Hallowe’en (A naturist party, dressing up, naturist accessory post)

ella witch_001bOver at Soul! you’ll find free (L$o) witches outfits for any SL Hallowe’en parties you’re going to attend. If you join the group (L$o) there’s a bunch of other outfits (for women) you can also grab, including some beautifully made formal gowns that I’ve worn over to Frank’s Jazz Place, for example. No, I’m only naked in SL 99% of the time 🙂

This made me think that, for a body of people who like being naked, we also like to dress up -just a little bit within- that environment. The photos below demonstrate just how much naturists like to embrace the entire Hallowe’en vibe.

Of course, I dispensed with much of the free Soul! outfit itself, but I’ve kept the hat and the broom in the photo above as I zoom over the Eden Naturist Estate. I think I’m pretty well dressed for Hallowe’en in a naturist environment.

Dare to Bare this Halloween4



I’ve posted this for Hallowe’en on the basis that it gives you time to pop over to Soul! and pick up a copy if you desire, and as I’m working on Hallowe’en itself I’ll probably not get any posts up until Saturday night or Sunday morning (although I hope to get a couple more posted up later today).



Edited to add some more naturist Hallowe’en photos

tumblr_ndqizjAf431sayo9ko1_1280 tumblr_ndqj0dSv4I1sayo9ko1_1280 tumblr_ndqj0gY9CN1sayo9ko1_1280 tumblr_ndqj0o0I6r1sayo9ko1_1280

Belly chains : A ‘Naturist Accessory’ post

There are some elements of naturism where I’m not ‘typical’.

I don’t shave my pubic area, despite ‘bare down there’ being a more familiar look in naturism. I don’t do piercings, not even so much as an earlobe, let alone having anyone attack my nipples or vagina with a needle. I don’t like tattoos, I think they look cheap, nasty and ugly. I’m not even much into things like pedicures, which many naturist women seem to undertake in advance of their holiday, ending up with their toes resembling mini works of art. I don’t have anything against any of these things, nor do I have strong views on any, apart from tattoos, they’re simply not really me.

Which is fine. A key element of naturism would be about being an individual and my individual style is that I’m tattoo & piercings free, and natural ‘down there’.

I wouldn’t knock anyone else’s decision to do anything with their own bodies, apart from tattoos which I think are something that will eventually go out of fashion and be seen as ‘old hat’ and dated. Genital piercings may well follow on the same fashion roller coaster, but they can be removed, tattoos can’t. And pubic hair may come strongly back into fashion, leaving men & women with the relatively simple task of leaving the razor in the bathroom cabinet.

However, one of the ‘fashion’ elements of naturism I’ve always embraced, particularly in a naturist environment, is the belly chain or the ankle chain. You do see quite a number of naturist ladies sport these, and I confess that I’m very much an enthusiast of the belly & ankle chain. As I sit here writing, clothed on a bright, crisp autumnal afternoon, I’m not wearing one, I should add. It’s a piece of jewellery that is confined to the naturist suitcase. But I do like to wear one, and an ankle chain, on holiday. It’s my own personal body adornment for a naturist environment in the same way genital or nipple piercings will be for others when on the beach. A bit of individuality.no-tan-lines-534

I got quite excited when I saw that whatever had a little bit of a hunt that included hip chains (L$0), so I headed over there earlier. I found the item in question but sadly it doesn’t stretch, and was far too large for my slim frame.

I asked one of my larger sized friends to pop on over and she picked the same item up and it fitted her better. If you’re prepared to tweak your shape to fit, it looks great, and comes in a variety of colours.







‘You could spend the rest of your life in jail’

I’m horrified to read this story in today’s (UK) Independent newspaper.

Stephen Gough, ‘the Naked Rambler’ who has already spent a lot of time in prison for….naked rambling’, could spend the rest of his life in jail. Why?

It appears that the EU, the European parliament and a body whose actions on and in the continent have probably been the most reviled since Nazi Germany (and I dare you to find anything else European that people have despised so much since 1945) have determined that his views on nudity ‘are shared by very few people’.

