type websites, which I’d prefer not to go near. However, I was keen to see how the topic was approached. It was rather refreshing, really, as the nudity -basically a naturist world of the near future- was matter of fact and just…there! There was absolutely no sense of eroticism or sexuality involved in it whatsoever. You could say it was basically one long advert for naturism.

Equall refreshing was that it featured, in the main, ‘ordinary’ actresses. There had been no sense that ‘we need to stuff the programme with young, nubile actors and actresses’.

And, of course, we took the opportunity to recreate a scene from it in Second Life.



The naked nun

This is more about exhibitionism than naturism, but I think the woman at the centre of the story says some things that resonate with people as regards to the manner in which the naked body is still deemed to ‘offend’ while poverty, homelessness, guns, bombs and all other manner of things much more offensive are simply accepted by society.

Bild reports that German actress Antje Mönning was caught exposing herself to undercover police officers in Germany. Reporting makes great play of the fact that she has played a nun in a German TV series.

You can also read the story, in English, from the Daily Mail.

Ms Mönning, who has described herself as an ‘exhibitionist’ told the tabloid that nudity should be ‘considered natural’.

‘Do we really want to live in a society where you can not fool around mindlessly, where everyone is secretly recorded on video, in which people sue each other instead of talking to each other and in tolerance and acceptance soon only exist as foreign words in the dictionary?’

While I would take issue with the ‘exhibitionist’ aspect of her claim, she’s obviously right to say that nudity should be considered natural. It is, and too many people have too many hang ups about it.

And yes, she’s right about the intrusive nature of cameras in everyone’s life right now, and to some extent tolerance and acceptance are now fast disappearing from our vocabulary. An entirely naked Antje should not be causing anyone any offence, and even ‘provocative’ clothes such as she’s wearing shouldn’t be of any concern to anyone. Remember: many marches held by women exist precisely to highlight that women have a right to dress how they like without being subjected to sexual harassment or rape.

I’ve been told I’m not supposed to say this – however, women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”

Slutwalks are intended to highlight what should be a basic right for women to dress as they wish, and that includes Antje’s decision to wear a see through blouse. No offence has been committed in that regard!

(Deliberately flashing her bare bottom and genitals, well, that’s a different story, but. going out without underwear is no one else’s business either. And a strong wind exposing her lower half, had it happened, well, that’s still no one else’s business either too. Her right to dress as she pleases).