A new Greek location

One of our most popular posts (still!) is ‘Mykonos: Gone in SL’.

While not naturist, I would say that it certainly was naturist friendly, a blind eye turned, as it would be in RL Greece, to a bit of sim-edge skinny dipping 🙂

It was a marvellous sim because the whitewashed buildings against a blue sky made for the most wonderful photographic light, just as it would do in RL.

So I’m delighted to report that there’s not one but three Greek styled sims (kind of modelled on ‘Ancient Greece’ to some extent, but with air beds floating on a crystal clear blue Aegean to suggest that there’s some sense of modernity in the sim).

You can find them here, here and here.

You’ll also find a report on them at Uccello Poultry’s blog. For those of you who are interested, Uccello also tries to do a Topless Tuesday posting most weeks (scroll down her pages for that).

judy greece2_001b judy greece5 with alam6_001b judy greece5 with alam8_001b

Harry, who took the photos at the Bohol sim (the first of the three I’ve offered) gets very excited by sims such as these, due in main to the light quality. Note that the sims aren’t naturist, but I wouldn’t anticipate too many issues with you being nude there if you’re discreet. 🙂

Models: Judy & Alan



Free the nipple campaign continues with a surprising champion.



Kiera Knightley has posed topless in support of the #freethenipple campaign which I found surprising, given that she’s quite demure in her public persona (hooray for Kiera!). But it’s terrific to see people continuing to highlight the inequality that exists between men and women. I don’t just limit my understanding of #freethenipple to top-free equality, but as a mechanism whereby we could and should then highlight other male/female inequalities. The pay gap, for example.

You can read about Kiera’s reasoning for the shoot here.



Nearly time for Spain again & hipster beards

I’ve begun packing for what will be my last trip out to Spain this year. I think I’ve largely exhausted the ‘Postcards from Spain’ series, so I won’t be doing that this time around (although if I see something of particular interest I can blog, of course I will do that, reflecting RL naturism in SLN).

I’ll be interested to see if hair’s resurgence in RL naturism continues, as it seemed to be making a comeback when we were out there in June.

That’s hair in all of its constituent forms. One the head, in the pubic region, under arms.

Whether that was just the nature of the holidaymakers at the time, I’m not sure, but it was certainly more visible, as if a wheel had turned and naturists were once again embracing it after several years of razor tyranny. I’ll certainly be keeping you posted as to its state of play when I get there in a couple of weeks time.

We aren’t talking 1970s jungle here, you understand, there’s still a bit of topiary going on, but it’s not the vast, arid pubic deserts of before.

And it’s not just the ladies who have semi-retired or fully retired the razors. The guys, too, seemed to be re-embracing chest hair and, in noticeable numbers, beards. Hipster beards seem to be this year’s thing, naturist or not, and there were more than a fair share of them on display in naturist circles in June and, once I’d begun noticing them, even up and down our High Street. There certainly were a number of naturists -some I even know by name- sporting trendy facial hair three months ago, and I’m anxious to see if the trend continues, both above and below the navel, given that there’s a different naturist demographic in September as there is in June (September’s when the ‘silver birds’ -middle aged naturists- return to Spain, the oppressive heat, the crowded beaches, the families of holidaymakers, have all departed).

So it’s good to see that Spellbound is offering a ‘monster beard’ that accurately reflects current High Street fashion codes. It’s priced at L$300, and certainly adds a finishing touch to anyone who wishes to sport that ‘hipster’ look, regardless of whether they’re naturist or not. But mark my words, these beards do appear to be part of the naturist fashion code right now!

beard_001b beard2_001b




Model: Alan. Photos : Diane

Another Ice Bucket Challenge pose

Earlier in the week I pointed you at an Ice Bucket Challenge pose at Fashowl.

And now another one has turned up at Toby’s Juke Joint, so no excuse not to join the ‘fun’. I think it’s moronic myself. If you want to give, give. No need to indulge in stupid social media memes.

Here’s Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, the main architect of the Scottish independence bid, indulging in it.

Alex Salmond takes the ice bucket challenge – crouching while two people pour water over him


Serious politician? Buffoon? Remember, this is the man who, earlier this week, argued about independence affording Scotland the opportunity to make its own budget on health care. And yet, here he is, effectively acknowledging that, while being in control of that budget he is supporting cash for Motor Neurone Disease (MND – the UK equivalent of the USA’s ALS charity) because it’s…..underfunded? Go figure.

