Forgive us the lack of posts, but for all of us at SL-FKK, and many others in the United Kingdom there’s only been one topic of conversation since June 23rd, and that’s Brexit, the British exit from the European Union.

On June 23rd, we voted in a referendum that was won 52-48% by those who wished to withdraw from the European Union (EU), and we’ve witnessed an almost unparalleled series of political shockwaves since.

First, Prime Minister David Cameron -the man who promised the referendum- resigned. Then the main opposition party in the UK, Labour, turned on its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and issued a vote of no confidence in him. Various members of Cameron’s Conservative Party are now vying to replace him. Corbyn, in the meantime, clings on.

All manner of economic doom is being promised for the UK, as it was in the lead up to the referendum.

But here’s the rub. Almost everyone in favour of remaining in the EU were the political, banking and business classes. Almost everyone in favour of leaving were the ordinary people, the working classes. And it looks as if, rightly or wrongly, we’ve sent shockwaves around the globe. Markets have wobbled, currencies dropped in value and the reality is that, internally, the UK is in an almighty mess right now.

That’s not to infer that the decision was wrong, just that no-one, and I mean no-one, from the self-styled political elites to the captains of industry to the usual ‘expert’ commentators, have a clue what’s going on.

On one hand, it is a political disaster. On the other, it’s riveting soap opera on a daily/hourly basis. And that’s why my attention has been deflected from SL and SL-FKK for 10 days now.

Furthermore, the political tremors are like to continue this week, with former Prime Minister Tony Blair to be the central character in the wake of The Chilcot Report, an investigation that has lasted 10 years, looking into claims that he lied to parliament regarding the lead up to the war in Iraq. Some MPs (Members of Parliament) are asking for him to be impeached. Some MPs are asking for him to be tried for war crimes at the International Court in The Hague.

For my part, I think he was guilty of lying to parliament about weapons of mass destruction owned by Saddam Hussein, the pretext on which Blair led Britain to war in Iraq. A decade later, there’s still no evidence Saddam had WMDs…

A decade later, the nauseous lies of a snake-oil salesman have caught up with him.

So the tremors will continue for political Britain this week.

For my part, I didn’t vote in the referendum as I felt I had been consistently lied to by both sides, those who wanted to leave the EU and those who wished to remain, and I wasn’t prepared to cast a vote based on lies (and since the result it has been pretty much proven both sides lied consistently). Had I voted, I’d almost certainly have voted ‘out’. Not for the reasons being suggested by many liberals as the reasons for voting out -racism, xenophobia- but because my reflexive voting position is to vote for less government. Removing one strata of government -the EU- from those lording over us would have been the sole reason for me voting in that manner.

We will be back at the end of the week, probably at the first nude dance we can find in SL, dancing our woes and cares away and celebrating the downfall of a tyrant called Tony Blair.





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