Those wonderful vintage days

This has been quite a wretched naturist summer for me. Poor weather,ill health. And one of those irregular periods where SL didn’t excite me. I’ve got the bug back again…it usually only needs one post,one item to be purchased, to reinvigorate me. And now it has.  The best way to move forwards is sometimes to look backwards. So here’s a small vintage gallery to get us started for the autumn/fall. Ella

4 thoughts on “Those wonderful vintage days

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  2. Other than the presence of pubic hair what’s really remarkable about these photos is physical fitness of all those shown her compared to today’s nudist who in great numbers are physically unfit and overweight.

  3. Amazing to see the youthfullness of the movement back then. The trouble is that to a large extent here in the US yesterday’s nudists are todays nudists. We were all young once but we need the do more to promote the freedom and joy of naturism.

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