Dear Abby (Part 2)

Earlier in the week I posted ‘Dear Abby’, a post wherein an adult naturist male’s sister had discovered his naturist lifestyle and wanted to join her brother at the brother’s naturist holiday home. The man was ‘freaked out’ by the thought of his sister seeing him nude (although the correspondent didn’t clarify if he man was ‘freaked out’ by the thought of seeing his sister nude, or the sister’s intentions on whether she was going to nude or remain covered until she decided if she liked the lifestyle -although we do know she wanted to explore it, so presumably had the intention of stripping off.)

I asked if readers had a view on this. They did, and I’m grateful to Danee & Eric for their responses.

I said I’d add my view in due course.

Had the brother and sister been raised in a naturist environment they’d probably have grown up knowing what each other looked like and there would have been no issue. That sounds like a pretty good reason for raising children in a nude-friendly environment, even if the household isn’t naturist per se.

I don’t understand why the man should be disconcerted. His sister probably has never thought of him in terms of being naked, assuming she hasn’t accidentally seen him nude when they shared a home growing up, but it’s safe to say she won’t think he has ownership of anything other than the usual set of male genitals.

Like all of us who weren’t naturist children and accepted the lifestyle as normal from an early age, we will all have had that ‘awkward’ first time in public while naked moment.

‘Everyone will be looking at my penis’

‘Everyone will be looking at my boobs’.

No, they won’t. Many don’t think this is true as they approach their debut, but as experienced naturists come to recognise it as fact. We meet our naturist friends and don’t think of them as a collection of usually unseen parts. We greet them as friends, pure and simple, and in naturism there’s a rapidly approached point where you don’t even consider them as being naked, just people.

‘But my sister may not be naked’, he might wail.

So what? I’ll bet that in his usual naturist experience there are times he’s encountered females who weren’t naked, and didn’t think anything of it.

While he may have reservations, my advice would be that he simply does his usual thing. From what I gather, he’ll be doing some household repairs. Just get on with it, and if his sister’s there, I’m imagining she might have many questions about naturism, its etiquette and practices if she’s exploring the concept of the lifestyle. I’m guessing that type of conversation will ensue.

Were I in this position, with my brother in attendance, I’d get on with doing my own thing and treat my nude form as normal (which it is). My brother knows I’m a naturist. He’s even seen my holiday snaps. I didn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed by the lack of swimwear in the photos. It’s who I am. He’s never expressed any desire to be a naturist, but I don’t feel ‘disadvantaged’ by that. I don’t feel there needs to be a quid pro quo in this.

Personally, I believe he should get on with his nude repairs, answers the questions likely to occur, and any ’embarrassed’ moment will pass in a minute. After that, normal naturist lifestyle will recommence.

Will there be any sense of being ‘disadvantaged’? I suspect not. I suspect that his sister’s interest in naturism means she’s going to the resort to experience the freedom of swimming or sunbathing without clothes, not just to be a curious observer.

I would really love to hear back from the original correspondent on how this situation resolves itself.


Sweden adopts ‘top free’ swimming pool equality law

Last week Sweden legalised topless swimming in the country’s swimming baths/pools.

It’s a little bit more complicated than that. This stems from a case where a person wishing to be identified as transgender was ejected from a pool for being female. A court case followed and the law was changed so that there wasn’t any requirement for a female to wear a bikini top.

Of course, this comes at a time when Swedish pools are being simultaneously increasingly segregated by ‘female only’ sessions, due to ‘a risk of collisions with other cultures and religions. There are [Muslim] women swimming fully dressed. Even people without religious or cultural ramifications may be offended by women bathing shirtless’, according to the manager of one Stockholm bathhouse.

topless pool_001d

The rise in immigrants to Sweden has led to some unpleasant incidents int he recent past, to the extent that some pools are employing ‘groping guards’

I’m in favour of people having the right to seek a better life and relocate elsewhere around the globe, and for them to bring their own traditions with them. What I’m not in favour of is that any culture assumes to imagine it can press its own unpleasant values on the host nation, such as the concept, in some, that women are only there to be treated as sexual objects.

