It’s a wrap…

Our week in the sun is at an end. Of course we’ve grabbed the last moments of sun that we can, the only things not packed away are my laptop and…my clothes 😦

I shall only wriggle reluctantly into those as we’re practically going down the steps of the apartment.

OK…time to head back to the airport and our flight home. Bet it’s raining when we get there 😦

I’ll close of our week in Spain with another couple of my son’s photos, including yours truly having coffee yesterday afternoon, and myself and my daughter on the beach, digging in the sand while my son wanders off on yet another adventure… (to be fair, he was with Jim, returning from the beach bar with some cold drinks, not unsupervised)

…in case you can’t spot us, above, I’ve circled us, below.

Probably no posts tomorrow, but normal SLN service should return at the weekend.


Our talented photographer

Our eldest son has reached an age where technology fascinates him and his grasp of it, like most children of the 21st century, is such that he’s far, far better at it than we are. With the younger two slumbering in granny’s company, we headed out for a walk first thing yesterday morning, our eldest boy tagging along with his camera.

He’s also getting to an age where it’s not enough to take photos, but also ‘experiment’ with the end results on his tablet, thanks to various bits of software.

Some are excellent. Whether they turn out this way by accident or some emerging talent, I don’t know. As his mother, though, I’ll suggest the latter. 🙂

He was trailing behind us yesterday and grabbed this shot of Jim and I, the three of us being the only people on the beach a little before 700am!

I’m currently going through some of his images with him to see if there’s any other ‘experimental naturist’ photos I might be able to utilise here. Although I’ve also had to give him a gentle, motherly talk about not infringing other people’s privacy. Nevertheless, there’s some photos I may try and utilise in the blog at a future date.


Drying off

I’ve posted many times about naturists and their use of towels, something they spread across a seat for hygiene purposes.

Any photographs you see of genuine naturists on the move will often show them carrying a towel over their shoulder for this purpose, and I’m drawn like a moth to a flame by any towel pose in SL.

I was delighted to see another towel I could add to my collection at the Fab Free Cart Wash (K&A Designs cart).

Priced at L$10, it’s actually part of a lifeguard’s swimsuit set but naturally we dispensed with that part of the outfit 🙂 and I’m just wearing the towel part. What I like about it is that it’s a large towel. Many towels are often smaller over the shoulder or around the neck type, but this one looks like a large beach or bath towel slung over my shoulder.




Sorry, boys…

Reading comments on this site, and on other pages, I’m aware that many, many men like a fully depilated (shaved) look.

Sorry, boys…but my observations on this trip, building on that of last year, is that ‘hair is better than bare’, and it is back amongst all age groups. I’ve been speaking to my friends while out here. We’ve haven’t actually directly discussed the reasons why, but my friends from 65 years of age down to ladies in their 20s are now sprouting hair where none existed before. Some of these women I’ve known for 10 years and more, and in that time I’ve always seen them fully shaved. This year?

No-one is rocking a 70s bush, but…

…more naturists seem to be sporting the ‘extended bikini wax’ look, or the ‘brazilian wax’ look. The Hollywood look appears, in naturist circles at least here in Europe, to be on the wane. Surprisingly amongst both younger and older women.

I tried the ‘Hollywood’ look a year or so ago and hated it, having nearly always been ‘natural’ down there. I’m not sure why hair is back, as it seems a certain amount of pubic grooming is still necessary to produce both the ‘extended bikini’ and ‘brazilian’ look. Why not just give the razor a couple of extra strokes?

No, it seems that lady naturists (I know my observations don’t qualify as any sort of definitive poll) have determined that at least something is now the in look.

Sorry, boys..



Off to the beach…

…very warm, sticky and humid here. No bright sun, though, which means we can probably stay on the beach a little longer than usual. The children will still be factored up, though. Just because there isn’t bright sunshine doesn’t mean that there’s no harmful UV rays! But because it’s an overcast sort of day I don’t fret quite so much about them burning quickly. Plaster them in Factor 50 and we’ll be good for a couple of hours rather than just the one hour bursts we generally limit them to.

So here we are…heading to the beach!

Probably no further updates until this evening, as the chances are we’re going to get quite a lot of beach time, going back and forward, today.


Naked Volleyball

I don’t know how they dare do it!!!! No, not naturism, silly, that’s completely normal. Volleyball. In this heat!

There was a game of volleyball going on down at the beach when we were there earlier.

Far too energetic for me, but it’s great that people don’t just lie in the sun all day doing nothing, that they can get up and do things that anyone on a textile holiday could enjoy.


The SL volleyball court can be found at the Baja Shore sim, complete with poses.


Another ’empowered’ naked feminist at Glastonbury

Yet another feminist has appeared naked at Glastonbury festival.

I’m fully expecting to see her describe the experience as ’empowering’, a word that has now lost all meaning in this context.

By all means go naked…my perspective is that more people should do it…suggest you’re liberated from clothes and the symbolic aspect of ‘uniform’ they create. Say you’re standing up for the beauty of the human body which doesn’t need to be hidden away at all times. But please don’t say it’s ’empowering’. It’s beautiful, it’s wonderful, I salute the girl who did this, but it’s not ’empowering’. Just our natural state of being.