Is this the basis of law, of good law?naked rambler_001b

If we’re determining law by whether or not something has to be an opinion shared by ‘a lot of people’, where would it leave…a lot of things. Where would it leave the European Parliament itself? Because, if asked, the overwhelming majority of Europeans would say ‘the European parliament is s***, let’s do away with it’. (By the way, the EU passed legislation a few years ago making it illegal to criticise the European Union, so can I just say that the EU is a bunch of drunken whores and wife-beaters whose actions can only lead us to conclude that Hitler made the trains run on time and had a half-decent motorway/freeway/autobahn policy that was adopted by much of the world as ‘a good idea’, one more than the EU have ever managed? And if the grand aim of the EU was to ensure the continent was never to have another war, can I just say they did a great job of that one in the former Yugoslavia. Can I also say that their actions in causing hardship, austerity and near bankruptcy in Spain, Ireland, Cyprus, etc shows what fine economic lunatic policies they frame?

Having said that I’m horrified by the European Court’s deliberation, I am ambivalent towards what Mr Gough does, as it simply reinforces the idea of naked people being cranks and weirdoes. Maybe we are. But on that basis people dressing up in silly clothes to hit a ball around large patches of grass before toddling off to ‘the 19th hole’ are cranks and weirdoes in my view. People who read fantasy trilogies might be construed as being cranks and weirdoes. Almost anyone doing anything might be construed as cranks and weirdoes.

I like the idea of naturism being seen as an alternative lifestyle, which may not be for everyone, but those who don’t wish to indulge in it at least recognise and respect the rights of those of us who do to pursue that lifestyle.

As the article says…

Despite appearances Mr Gough is not a naturist though, nor does the British naturist movement support him. On a naked ramble with the Independent on Sunday in 2012 he told the paper: “They think I’m a bit in-your-face; they think I’m a maverick. They want to keep it all confined, to their own strips of beach. Whereas I’m rocking the boat.”

Yes. We probably do want to keep it all confined, to our own strips of beach. Because we recognise that the world is full of different views, and we respect that naturism isn’t for everyone. We don’t wish to invade textile beaches and waggle our bums at everyone. We respect that not everyone wants to see that. And we hope textiles respect that we want just a few locations where we can practice our chosen lifestyle in peace and without fear of harassment. In this way, everyone is happy with their own strip of sand.naked rambler2_001b

Mr Gough, on the other hand, is imposing his lifestyle on others without any apparent sense of respect for others’ views.

It’s a terrific thing to have walked from Land’s End to John o Groats (i.e the full length of Britain) nude. I admire him for undertaking the walk, clothed or nude. I admire that he feels freer without clothes. I do too. But I find it silly that he chooses to be so in-your-face that he alienates the police, the judiciary, the public (allegedly) and even British Naturism. Yes, we need a society where naturism is an accepted part of the landscape. No, we don’t need Mr Gough creating an atmosphere in which the rest of us are judged negatively. And in that, Mr. Gough is certainly rocking the boat and leaving the rest of us in danger of being capsized into the murky waters of legislation that will limit or bar our lifestyle.

And that’s where my ambivalence towards his ‘campaign’ cuts in. He does naturism as a lifestyle or as a movement no favours.

Despite that, I’m still horrified that the European courts think that views shared by ‘very few people’ can lead them to face jail time…forever! We still need our ‘eccentrics’ in a world which is increasingly formulaic. We, more than ever, need a counter-culture from which new ideas grow. After all, the original naturists would have been ‘eccentrics’ whose actions have led to a movement, a lifestyle, in which millions have or do participated. The original vegetarians would have been seen in the same way (and in some locations, still are), despite evidence of it being a healthier diet as long as the lack of meat is countered by an alternative protein source. The original keep fit fanatics might have been seen as a bit strange when Charles Atlas was selling books on how to get ‘ripped’. Today, thousands are jogging and wanting to get ripped. I guess that in my lifetime cycling to and from work was regarded as the refuge of the poor who couldn’t afford a motor car. Nowadays we look on cyclists as being ahead of the game in terms of commuting and keeping fit.