When in Rome…adopt your behaviour to that of your hosts.

Hopefully, though, this legislation regarding the opportunity to dispense with unnecessary items of swimwear on the grounds of equality can now be extended to pools (and parks and anywhere, really) everywhere.



Naked in the national interest

On the BBC’s ‘Trending’ website, of items of international news interest (sometimes in the quirkier end of international news, I spotted this story.

In the midst of a financial crisis in Byelorussia, the country’s President urged people to ‘get undressed and work until they sweat’.

We do, remember, live in an internet age where not everyone takes everything as seriously as some hope.

Here in the UK, suggestions were made for the naming of an Antarctic exploration vessel, and ‘Boaty McBoatface’ won hands down, to the embarrassment of the organisers.

The words ‘get undressed and work until you sweat’ are tailor made for social media…




Dear Abby…

We aren’t a ‘problems page’, but I was recently messaged by an SLFKK reader who has a naturist dilemma. 

I have my own theory on this, but before I offer that, I’m going to throw the floor open for answers as to how you, the SLFKK readers, would deal with this.


Hi, Trine,

My husband and I have been naturists for a number of years and bought our own place at a naturist holiday resort. We rent it out and at the end of the summer he goes out there alone and repaints it all for next season, and sometimes assemble new furniture we may have bought.

Our children (two boys and a girl, now all in their late teens) were all raised as naturists and think nothing of being nude in each other’s company on holiday, even now, and our bathroom at home essentially has an open door policy. They’re all used to seeing one another naked, or Mum and Dad naked, and think nothing of it.

While we’ve been enthusiastic naturists our entire lives, we’ve not been open about it until recently.  We’ve been telling friends and family, and when one of my sisters-in-law heard about it she expressed a desire to accompany my husband to our holiday home as ‘naturism has always been something I’ve wanted to do’.

Maybe there’s something in the genes. My other sister-in-law said she’d like to try it as well, but would book a week from us next year.

My husband is a relaxed, confident naturist, but feels ‘weirded out’ by this request. Anyone in the world can see him naked, he says, but he is uncomfortable about being nude in the company of his sister. I’ve tried pointing out that our children are siblings comfortable in each other’s naked presence, so how would he and his sister be any different?


Is it weird for adult siblings to enjoy naturism together?

He’s digging his heels in over this, and I’m trying to encourage him to take her, as she’s recently been through a messy divorce and could do with a break away from her routine.

How would you, as an experienced naturist yourself, approach this?


I do have a view, which I’ll publish in due course, but before I do, I’d like our naturist readership to offer their opinion on this sibling awkwardness.




Kanye West premiered a new video yesterday, entitled ‘Famous’ and features a number of naked people…supposed to be celebrities including Rihanna, Donald Trump and Taylor Swift.


I think it’s safe enough to say that apart from Kanye, Kin and possibly Caityln Jenner, the remaining celebrities are fake. But the debate is already raging online as to who is real and who is not.

It’s a classic piece of self-publicity and internet clickbait, I have to say. Nudity still intrigues, still sells, still creates a hysteria of sorts.



Just enough time…

…to do a post about our last morning.

I mentioned our new naturist neighbour earlier in the week.

Her occasional naturism made me wonder if she wasn’t an overly confident naturist, perhaps new to the lifestyle, as she didn’t appear to be a regular visitor to her balcony. This morning she allayed those fears by emerging in a cotton nightdress, removing it on the balcony and then spending a lot of time overlooking the balcony for her cat.

She’s a confident naturist, actually.

cat girl_001b


Despite it being a hazy morning she’s wandered the balcony in a confident, contended, happily naked manner.

