Boho Fair 2013

Barbara’s mention of Bewbstock (see previous post) reminded me that there’s a couple of expos/fairs on at the moment that have ‘naturist accessory’ potential. Another one is the Boho Fair -more ‘hippy chic’, as Barbara phrased it, fashion.

And don’t forget that Burning Man is also ongoing at the moment. (edited to add…it opens today, October 19th, but it may be later in your RL day before you can gain access).

Anyway, I hopped over to the Boho Fair and picked up a whole bunch of goodies. I could have spent more. In fact, I’ll probably go back and spend more! ๐Ÿ™‚

All you see here came to a grand total of L$25! And that includes the L$20 I spent on a fat pack of bohemian/hippy/beach clothes that certainly remind me of the various states of undress visible on a typical naturist beach, or of ladies getting dressed up for the evening following a day’s nude sunbathing.

bobo1 boho2 boho3 boho4 boho6 boho7 boho8 boho9 boho10

Yep. Everything you see, the cowgirl boots, the two different hairstyles, and all of the clothes (plus more I didn’t photograph!) for L$25. Imagine! A whole new look, a whole new you, a whole new wardrobe. A whole new hippy/beach naturist look. I’ll certainly be wearing the gypsy skirt (last pic) when I visit the Burning Man festival for you.



Bewbstock, an expo related to hippy chic and mesh boobs, is open.

While none of us here have embraced mesh boobs particularly (we’re agreed our RL experience doesn’t equip us to particualry feel empathy with anything over a ‘B” cup, apart from me, and my cup runneth over at ‘C’) we do like the hippy vibe. I popped over there earlier and, while ignoring the boob related items, or the ‘Lola’ related stuff, still managed to see some bohemian style clothing, hippy clothing, that I liked.

There’s lingerie, swimwear, and just boob related items. And in that respect, it fits right into SLN‘s remit. You may well find something that is entirely suitable to the SL naturist experience, if only as a ‘naturist accessory’.


The (formerly topless) British Member of Parliament.

Gloria de Piero is the Shadow Minister for Women for the UK’s Labour Party. The Labour Party would historically be seen as a left-of-centre, ‘socialist’ party, although goodness knows how they pass muster as ‘socialists’ anymore, given that they’re now stuffed with public schoolboys and ‘professional politicians’. Although that’s probably another argument for another day. Indeed, Ms de Piero appears to be one of the few Labour Members of Parliament left who actually has ‘working class’, ergo, left-wing, socialist roots. That said, it can hardly be fairly argued that a previous career in the media particularly equips one, Ms de Piero or anyone else for that matter, to really comprehend working life as understand by many with working class roots, working in shops, on post-modern ‘assembly lines’ (i.e. call centres) or being unemployed.Passport-Photo

For those outside the UK, let me explain that it means she speaks on women’s issues on behalf of the political party who are currently ‘in opposition’, i.e. not currently the party of government. But in the eventuality of a Labour election win, in 2015 (or earlier) she could conceivably be a member of the UK government’s ‘cabinet’. (Think ‘Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State’, and you’ll have some idea of where her political power -at least in the topic of women’s rights- lies. And she could, of course, rise to higher office within the cabinet.

And this week, here in the UK, Ms de Piero’s bread and butter work has become somewhat derailed by the news that she posed, topless, at age 15, to earn some money. That’s in 1988, by my reckoning, since she’s now 40 years of age. Not such a long time ago. And apparently, this week, a search was conducted to unearth these photographs.

As usual, I sighed a sigh of disbelief when I read the story, for so many reasons. Firstly, it’s rather sad that the political system, of which she’s now a part, was failing teenagers in the industrial north of England (she’s from Bradford, Yorkshire), to such an extent that she felt compelled to undertake such actions, and at such a tender age. Hpw many of her contemporaries were placed in similar positions? How many ended up taking drugs, dealing drugs, entering prostitution and (perhaps) entering the penal system, either as ‘young offenders’ or ‘adult criminals’ as a result of this failure of politics?

Secondly, who’s doing the searching? Members of the Conservative (the centre-right party currently in government) Party? Is it political black-ops? Is it a crude attempt to discredit her work, in the position she currently holds, and in general? Is it by ‘Fleet Street’ (the name traditionally given to the British media)? What’s the agenda if that’s the case? Is it by an editor of a right-leaning paper?

And regardless of who’s doing the searching, what’s the intended conclusion? Publication? Of photos of a fifteen year old? Hang on a moment, doesn’t that qualify as paedophilia? Doesn’t the original photographer also have a case to answer in terms of ‘child abuse’ or paedophilia?

