Bringing the blog back…

Thanks for the positive feedback. As we reached the limit of the blog’s storage capacity, I’ll not be able to add to this blog, and I’m currently in the process of setting up a new blog site to cover all-things-naturist. Reaching that limit was probably the main issue for me discontinuing it almost 18 months ago, maybe it felt like ‘the end’, but as there’s still an appetite for it, it’s time to revive it, more on a weekly as opposed to a sometimes almost daily basis, but we’ll return as soon as I’ve got to grips with a posting layout that looks so different from the end of 2019.

Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Bringing the blog back…

  1. Hello to you Ella, from fellow naturist Ron Kolesar.

    Here’s to a day when we can go anywhere and swim and work out and exercise and so on, waring just our natural skins.

    I’m attempting to get our local y to go clothing option/clothing free.

    Especially for the auotic classesses and for swimming laps in the twenty-five yrard/seventy-five footh long lap pool.

    You might have read the intro article that I wrote about we guys being able to skinny dip at the Pittsburgh school for the blind in 73 and in 74.

    I support women who want to go nippile free and to completely topless and or completely in the buff.

    Ron who supports non-sexual recreation in any sport.

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