Edited to add: The Guardian has a poll on whether naked rambling is a human right. At the time of my posting this views were pretty even, 51%-49% in favour.




You may, or may not, have spotted a new page we’ve added recently called Kinks. This was Pookes idea, and the thinking is that, there are some ‘accessories’ that form part of a naturist wardrobe. Piercings, mostly, and genital piercings in particular. While it doesn’t make enormous sense to devote an entire page simply to naturist genital piercings, we decided that while it isn’t ‘genuine’ naturism in our understanding of it, we have to accept that certain things are part of the naturist lifestyle for some. Not only the likes of genital piercings, but fishnet dresses, enormous stiletto heels and general evening wear one might encounter in Cap D’Agde.

As a result we’ve done this ‘Kinks’ page where you can see items to buy within SL and where to buy them.diana naughty lingerie2_001b diana naughty lingerie4_001b

The page is now open with some naughty underwear (no cup bra and crotchless panties, with optional nipple pasties) currently on sale at Seldom Blue for just L$1.

A couple of photos are included below, further photos and the link to Seldom Blue over on the Kinks page itself.

Not something I think I would personally need, out of SL, 😉 but there are those who’ll enjoy such items in their wardrobe, and for visiting ‘naturist’ sims in SL which are effectively swingers locations.


Happy Diwali

Diwali is a Hindu ‘Festival of Lights’, and it’s very familiar to many of us in Britain as some of our cities have large Asian communities whose presence enriches us in so many ways.



Belgrave Rd Diwali Lights

Leicester’s Asian Community centre, lit up to celebrate Diwali in 2013

I’m thrilled that, in my lifetime, the Asian communities have become assimilated into British life while still maintaining their own separate traditions and cultures which we, ‘white people of Britain’, have in turn embraced and recognise the positive role Asians play in the UK.


It’s not Diwali, but the members of this naturist club certainly have achieved a sense of the colour so prevalent in many Asian festivals.

A far cry from 1972 when, following the expulsion of all Asians from Uganda, on the orders of its dictator Idi Amin, 28,000 arrived in the UK in a fairly short period of time and there was the usual right-wing hand-wringing about where they’d live, where we’d house them, what jobs they could do.tumblr_matla4MjeB1re2d6eo1_1280

I wish all of my RL & SL Asian friends a Happy Diwali, and their story, in the context of nudity, the Kama Sutra, SL et al is something we’ll also cover in out International Edition of SLN soon.


Reyhaneh Jabari (ریحانه جباری )


Some time overnight while I slept, Iran executed (by hanging) Reyhaneh Jabari, a young woman who was convicted of murdering a man she claimed was trying to ‘sexually abuse’ her. (Some other media sources report this as attempted rape, others as rape.).

The conviction was flawed, and there had been a campaign to save her launched on social media, as well as the intervention of Amnesty International.

Despite this, she died earlier today.

It goes to show just how morally bankrupt these patriarchal societies run by dangerous clerics can be when it comes to a woman’s and human rights, although to be fair Iran appears to have sought to commute the sentence if the victim’s family agreed to clemency, which they did not. This does not necessarily mean that Iran can claim any sort of high moral ground on the matter. It puts to death, mainly by hanging, about 60 people each month, almost 600 this year already. Each one probably has its own story, which we rarely get to hear. It’s a sobering list of dead, and the reason for their deaths. ‘Drug trafficking’ appears to be a ‘popular’ reason for convicts being executed, and you need to read several pages of it before coming to one where someone has been executed for rape. I have little doubt that the fact they occasionally hang rapists will have Iranian stoutly defending their execution of Reyhaneh today by saying ‘see, we do treat rapists robustly’. And that’s fair enough; there are probably many Westerners who would accept state execution of rapists too. But we don’t because words like ‘flawed’ do have a tendency to creep into the legal arguments. We simply don’t want to execute anyone on the basis that there may be some doubt in our minds of the certainty of the crime.

The Iranian government have only officially acknowledged about 1/3rd of these executions.