So many questions.ย And they go on.

This is where I take off my SLN editor’s hat and fulminate purely as a woman and as a (soft) feminist, expressing surprise, concern, rage and contempt that women’s breasts continue to be deemed newsworthy, with photos being deemed searchable.

Gentlemen of the political machine, the media and (possibly even) the forces of law. They’re tits. 50% of the global population has them, and we should be away beyond caring about this stuff anymore. And, be honest, the likelihood is that the male, well-lunched, corpulent ‘investigative journalists’ doing the searching and the exploitation probably have bigger tits than a fifteen year old schoolgirl!

Such is the giggling (public?) schoolboy, stunted-sexuality of the various arms of the British social ‘machine’, the media machine, the political machine, the legal machine, the ‘security’ machine.

I find it loathesome.


Spanish politician Olvido Hormigos reacted to allegations of a sex-tape in circulation by posing topless for a magazine.


Former topless model Mara Carfagna became Minister for Equal Opportunities in the Italian government.

Natalia Juarez (Mexico), Alessandra Mussolini (Italy) and Tania Derveaux (Belgium) have all used toplessness and/or nudity as part of their past or current political careers.

And I couldn’t let this post go by without referencing a particularly odious example of a topless politician….

GD4312362@Russian-President-Vla-4007Calm down, ladies! ๐Ÿ™‚ While his rod’s out, he’s only got a tiddler.


I’m grateful to my SL friend Lady Marjorie (not a SL or RL naturist) for daring to go topless, for our benefit and this post. A self-styled ‘minor member of the British aristocracy’, in her SL guise, she essentially roleplays this with her ‘husband’ (they’re not married in RL), Sir Tarquin. You’ve maybe spotted them at places like Frank’s Jazz Club, dancing. Anyway, I’m friends with Marjorie because she’s a hoot, and I like that she and ‘Tarquin’ have essentially invented these roles, and then roleplay, without necessarily being in a RP sim.

And she thought it would be enormously funny, basically being known as someone permanently bedecked in formal dresses, to be ‘caught frolicing’ with a ‘toyboy’ (another SL friend of mine).

Because this is how the British media would report her presence on a sunny beach, semi-dressed. They might even speculate that he’s ‘her personal trainer’ or such like.

beach enquierer1_001bbeach enquierer2_001bbeach enquierer3_001bInside their ‘rag’, these investigative journalists would then publish photos that look like they were taken at half-a-mile’s distance, with a phone camera, and serve it up in ‘the public interest’.

Rant over, I think. I have nothing but contempt for the British press, or whoever’s leading the search for this MP’s photos. Is she doing a good job in her role? Is she a good constituency MP? That’s all we need to know, or care about.

Breasts should no longer be news in the media. Other European countries understand that. Why can’t we?


Something slightly different.

I visit a website called ‘Arouse your passion‘. It provides links to all manner of e-books, and I occasionally download books on musical topics, jazz mostly, as I’m learning to love the music, courtesy of the RL Mr.Keng, and am trying to get some sort of framework in which to understand it. The history, the circumstances, etc.

Of course, it also provides links to other books, pulp fiction mostly, and I was amused by the following title…


Well, I guess we were all ‘tormented virgins’, sooner or later in life, once upon a time. And, sadly, there’s many women who’ve been in positions where something cherished has been lost too early, given up too easily, often drunkenly or forced. But that’s a topic for another day.

I googled, and Amazon tells me it was published in 1963, but I’m guessing that at 75c in today’s money, it would still probably be over-priced.



Anyway, more than the cover and the title, I was taken by a snippet of text on the website. I quote..

A man, bald-headed and paunchy, yelled for attention. “Ladies and gentlemen, I have a suggestion. We, meaning the men present, have discussed the possibility of nude bathing. We would like to invite you all to share your bare bodies with King Neptune. There’s no one to see us but ourselves and it will be like the good old days when the original bunch we had ran about with tally-wackers bobbing and bosoms flailing the wind. What do you say?”

Tally-wackers????? ๐Ÿ™‚ Had ‘ran about with’???? The proof-reader (if not too busy fumbling with his ‘tally wacker’) should have been sacked for not being able to conjugate verbs correctly.

It goes on…

They stopped in the first bedroom. Jerry undressed the wanting female. She was ready. The sweet odor of womanhood filled the air around them. Jerry cast his trunks aside and joined his panting mate. He was eager for her body and kissed it from head to toe. She fondled him as bursts of passion spilled from her lips. Their kisses were hot and open mouthed. Her coral tips pierced his chest as he probed her crevices and squeezed her responsive flesh. Margaret pulled the lustful man to her. She became a tigress of passion as she absorbed the erupting fountain of youth.