Salmond did it to highlight ‘Gordon’s Fightback’ , a website highlighting one man’s fight against MND, and on that website Gordon Aikman, who is involved in the ‘Better Together’ campaign (that’s the people in Scotland opposed to Scottish independence). You can, as I have, donated via the JustGiving website. No need to faff around with buckets of ice.

roberta ice bucket1_001b roberta ice bucket2_001b


This latest Ice Bucket Challenge pose comes courtesy of Toby’s Juke Joint (you can also pick up free T-shirts, the female one being modelled by Roberta, above). Once again, a post that has precisely zero to do with naturism, and while I persist in the notion that the Ice Bucket Challenge is humans determined to show themselves as sheep incapable of thinking for themselves and displaying an enormous herd instinct, I also think we need to be asking bigger questions of our politicians about why we’re having to indulge in this to raise awareness, on both sides of the Atlantic (and elsewhere). Funding for MND/ALS is quite obviously underfunded if we need to do this to raise cash for it. Perhaps those in the Scottish (and UK) governments need to be asked questions about the pitiful levels of funding for what appears to be a killer disease.



#EscracheDeSujetadores (Spanish Bra Protest)

Living in Scotland, I’ve got an ‘independence’ (from the rest of UK) vote coming up in September. I’ll not go into further detail now as I’ve another post lined up about that in the next couple of weeks. And yes, I do work in some ‘no fig leaf’ comparisons.

I’ll tell you now. I’m voting against independence. Yes, I’m English, but my Scottish husband will be voting against too.

In the past couple of years we’ve concluded the leader of Scotland’s Nationalist Party (the ones seeking independence, more as a vanity project than anything else) Alex Salmond has proven himself to be, well, a bit of an idiot.

So it’s satisfying to learn that our politicians aren’t singular in their stupidity. It can happen to any puffed up, self regarding moron anywhere in Europe.

Take Leon de la Riva, Mayor of Spanish city Valladolid, who is afraid to get in a lift with a woman because she might strip down to her undies and cry ‘rape’.

This has led to a ‘bra protest’ in Valladolid in anger at his comments.

In Malaga, the courts dropped a case against five alleged rapists, and their mayor effectively said ‘well, don’t focus on Malaga, there’s 1000 rapes in Spain each year’ (link in Spanish). And Spain has proposed some guidelines for avoiding rape, such as ‘take your first name off your letterbox’, which people believe attempts to shift the burden of blame from rapists to the victims.

The hashtags #EscracheDeSujetadores (Bra Protest) and #NoEstasSola (You are not alone) are now trending on Twitter as people grow angry at politicians loose tongues over very serious crimes.

Naturally, SLN supports those who are protesting against the idiotic remarks made by local politicians. We support the right for women to go about their business without fear of sexual assault or rape, and ‘she was drunk, it was consensual’ is never an excuse. If she’s drunk, it’s a man’s duty -a real man’s duty- to ensure she gets home safely, to not take advantage.



Read more about the bra protest in Spain here and here and here (Youtube report via ‘Russia Today’ news).


French Knickers, cami-knickers.





I’m not sure if naturism informs my sense of undergarments, and a sense of looseness and airiness around my nether regions, but I do adore French knickers (or cami-knickers as they’re sometimes known).

They’ve never, to my knowledge, been something created in abundance in SL. I guess that briefs, as panties, are easier to add as an under layer. And there’s some sexy lingerie around, no doubt about it, but still I yearn for someone producing a beautiful set of silk cami-knickers (or French knickers), as illustrated above.

I’ve trawled the Marketplace, without success, for something like those above, and previously toured dozens of lingerie stores.

So I was glad to see that Hilly Halaan has a free group gift billed as ‘romper suits’ that, in the panty element, are one of the closest pieces of clothing I’ve seen to replicate that style of lingerie. It’s free to join the group, and you get three colours in it. What has this to do with naturism? Nothing. It has merely been a bit of a rummage through my RL lingerie drawer and the excitement of me finding a garment that I’ve wanted to own in SL for ages. 🙂


charlene romper suit2_001b



Paradise Found

Let me point you at Canary Beck’s web presence.

Canary has been doing wonderful, wonderful things in SL for ages, but if you’re new to SL, or new to SLN, or a long-term reader of SLN or player of SL, then it’s worth reminding you of this colossus of the pixellated world.

For example, Canary acts in and directs theatrical performance in SL, most notably performances of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’. The latter is particularly interesting to us as it features nudity and deals with the discovery of sexuality, being based on ‘the fall from Eden’ and Adam & Eve sharing that apple.

But as with everything Canary does, it’s done with style and grace and with a professionalism that equals any real life theatrical production. It doesn’t become less artistic in pixellated form. You could argue that it adds another dimension to the activity of theatre going.



Photograph © The Basilique Performing Arts Theatre Company. Adam & Eve dancing in a performance of ‘Paradise Lost’


Indeed, Paradise Lost has proven to be so popular that it is back for a second season (ongoing between the beginning of August and the end of October).