I’m not going to trivialise a story like this by linking it, in any way, to Second Life, save to say that I have SL friends who live or have lived in similar societies where women are regarded as being second class and treated as playthings for backwards looking macho society which has no place in a 21st century world any more than nations have being run by religious zealots. At least one has expressed the view that it is only in Second Life where she feels free of that patriarchal society in which she lives, and the game is an escape valve, a brief, virtual window on how (in some respects) her life could (and should) be. We will, eventually, come to her story in SLN12, the international edition.

Around the globe, women are terrorised each day with threats of sexual abuse & rape, often in Islamic countries. If ‘Islam’ means ‘submission to God’s will’, is it ever God’s will that a woman be treated in this way? How often will the perpetrators of verbal & physical abuse, sexual assault or rape be the pious, at prayer, on Friday?

Our own western media will be filled, daily, with stories of rape, or sexual abuse, paedophile behaviour, so we’ve no reason to feel smug, complacent or imagine we’re further up the foothills of moral superiority to Iran, although we don’t hang victims of sexual abuse or rape.

I’d ask, today, that you simply look at this story, or one in your local media, regarding the manner in which women are treated around the globe, and to see if there’s one tiny action you can perform to eradicate one act of sexual ‘abuse’ from the planet. Yes, I know that we’re hard-wired to see the opposite (and the same) sex as objects of desire, but rather than focus on a woman’s breasts while walking through your town, or sitting on your commuter train, try to focus on her as a person, as human being who is your equal, as someone who will almost invariably have been subjected through her life to ‘benign’ forms of sexism, and act like a man who acts like a gentleman.

Let us keep working to eradicate sexism in our society. Let us begin to educate ourselves, and ‘less enlightened’ regimes that in the 21st century all men and women should be treated as equal, and all women should be able to live without fear of constant verbal and physical abuse being handed out because they’re women. Let us hear no more talk of ‘bitches’ and ‘sluts’ and ‘ho’s’. Let us begin to build a global society where there are no more Reyhaneh Jabaris, where women aren’t forced to act in the face of abuses.





Why does it feel so good (to be naked)?

I’m making no apologies for linking to this post from the Naked Truth blog, and I’d encourage everyone to read the article.

While the pleasure of being naked may differ from person to person, the Naked Truth blog make an exceptional argument as to why we enjoy the feeling of being naked, whether naturist or not.

Even non-naturists will freely admit the feeling of getting out of bed naked and slipping downstairs to make a cup of tea or coffee, waiting for the kettle to boil and feeling the air on your skin is wonderful. In fact, most situations where we are naked in ‘not usually done naked’ situations feel great.

The posting includes photos, one of which I’ve re-posted below because it and a couple of others I was going to use looked perfect for SL replication. Initially I was going to include others which I eventually guessed are of the author and his partner, so I’ve deleted those from the post as I don’t have permission to reuse them.

A naked avatar doesn’t match the real life feeling, but I believe that walking an avatar through a ‘naked’ situation does give a sense of how it might feel in RL, simply because we can choose to plug our senses into the situation and use our imaginations to consider how the RL scenario might be. Lupe’s Forest does this exceptionally well, as you will get prompted while walking through it to ‘smell the scent of pine needles’ and so on. And thus our sense of awareness is heightened, so that a virtual, screen-driven experience does plug us into our memory banks of the scent of pine needles, or the feeling of walking barefoot on grass.



Another wonderful element of the Naked Truth blog is that they’ve included some audio files, sounds of nature (in New Zealand), and I’d urge you to turn the sound up on these, turn the master volume down on your SL viewer, and take a walk through some bit of SL wilderness, trying to imagine the full naked in nature experience. ‘Naked Truth’ isn’t exclusively about naturism. You’ll find articles on George Orwell or Stansted airport, for example but one thing stands out: this is a an enthusiastic and right-thinking naturist writer who will remind us, in an article, of respect being needed for the countryside, an obvious understanding of nature and naturism being part of a larger whole, a larger holistic approach to the planet and our (naked) place within it.woodland glade_001b woodland glade3_001b woodland_001b

I managed to find a (non naturist) woodland glade, press-ganged my friend Bill to join me, and we captured a few shots of us being naked in nature (thanks for posing, Bill!)