Naked Attraction


I wrote about this TV programme on UK’s Channel 4 last week, and watched it via their ‘Catch up’ service on Tuesday. It was awful, I have to say.

As a naturist I spend time, in the real world and in Second Life, trying to underline the actuality that nudity doesn’t always equal sex. That naturism is non-sexual social nudity.

Programmes like this, wherein adults are reduced to sniggering adolescents, make that task harder.

‘It’s a nice trimmed bush’, one naked guy said of a female. ‘What do you think of his penis? the presenter asked a female of a male.

The Sunday papers are now published, with some reviewing the last week’s television. The Sunday Telegraph uses ‘Naked Attraction’ as the jumping on point for a discussion about male nudity on television.  I’m not bothered. I think that if the scene demands it, nudity from both sexes should be expected. How many scenes have we witnessed where a man or woman who, we are led to believe, have been making ‘the beast with two backs‘ all night get out of bed with sheets wrapped around themselves?

I also find it sordid that the attraction of a person is distilled down to her ‘trimmed bush’ or her boobs, or the size of his penis. These things don’t define us. They are, certainly, part of who we are, but a minor part. Shouldn’t we be focusing, more immediately, on inner beauty? Intelligence? A good heart?

2EP1 aina (1)

It was simply awful, and without being judgemental (too much) featured people who were possibly the sort who would do anything to be on TV and ‘famous for fifteen minutes‘.

Presenting this sort of drivel as…anything, really, reinforces people’s idea that a ‘normal conversation’ involves sentences like ‘it’s a nicely trimmed bush’. Fine between two consenting adults in private, not really for television. I’m quite happy for TV to feature more nudity, in context. Making it a freak show isn’t the way forward. Cue several SL avatars now thinking that the opening line to a conversation can be ‘I like your trimmed bush’.

Please, no more of this infantile entertainment.



5 thoughts on “Naked Attraction

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  2. Being in the USA we did not get to view the program. However from what we have heard and read it was more of a cock fest than anything. We freely admit we enjoy nudity in programing when it fits the storyline but the total amount of male nudity vs female nudity in this program seemed quite gratuitous !! Even with balanced nudity, what are they really trying to say ?? That we should date someone because of their sex organs ? Seriously ? As humans, we are defined by so much more that that.

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