From a hospital bed…


Hi everyone.

I hope Jim can post this properly when he gets home. I’ve been able to do a post on my laptop and hopefully all he has to do is press the ‘publish’ button when he gets home, as I’ve no wifi in my hospital room.

I’ll be offline for a few more days I think, but a little bit of surgery was required. Spain was a time of frustrating wifi, and when we did get it back I was beginning to feel unwell. We made it home without an air ambulance or a stay in a Spanish hospital, I’m glad to say, but on landing it was straight around to the local A&E (Emergency Room, for readers elsewhere) and immediate admission for some surgery. I’m on the mend now, but frustrated by the lack of internet and SL in particular.

The doctors don’t do ’rounds’ on a Sunday in the UK, so it’ll be Monday before they see me and assess me for release 🙂

Hope to be back online next week sometime, although sitting is quite uncomfortable where I now have a scar across my tummy, so blogging may be limited.

See you all soon! 🙂



Ella is unwell

Hi everyone. Ella is in hospital and has been since our return form Spain over a week ago. Nothing serious and she should be out later this week with instructions to take things easy and sit by her computer logged into Second Life so I hope she’s back home with me then and able to get caught up with her blogging.

Jim (aka Mr. Keng)

Lack of posts

Apologies for the lack of posts. I was in a new apartment this time out, and the internet began sporadically, then eventually died.

I got a lot of posts written, though, and I’ll post them in the coming days, as if I was still there….just posted a week behind the actual dates.


Spain (at last)

I’ve had problems with my laptop (as regards getting online) since arrival here, and it has taken Jim and myself a several days to get the thing sorted out!

I’ve a few posts lined up, so I’ll try and clear my backlog as the day progresses 😀


Flying tomorrow!

We’re off to Spain tomorrow, so no posts until Wednesday, at least, but I should be able to pick up the posts on an almost daily basis while out there. No red and yellow border to the photos this year, I’ve lost the capacity (I think) to use Picasa, but may still have it on my laptop, so the ‘Postcards’ series this year won’t have colours reflecting our location. Speak to you all later this week and, as usual, I may even get in a couple of sneaky, unidentifiable real life photos. Stay tuned!