Bare boob Xmas jumpers

I’ve read about these a couple of days ago, and thought they were new. But no! They’ve been ‘all the rage’ since being reported in the UK press a couple of Christmases back.

At this point, I headed off to do more research, checked my browsing history from a couple of days back and note that the BBC reported on them. It looks like they’ve even got their own hashtag, #reindeerboob.

Allure reports on them.

The Sun reports on them.

A couple of points. The ‘bare boob as a reindeer’ jumpers seem like they’re a bit of fun, although probably not best suited for the works Christmas outing. Or maybe they would be. You’ll know your colleagues better than I do! 🙂

But the others…in the wake of revelations of unwanted sexual harassment by major players in Hollywood, is there really a place for jumpers that read ‘Jingle my bells’ or ‘Feel the joy’? I don’t want to sound like a killjoy feminist with a lack of humour, but will drunk, male colleagues really want to ‘feel the joy’? Might they want to scratch Rudolf’s nose?

I’ve had a look at the SL Marketplace and, sadly, I don’t see any #reindeerboob sweaters for sale in SL. Shame. I’d definitely wear one in SL!


Trimming the tree

I was writing this with an intention to post prior to hopping over to Lake Nekid last night, but then real life intervened.

It’s perishingly cold here in real life. Well, perishingly cold for us. I suspect readers in parts of North America, Scandinavia or Russia might well laugh at my definition of ‘cold’.

But it’s a bitterly cold afternoon and we’ve had to abandon hanging our outdoor Christmas lights due to ‘the tangle’ in them and the circulation leaving our hands. We’ll try again tomorrow!

So, just like the people in the following gallery, we’ve headed inside to put up our tree.

‘How come I always get to go up the ladder????’

I had hoped to add a speech bubble to the photo above, but believe it or not, the programme I planned on using, Phraseit , which I’ve used before, wouldn’t let me upload because its ‘algorithm had detected nudity’ 🙂 Well, yes, there is, but ultimately it’s cartoon nudity and I’d no plans to upload the finished photo to the phraseit site, but download a copy for use here. It annoyed me, perhaps more than it should, because it demonstrates a growing conservative mindset at large, and it’s a machine making our decisions for us. Both things irritate the life out of me.



Lake Nekid ‘meet n greet’ : an apology

I’d moved my avatar to Lake Nekid yesterday afternoon in anticipation of doing a ‘meet n greet’, but then real life intervened.

My children have seen snow before, of course, but not much of it. This most recent fall has probably been the deepest fall they’ve seen, and there was great excitement. So much so that my eldest managed to slip, fall and bang his head.

The safest option was to bundle them all into the car and drive to the local A&E department to get him checked over in case there was a concussion. The drive took over an hour (we live quite rurally where side roads aren’t gritted, so that was a bit of an ‘adventure’ by itself until we reached the main road. Normally I’d think of the hospital being 20 minutes away from our house).

Thankfully, no concussion, and just a sore head and an egg sized bruise this morning (although Jim and I took turns through the night to keep an eye on him…just in case…but he’s slept, has eaten breakfast and with that bounce-back-ability of children, is ready for another snowman building exercise this morning!)

So apologies to Mike and Courtney at Lake Nekid, or anyone else who planned to drop by and say hello. I’ll reschedule this for next weekend, probably Friday night.


Leucade Gaceta

Leucade Gaceta is a Chilean magazine, which is fortnightly and free. Its claim is that it ‘seeks to offer space for debate for diverse areas of aesthetic reflection’.

As such, you will find articles on various topics. My Spanish is far from great, more of a ‘tourist’ persuasion than for reading up on diverse aesthetic debate…but it’s exactly the sort of magazine topics I’m interested in. Below ( © 2017 Leucade Gaceta –image will be removed on request ) is an example page, and I’m working my way through it – with aid from Google Translate, the Spanish I know, and a EnglishSpanish dictionary. There’s an article on the Italian born novelist Alberto Moravia and how the film director Jean Luc Godard adopted one of his novels ‘Disprezzo’ (filmed as ‘Contempt’)

Interesting enough in and of itself so far, if that sort of thing interests you (it does, me).