Please! No more! I can’t take any more naturist-related ‘naked means sex’ cliche.

But, then again, a quick tour of some of SL’s ‘nudist’ sims, the ones we’re regularly critical of, suggests that, in corners of SL, it’s forever 1963 and it’s all about showing off your badly coloured, permanently erect ‘tally wacker’.

A full fifty years after publication of this sort of pulp, some cliches regarding the naturist lifestyle remain. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Social media, Skype, Selfies, Snapchat, Snaphack, Sexting

I know that with the explosion of social media in recent years much has been made in the press of the phenomenons of selfies and sexting, probably reaching some sort of conlusion (or not!) with snapchat and snaphack.

Ever done this sort of thing?

I have to admit I’ve sent ‘selfies’ to my significant RL other. Non-nude, but when we’ve been made to spend time apart I’ve sent him the odd photo so that I’m in his thoughts, however briefly. And he’s done the same to me.

Sexting? That depends on how you wish to define text messages between two people in a relationship. Does a text saying ‘I miss you’ qualify as sexting? ‘I miss cuddles’? ‘I miss us making love’? Where do common or garden messages of affection tip over into ‘sexting’? I don’t know. In that respect I may, or may not, have been guilty of sexting.

Snapchat? I’ve not used it. If I want to send my S.O. a photo, I send him a photo. If I’m in a foreign city, I send him photos. Lots of ’em. Of cafes, the sights, stuff like that. He can save them, I can save them. I don’t have a particular need to send him photos of briefly available shots of me wearing lingerie. Neither does he particularly feel the need to send me photos of him in his briefs. Of course, lol, we do do ‘Facetime’ when we’re apart, rather than Skype, but it’s essentially the same thing. And occasionally he’s off in Germany, France, Poland, wherever, on business, in his hotel at the end of the day, post-shower, and he ‘Facetimes’. And occasionally he’s on the bed in his boxer shorts and/or T shirt and, in summer, maybe even nude, sat on a bed, when he calls me. And, yep, occasionally, I catch a glimpse of his torso or even his…haha….’junk’ ๐Ÿ™‚

He wouldn’t ‘snapchat’ either. If he sees something interesting, he sends me a photo we both can keep. Wenceslas Square, a Parisian cafe, a Paris street, the rain in Berlin. If I wanted a ‘nude portrait, I’d ask, and get him to pose in our apartment. And the reverse is probably true, too. It’s something that has never come up. We know what each other looks like naked. And there again, assuming we remain together for decades into the future, who’s to say that we might not appreciate photos of our younger, sexy, sexual selves when we’re parents or grandparents? Might it not be nice to look back on when we were young and more attractive than we would be in our 70s or 80s?

The river doesn’t flow in two directions here, regarding ‘Facetime’ ๐Ÿ™‚ If the reverse is the situation, I’m pretty much tucked up in a bath towel, minimum. ๐Ÿ™‚ Is that just me? Is ‘letting it all hang out’ a boy thing? Your thoughts, theories, etc, on a digital postcard.

Would I care (much) if my nude photo, or lingerie photos, ended up on the internet? It’s hard to say. I’ve been nude, in public, dozens of times, on naturist beaches. Maybe I’ve already been photographed nude, I don’t know. While photographs of those occasions would still constitute an invasion of privacy, done without my permission, I’d be more relaxed about their publication on the basis that a) they’re likely to be low resolution photos, from distance, of me in what isย sometimes a public location, a public beach. I think I’d be more angry of lingerie photos of me turning up on the internet post-breakup. Or is that just me, again?

mal selfie_001b

Malgorzata (it’s Polish for ‘Margaret’. Prounounced ‘Mar-gor-ata’ -say it out loud to see how it resembles the English ‘Margaret’) takes a selfie for her SL guy.

mal selfie1_001b

And Malgorzata looks a little bit shocked when her SL S.O. sends her back his own ‘selfie’ ๐Ÿ™‚

You can pick up the ‘selfies’ poses over at the Bounce This poses store. (It’s named ‘Cheeky Pics’ and priced at L$100. A snip! The store also has some other gorgeous poses we’ll be featuring in future posts. Seriously, guys, I think we could fund models to the value of a couple of thousand lindens, easily, just to bring you some interesting poses. ๐Ÿ™‚ In fact, we possibly will!!!!


Phat Azz

I’m sure most of you will be aware, already of the new ‘mesh butt’ implants, better known as the ‘phat azz’.

It feels like this is the next ‘mesh boobies’.