You can check out The Basilique web site (the Basilique being the theatre which houses the productions) for ticket availability. Yes, you need to buy a ticket! Why? I’m guessing there needs to be some sort of limit to prevent a sim being laggy, and let’s face it, it’s such an ‘immersive’ (Canary’s own description) experience that there needs to be some sort of way in which to recoup costs (I imagine that there are costs involved in production). And, rather excitingly for me, it’s the act -as in real life- of making a commitment to go and see a performance, paying for it, planning your evening around that event. And it’s artistic endeavour, monetised in SL. Why shouldn’t those who put in their time and effort (just as with clothes, hair and skin designers) get paid for their work?

Originally, SLN publisher Howie Lamilton’s vision for his SL was to bring a ‘unique to SL’ music into SL and sell it exclusively in world, and build up a roster of like-minded artists who could produce their own work exclusively for SL. hence his ‘Second Life New Media Publishing Group’. His vision wasn’t for SLN at all, but a publication that highlighted SL’s artists’ work. A page on in world art production, for example. And had it grown legs, certainly features on the likes of Canary Beck’s work. For one reason or another that didn’t materialise and SLN was realised, partly because Howie is a RL naturist, partly because it was still a ‘naturist magazine’, ergo ‘an artistic outlet’ that partially fulfilled the role. Look at some of Harry & Diana’s photos for the magazine. While some are merely illustrative, others are highly artistic in their delivery, and it’s obvious that just because the subjects are pixels, the artistic thought going into them isn’t less than that if they were real life nude models.

And they aren’t alone. Many SL blogs feature terrific photography. The writing on many blogs is top notch. We are, in SL, a very artistic bunch, it would appear.

If you get the chance, try to catch a performance of the second season. And at least chase down the links to see what the almost limitless possibilities of SL arts production can look like.





Between ‘Go Topless Day’ and ‘Topless Tuesday’

Go Topless Day fell yesterday, August 26th.  I have to say it’s more of a north American phenomenon than elsewhere, but of course we’re going to support equal rights for women, wherever it is in the world. The ‘Go Topless’ organisation claim it to be their ‘constitutional right’, not an argument the rest of the world can necessarily make, but we support our north American sisters in their campaign.

While ‘top free’ equality may seem like something unimportant -suddenly stripping off our bras in Asda/Walmart is an unlikely occurrence- there’s a deeper message, one of the little ways, even in an enlightened west, that women aren’t quite so equal as men.

In other parts of the world women are definitely regarded as second class citizens, or worse.

I’ve no idea if Pookes had anything planned to mark the day, but I note that she has been trying to do a regular ‘Topless Tuesday’ feature while in charge, so I thought I should try to keep that little meme going, with a slight difference…this week making it ‘Topless Monday’, the day between Go Topless Day and a normal Topless Tuesday.

I’m still getting back up to speed, and there’s nothing ‘new’ in the pipeline for Topless Tuesday shots, so you’ll forgive me in using old shots (albeit previously unpublished) from the archives.


Pru hops onto a merry-go-round at the end of an English pier. 

roberta tt2_001b

maria tt7_001b

On this August Bank Holiday in the UK it is, typically, cold and wet, so the top photo, taken at the end of an English pier, seems appropriate today.


Turtle Coast/Wild Coast

I was surprised….shocked…to spend part of my hiatus looking over the back pages of SLN to discover we’ve never really looked at Turtle Coast as a naturist destination.

I know we’ve had my policy of ‘genuine naturism’ in place, but quite why Wild Coast & Turtle Beach have never made the cut I’m not quite sure. Wild Coast was one of the first naturist locations I ever visited, it was crowded and it was non-sexual (in the main…I’m sure many avatars used it as a place to meet others before slipping off elsewhere…) with only a few cuddle pose balls around. In time it was largely supplanted by Turtle Beach, now the much more active sim of the two (both run by Kaiya Mumba) and Turtle is marginally more ‘in your face’ in terms of the availability of sex poses, but not so much that it should have been an issue for SLN’s policy. I can only suggest that it’s likely it’s been one of those locations (and we did include it in our list of slurls to naturist locations) that I was thinking ‘oh, everyone knows it’ and it has somehow become lost in terms of our reporting. I can only apologise for that.

Turtle is nearly always packed. I’ve logged in at 400am, not so much recently, but a while back when I’d have babies awake in the middle of the night, and you could still find activity going on there.

To right that wrong, I’ve asked Diane to go over there for photographs, utilising different models so that we can bring you a definitive report on Turtle (and Wild Coast), and I’m hoping she’ll come back later this week with a photo-essay we can give you on these long-standing and active SL naturist locations.turtle6_001b





A sign at the entrance makes it blatantly clear that Wild Coast/Turtle Coast’s rules fit easily within SLN’s policy of ‘genuine naturism’




Photos from Turtle’s revolving message board at the entrance capture a flavour of the sim.