I’m also drawn to the idea of this sort of magazine merely existing in times when print is in decline, exactly the sort of ‘buck the trend’ art meets good writing and rejects the received wisdom of what constitutes a good, digital era business model.

But you’ve already spotted another reason why what is a great little read (or longer read, without fluent Spanish) is of interest to this blog.

In the bottom right hand corner, a photograph. ‘Las Musas o Nada’ is something I can’t quite get a translation handle on. Is it intended to mean (as literally translated) ‘Muses or nothing’? Or ‘Nude Muses’ (the Spanish would be ‘desnudas’)? Is it ‘Muses wearing nothing’? Or some sort of play on words between ‘nothing’ and ‘nude’ (nada y (des)nudas)?

You can see why it takes me quite some time to plough through the magazine? 🙂

But it’s a photograph of ‘ordinary’ (in the sense they aren’t professional models, but still beautiful ladies), amateur, nude, Chilean women. And this is a feature of every issue of “Leucade Gaceta’.

I won’t reprint any of the images to be found -and they are numerous- of the ladies featured in the magazine, as they’re subject to copyright (and I’m not even particularly keen on using the single image I have utilised), but they have a Tumblr page, and you can scroll through the archives to see for yourself. The magazine also has a Facebook presence.

Where some magazines might have some objectification purposes for printing such images, it works beautifully in the context of ‘Leucade’ and its discussions on various aspects of art, essentially being a modern-day equivalent of ‘the nude muse’ as painted centuries ago. You can almost see that some aspiring art student might even rip the photo from the magazine to recreate it in oils.

I’ve not chased down every re-blogged Tumblr site, but in the main I’m pleased to see that (with one or two exceptions) the images are being re-tumblred on nude art Tumblrs rather than nude porn Tumblrs. I’d ask that you keep it that way and don’t feel you have to go sharing these images on some Tumblr that has nothing to do with either naturism or art.


What I feel about the images is that they plug-in to the idea of the historic muse. In some cases, similar poses, merely upgraded to the digital photography age. But in each instance drawing out the natural beauty of the models. No need for high heels or make up…just beautiful women in their natural state. There’s not as single woman, in my view, who’ll look back on these photos in 20-30-40 years time and say ‘I’m sorry I did that’ (unlike some with a phone in their hand posing for a naked selfie). Instead, I can see the women photographed having these photos framed, in pride of place, at their homes, proudly displayed for children or grandchildren. And why not? They should be proud!.

After 100 issues, it also goes to show that there’s a ready supply of models who adopt an entirely different view to nudity than their mothers might have done. To me, this is wholly positive, as the world increasingly shows evidence of a ‘meh! I’m naked, so what?’ attitude to life.

Congratulations to everyone involved…editorial staff, photographers and models alike, who’ve demonstrated what a wonderfully positive experience being nude in nature, as ‘a muse’, can be!


Greetings from Lake Nekid Nudist Resort

Greetings from Lake Nekid Nudist Resort, a new (to me) sim that has me excited on so many levels.

I’ve been exploring it myself, and Malgorzata and Harry have also been over there doing some photos for this post.

Mal(gorzata) had gone there with Harry to show you a couple of poses from the Eternal Dreams advent calendar. Free on the day, L$10 to buy if you missed them. And a couple of ‘naturist friendly’ poses they are too! If you’re into your poses, you may want to be checking back there each day. In the dark days before Christmas it’s good to reminisce about those warm, lazy naked afternoons in a meadow somewhere. The location for the poses above were indeed at Lake Nekid, in the environs of the ruins that occupy a corner of the sim.

But there’s so much more to it than that.

It’s set in woodland, so there’s a different vibe to it than you might find at some of the ‘golden sands’ naturist sims that are around. I like that. Providing a different option in terms of the topography is always good.


The first thing that apparently grabbed Mal was the water slide. In a week of new naturist experiences in SL (see our post on Naked Golf) that was new to Mal (new to me too in the context of SL)

There’s a few images of naked waterslides on the net, but prior to seeing this photo of Mal I’d not seen one in SL.

