SLN11: SoCal Naturists

A newish naturist location in SL is SoCal, which I assume refers to SOuthern CALifornia. I was over there a few weeks back, but I didn’t post about it immediately because I’m minded to -on discovery of a new place- not jump the gun, and see just how things develop.

Currently things haven’t developed at SoCal. And I say that as a good thing. I’ve previously spoken of how, in RL, the naturist experience is not always packed with ‘amenities’. It can be a simple walk down the beach, hand in hand with someone else, paddling in the water and feeling the experience of simply being alive. And SoCal does that very well. If it’s truly a ‘get away from it all’ naturist experience you want, wandering unpopulated beaches for ‘miles’ (it’s a circular island, you can make it miles if you so desire). Other than a few hammocks and a couple of beach huts, SoCal has a simple, uncluttered look.

Sure, diving in and doing things in SL is sometimes the way to go. At other times, a bit of space and blue sky is all we need, be it in RL or SL, and SoCal does that very well.


socal1 socal2 socal3

A simple, uncluttered look at SoCal may be regarded as one of its strengths. A place for peace and solitude, and well suited to naturist socialising.


SLN 11: Editorial

I used to think ‘stress’ was a lazy-person’s get-out clause until this week. I’ve been feeling properly ill for some time now, and didn’t know what was causing it. Something the children brought home from play-school? Allergy to our new cat? (I promise I won’t turn into a cat-photo blogger!). tumblr_static_kittens-in-underpants-big

Some pussies hanging out of underwear…

Whoops, sorry! I don’t know what came over me there….but there we are…some people come to SLN for photos of pussies, so I thought I’d stick that one in… Anyway, I finally saw the doctor on Monday and it turns out I’m suffering from work-related stress. I’ll be off work for three weeks, minimum. I’ve to take lots of exercise, which won’t be hard, I love cycling and walking and swimming, and report back in three weeks to see if my stress-levels have diminished. I don’t feel great right now, all sorts of tight chest (I did think it was heart issues for a while), tight arms and anxiety. Having talked it over with Mr. Keng, we’ve more or less decided that I shall try to get the stress levels down over the next couple of weeks and then most likely quit the job I’m doing, and have only moved to in recent months. There’s a possibility this may well end up with more blogging, if there’s anything to blog about, and even if not, much more time in world (hooray!) without having my editor’s hat on. Let us see how things develop.


Away from real life, I think we’re going to constitute a little of a policy change with SLN, in that we shall, up to a point, feature more RL naturist photos where they’re relevant, and where I think we can justify them in terms of being SL associated. Previously I’ve shied away from these, unless they’ve been ‘vintage’ in the main, or certainly of a nature where the model is anonymous. Certainly nothing voyeuristic. While voyeur styled photos may be all over the net, and thus posting them here does little to further embarrass unwitting models, I’ve always said no to them on principle. But I’ve decided to change that policy largely at Barbara’s behest, because she’s seen some photos of RL naturists she’d like to use in an upcoming post, and makes the argument that the subjects are all looking directly at camera, so they’re ‘real life’ but certainly not of a voyeuristic nature.

The following is one of the photos she’ll be using on her post, but I’ve decided to pop it in here to give you a sense of what’s ‘acceptable’.

!bch-m5  (3)

Yep! Mature ladies happy to indulge in RL naturism, pose for the camera, yet still not necessarily ‘reveal’ anything. I think we can live with that.


Finally, May’s calendar will be delayed until the weekend. I need to retrieve the photos from the back up drive from my old computer. Sorry for the delay on that front.


SLN11 : Naked Yoga

Delighted to read this story in London’s Independent newspaper recently. Naked Yoga! 🙂

Big, apparently, in the US and now heading our (Britain’s) way.



The Daily Mail and several bloggers have also covered this story recently. It’s not something I’ve done. Yoga, that is, although it’s one of those things that I think….’I should at least give it a go’, naked or not. Happily, it’s easier to hop straight into Naked Yoga within SL, so I sent Harry and a model over to Eden’s outdoor gym, where naked yoga is firmly part of their fitness regime.

yoga1 yoga2 yoga3 yoga4 yoga5 yoga6


It looks like a fun activity, and could be even more fun as a (naked) group activity.



SLN 11 : Naked quotes (and our thoughts)

“There is only one honest impulse at the bottom of Puritanism, and that is the impulse to punish the man with a superior capacity for happiness.”
—H.L. Mencken

Mencken is onto something here, we think. The sun is free. The sand on the beach is free. The waves in the sea are free. Perhaps governments feel the need to legislate against naturism, and the sense of freedom and fun it provides, simply because they can’t see anyone being happy, and can’t tax anything that are core parts of naturism. If they could tax it, they’d have a more benign view of naturism.donne_001b

“And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”
—Genesis 2:25

Indeed. We’re all born naked. Adam and Eve were created naked. And there was no shame in it. There still isn’t.

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”
—Albert Einstein

Throughout its history, naturism has met with strong (and even sometimes violent) opposition because the great spirits who forged the naturist way had to be challenged by the mediocrity of those in power, the politicians, the churches and the media, for whom a full sense of total freedom might be the instigation of more radical opposition to their need to maintain control over the masses.

william blake_0012

If you’ve got any suitable quotes, contemporary or historical, that reflect the state of global naturism as it is right now, let us know and we’ll print them…and even try to take some photos that will reflect them.


SLN 11: Beach balls, vintage naturism and airbrushing

If you ever check out vintage naturist photos, you’ll maybe be taken by the ‘shaved’ ladies featuring in them. Look closer! They aren’t actually shaved, thus pre-dating genital grooming by 50 years, they’ve been airbrushed!

Pubic hair was deemed…obscene? (not unlike 2014 in some quarters!)…and thus it was airbrushed from the photos. If not, the models were posed in such a manner that the genital area wasn’t on display, for males and females alike.

And thus we have a naturist trope of the semi-ubiquitous beach ball, or some other ‘prop’ used to hide the genital area.

Harry covered the airbrushing phenomenon in June last year.

I thought it was time for an ‘update’ on this photographic style, and thus I asked Diane to do some vintage-styled photos in which the model’s nether regions were hidden.

vintage1 vintage2 vintage3 vintage4 vintage6


I think she’s done a very good job of capturing 1950s/60s styled naturist or ‘nudie mags’ shots.

Better than that, while the sepia tinting gives one sense of retro photography, the original colour versions also have a sense of vibrant colour -usually red- that dominates in vintage naturist photos. What is it about red? Is it that it sets off skin tone best in the thinking of the times?

vintage colour




A beach ball typically appears in many vintage naturist photographs. 


It looks like airbrushing has been applied to both him and her, with strategically placed text completing the job on her, a strategically placed guitar on him.


An obvious example of airbrushing


More vintage airbrushing