In the meantime you can find a slurl to Turtle & Wild Coast on our links page.


A depressing kind of summer…

Away from SL I’m a bit of a news/politics junkie. This was the reason we’ve previously tried to do ‘political’ issues of SLN (and subsequently not published them). SL is largely politics free, on one level. To me, many avatars are living a hedonistic, bucolic existence, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all, and we all know that there are good causes -all manner of ‘pink ribbon’ campaigns, wigs for kids at the Hair Fairs, etc- that we support with our purchases, and in that respect there will be certain small ‘p’ political acts going on. Our ‘politics’ are that we want an end to breast cancer. Humanitarian politics, in other words.

But SL generally rolls on as a kind of political-free zone.

japan sim

I’m stepping back into the editorial role a bit early, my hand forced by Pookes’ unfortunate holiday lack of wifi and inability to post.

But before I do, and turn my attention to the next full issue of SLN, I couldn’t not mention the rather depressing state of world affairs over the past summer, a real world, and real world politics, that make me yearn for the occasional hour away in (naturist reference coming up) our own virtual garden of Eden.

The downing of a Malaysian airline over the Ukraine, ongoing events in the Ukraine itself, continuing bloodshed between Israel & Gaza, ISIS and their cold-blooded murder of James Foley, Vladimir Putin’s sabre-rattling, the threat of an Ebola pandemic, an Icelandic volcano threatening to erupt and possibly disrupt flights over the north Atlantic (and further afield?) and today, reports of an earthquake in California…the list of a world in turmoil goes on.

OK, the last couple are natural phenomena that could happen at any time, over which we have zero control, so there’s little we can do in that respect, but the remainder are mile-posts in a summer where there’s been a headlong rush to undertake ever more vile acts for no great purpose. Yes, I understand that Israel will say it’s protecting itself, yes, I understand ISIS want an Islamic state, yes I understand Putin is more imperialist than communist, wishing to glue the bits of the former Soviet Union back together again but, really, is it worth the mounting pile of corpses? No. Never. We get to share a bit of time on earth together, and we should really be making more effort to ensure that’s the case before we can claim the bit we’ll have forever…a six foot long by two foot wide grave.

I know geo-politics are complex, and I’m no expert, but surely there has to be something better than this.

It was particularly depressing to hear James Foley’s murderer speak in a British accent. A London (or certainly S.E. English) accent. My town! To grow up in a multi-cultural city, to be educated (in all probability) in a British education system, to be given free medical care at the point of service via our much-maligned but still terrific NHS, National Health Service, and then throw it back in our faces with such hatred and poison? Where did he learn such hatred? Each time this jihadist needed medical care, it was there for him. Britain’s far from perfect, but we can certainly look at our health service as one of the best in the world for everyone, not just those with adequate insurance. When push comes to shove, British values are right there in the NHS. Care and compassion for all. It partly defines we Britons and the values we proudly hold. It’s sickening to think that someone who has grown up with those values and who, if born in Britain, was probably born in an NHS maternity unit, beginning his life under the care of the country of his birth, can throw that back in our faces and value life so lightly.

I’m exceptionally liberal in my outlook. Whether naturism leads me to liberalism, or a naturally liberal outlook led me to naturism, I’m not sure, but I do know that the mindset of people like James Foley’s killer directly threatens me and my values, not just as a naturist but as a woman. And I reject the ‘values’ projected by these zealots outright.

We’re surrounded by news events like this every day. Which is why escape to a relatively politics free zone like SL is sometimes welcome. I do like to hop around the grid (sometimes I even get dressed) to see what’s going on out there. And it’s appalling to find that there are now pockets of division even in SL, nominally Muslim or Islamic sims where notices are displayed that blatantly, idiotically declare that the deaths on 9/11 are somehow inferior to deaths in Gaza. They’re not. In death, there’s no hierarchy. Each death is the same as another. A void for the family left behind, with the same degrees of heartache and suffering. Please, don’t bring those shitty values into SL. Equally, I find groups labelling themselves as ‘Muslim bitches for white guys’. Again, grow up, both in terms of your respect for Muslim women and women in general. There are no ‘bitches’, of any colour or creed. They’re women. They’re mothers, sisters, daughters, the same as your mother, sister, daughter.

I’m old enough (as an avatar) to recall when a neo-Nazi group from Britain set up a sim, and began spreading messages of hate on the grid. I remember, too, that the sim was reported and the activities of those involved investigated until action was taken and the sim was closed.

I suppose my message is that if you see intolerant behaviour on any sim you have a duty to report it to the sim owners and if it’s the sim owners encouraging it, report them to Linden Labs. We need to stand together at times of real world divisions growing deeper to ensure that SL doesn’t, as it does in many aspects of its existence, mirror real life.


Photograph for this posting was taken here.