She and photographer Harry then moved on to the rather lovely little play area trying out the roundabout (above) and swings (below)

Lake Nekid is owned and run by Mike and Courtney.

After all of that activity, Mal takes to the deckchairs.

The resort offers rental huts at a stunning L$50 per week, so if you’re looking for an entry level home on a naturist resort, I’d suggest you look no further.

I’ve only used one of the exercise photos Harry forwarded to me (above), but you get the idea. What a fun looking pose, next to Lake Nekid’s dance floor and lifeguard station. I must teleport back over there and try some of these out for myself. There’s several other attractions I’ve not even begun to blog in this post, including the longer, tunnel water slide and an underwater area, to name two.

I’ve already decided that next Saturday night, December 9th, I’m going to hold one of my irregular ‘surgeries’ in SL at Lake Nekid, at their dance floor, and will probably be hanging around for a couple of hours in my RL evening (roughly 1100am-100pm SL time). I’ll firm this up as my week progresses, but check back to this post which I’ll update (below my signature) closer to the time if you want to call over and say ‘hi’.

I’ve spoken to Mike, the co-owner of Lake Nekid, and he tells me the build is essentially an SL version of a sim he ran in another virtual world. I have to say there are a lot of nice little touches that don’t make it seem like a typical SL build, and it is possible that he’s had a slightly different mindset when operating in another sim platform that he’s applied to the SL version. It just gives the place a little twist that I can’t quite put my finger on that gives it something of a unique feeling.

Mike also pointed me in the direction of Lake Nekid’s own Flickr page, so you can check out some rather lovely looking photographs that show it off in its best light. As usual in midweek, I’m rather strapped for SL inworld time, but I hope to see some of you over at Lake Nekid at the weekend (and hopefully before).


It’s late in the day to advise of this, but I’ll be at Lake Nekid this evening, Saturday.

Deck the sims…

Well, it’s less than a month to Christmas and the sims are getting decked out in their wintry finery. Autumnal (Fall) colours in SL make for particularly good SL photography and winter’s no different.

We’re going to be out and about between now and the big day, photographing some stunning looking sims.

Second Life’s ‘North’ sim, inspired by Scandinavia and Scotland, looks bleak in its winter colours



Naked Golf

A few weeks back I was thinking how we’d never covered the subject of naked golf before. I know there’s some naturist golfing facilities in France, and certainly Cypress Cove in Florida also seems to have its own course. I reasoned that we never covered the topic because there were no naked golfing facilities in Second Life. It’s quite a large undertaking to provide that amount of land, given the cost of land tiers.

Then, lo and behold, I logged in this morning and read in my group notices that there was an opening of Eden Naturopolis’s new Golf and Country Club last night (Saturday).

Golf has never been my game (in fact almost all sports aren’t my games, having forever been put off sport for life while at school) but it’s a hugely popular global game. So I teleported over to the new facility at Eden to check it out…

From what I can see, you can rent clubs and play an actual game of golf. My underwhelming enthusiasm for the sport didn’t extend to its playability, I have to say, but it does look fantastic! Another absolutely stunning creation by Elbag and Brenda at Eden Naturopolis.

You’ll note from the photos that the usual fantastic, tiny details are present and correct in an Elbag/Brenda build. Even as someone disinterested in the sport of golf, there was much for me to explore, including a flock of flamingos (do flamingos come in a flock? or are they another species who have some odd collective name, like a ‘murder of crows’?)

I’m not sure what Brenda and Elbag’s plans are in terms of this concept of ‘Lost City’. The golf course looks like it has been built on the ruins of some ancient Mayan site, so maybe that’s the ‘Lost City’ in its entirety. Or maybe there’s a plan to further develop the whole ‘city’ aspect of it a bit further. I’ve not asked either of them…it’ll be a surprise when it happens, if it happens. That’s part of the charm of Eden Naturopolis. It always maintains a familiar feel, although it slowly develops, moves forward, never stands still.

I managed to speak to a fellow naturist while visiting, and he tells me that the Clubhouse is fast becoming a popular social gathering place for users of Eden. Excellent to hear that and I look forward to returning and chatting with fellow users of the wonderful, wonderful Eden Naturopolis.