It won’t be for me, thanks, but I see from the blogosphere that it’s kind of taking the grid by storm. I’m a little surprised. Avatar editing slider controls make for an ample bottom as it is, and there are a few avatars around who, even before the emergence of ‘phat azz’ probably needed a few lessons in body proportion. From a personal perspective I don’t quite see the point. Mesh clothing seems to struggle with getting sizing right. I’m hardly on the ample side, but I do find that some mesh items are stretched to the max ๐Ÿ™‚ even on the ‘large’ size (we do need XL or even XXL mesh sizes for bigger avatars. Of course, the ‘phat azz’ means that a new market probably opens up in mesh clothing being made specifically for those with bigger behinds. Maybe the trickle down will be that mesh clothing goes up a size. Who knows?

As I’m not buying, ‘modelling’ the phat azz was going to be difficult, so I’ve opted to grab a few photos from google images. I hope I’m not treading on anyone’s copyright here [if we are, let me or Pookes know and we’ll pull those images immediately: Ella]

Phat-azz-appliers-5-skins Phat-azz-appliers-Misaki 9719234135_096497d370 9878577086_d8f7f20ebe_z


I have to say that I was a little surprised that, in terms of mesh body parts that the butt implants precede a mesh penis attachment. I would have thought it would have had greater sales potential than a butt. Oh, well, it’s probably be next! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and if someone is working on a mesh penis out there, how about you design proper foreskins for them? The ‘uncut’ penis in SL is quite often unrealistic in appearance, and often of one ‘look’. In real life uncircumcised men do have subtle differences in how they look in a flaccid state.

If the ‘phat azz’ looks like it might be your thing, then do a simple search and you’ll be given a wide range of locations where it’s available. How closely it’ll match your skin tone, an issue we found with mesh boobs, is something we can’t comment on.



Naked Skydiving

Discovery of the photo (below) online reminded me of my early days in SL. At a long now defunct naturist place I took my first naturist sky dive. An incredibly fun experience, even ‘virtually’.


So we rounded up a willing model -someone who had never done any naked skydiving in SL before- and took her over to Su Casa for the trip of a lifetime.


Don’t forget to ‘buy’ (L$0) a terra-chute before setting off. Without it you’re going to hit the ground pretty hard! ๐Ÿ™‚


We got our model, Tina, to set the height to its max, 4000m. ย Here we see her beginning to drop into the clouds.


Hmm…I’ve got the photos out of sync. Her chute has opened and Tina glides to earth.


But just before her chute opened, she had a beautiful aerial view of Su Casa. The large red object is Su Casa’s hot air balloon.


Chute fully deployed, Tina is within feet of a perfect landing.

If you’ve never tried naked parchuting, I thoroughly recommend it. So much so that I’ve put it back on my SL ‘to do’ list. While we’ve also covered balloon rides in the past, I think it’s high time we did so again. Don’t you?


(edited to add…I was pointed in the direction of the photo below, in the wake of the blog post, so I’m happy to add it to the post)


Naked skateboarding

I saw the photo (below) online and wondered if I could replicate it in SL.

tumblr_mu6wdsfmJj1s0tgwso1_1280Yes, I could.

You can collect a free skateboard and zoom around a skatepark. A word of warning. It’s a ‘teen hangout’ and nudity would be discouraged, I guess. We proceeded with the photos with extreme caution, while no one else was around.

don naked skateboard_001b don naked skateboard2_001b don naked skateboard3_001b
f skateboarding is your thing, it’s worth a visit, but I do stress that you wear at least a pair of shorts.


Girl Flu

No posts from me this week. A head cold (‘girl flu’, if truth be told) is proving hard to shake off. Sneezes, coughs, shivers and sweats. I’ve been in bed since Friday, moving only to take on industrial quantities of chicken soup or hot lemon drinks, and spend time in hot baths in an attempt to shake it.

Fortunately, my RL significant other has been able to nurse me part of the time ๐Ÿ™‚

While I’ve not had the opportunity to replicate the photos (below) in RL…he has been nursing me endlessly.

Fantasy material, I guess. A hunky guy (well, he’s my RL hunk!) tending me. And in SL, a hunky guy, clad only in an apron, hahaha, might make my flu-ridden avi feel better about herself.

The apron is part of a French Maid set available at Plausible Body, the shop where you can ‘pay what you like’ for a variety of outfits.ย pookes ill_001b pookes ill2_001b

Plausible Body has a number of terrific outfits available, mostly geared towards the SL ladies. However, with a little imagination (a hunky guy in an apron?) some can be suited to male avis.