And, as I also reported, she’s wearing a ‘natural’ look, further evidence that, as I also said earlier in the week, ‘girl fur is back‘. Taking my usual stroll along the beach this morning there was even more evidence of that, across all age groups!

spencer bike_001bFinally, while I was out, I did spot a man riding his bike, fully nude, on the roads of the naturist village here. And then another…and another…

It’s not something I’ve ever done here, but next time, I promise…



We’re all off home later today, so no posts from me until I’m there, and I’ll let Trine get to publishing the other stories she mentioned earlier in the week.

As we’re travelling today, it was a planned ‘quiet’ night last night – until the music started!

My husband wandered off to source it, and came back to report that some sort of Gay Pride parade was happening here at 10pm. So clothes on…and out to watch it.lgbtflag_2873116b

I’m ashamed to say that we did put clothes on, as naturists intermingled with a clothed crowd and if the gay community could fly their rainbow flag with pride, then surely I should have been flying the naturist flag in what I chose (not) to wear, as others happily demonstrated their naturist credentials?

But I’ve not been in that situation before, with a mixed nude/clothed crowd of such proportions, and had no framework to go by. Next time, I’ll know exactly how to (un)dress for it.

I may publish photos from the event, a fun, colourful, vibrant occasion, when I get home.




Occasionally weird behaviour (2)

towels_001bYesterday, I could see a couple of new arrivals in another apartment, preparing lunch. Naturist etiquette is that you sit on a towel (which is why you often see naturists walking around with one slung over their shoulder), so wrapping yourself in a towel isn’t totally strange in itself.

However, if you’re a couple, in a relationship that certainly means you’ve seen each other nude, why would you sit on a balcony -as demonstrated by models above- wrapped in this manner? It would make more sense to lay the towel on the seat and then eat nude, surely?

We wouldn’t even consider  ‘wrapped in a towel’ as an option, but to each their own, I suppose.


Occasionally weird behaviour (1)

I’m posting quite a bit today because we’re having a ‘quiet’ day. Young children don’t benefit from being in hot, fierce sunshine every day, so we will take a break from it and the children know that there will be at least a couple of holiday days when we limit our day time behaviour. They accept this because they know the day ends with a meal out!

Our new neighbour has continued to be around today, in a manner of speaking. After her naturist sunbathing on the balcony earlier, she dressed. Shortly thereafter a male friend turned up. They didn’t act in a romantic or intimate manner, while sitting on the balcony, but eventually she sat on his lap and, within seconds, they were up and into the apartment for some ‘afternoon delight’. Now, there’s nothing wrong with ‘afternoon delight’ and it’s highly likely two of my children were conceived during ‘siesta time’. So I’m not opposed to it at all, lol.

How do we know it was ‘afternoon delight’? We could hear it was afternoon delight as both participants put in a very vocal performance. Sometimes, we naturists are very keen to underscore that naturism isn’t sexual. Equally, we should not be afraid to acknowledge that, even in a naturist setting, sex is often very much on the agenda.

We’re on holiday, we’re relaxed, the weather is warm and few or no clothes are worn -even in a textile environment, so one thing often does lead to another.

new couple_001b

Sex isn’t part of naturism in a ‘swingers’ or ‘orgy’ sense, in the main, and just part of a normal, proper appetite.

What I found weird, though, is that a naturist girl, inviting a lover over, would choose to dress, then undress again. It all seemed like so much wasted effort.





My husband has been militantly opposed to shaving his man fluff during our entire relationship, so it was a shock when, this morning, he attacked himself with a razor!

‘Inspired’ by a look sported by many of the men here, with trimmed pubes and a shaved scrotum, he has followed suit. And very nice they look (feel 😉 ) too! Too much information?


He has wondered, out loud, if he should ‘finish the job’ and go totally bare down there, and has now wondered, out loud, if it would be something I might do too!!!!! Having spent the last decade ‘out of fashion’ and with it coming, a little bit, back into fashion, I think that’s unlikely 🙂