Amarylis Dream, a further update

Work continues apace at Amarylis Dream, a 20-sim revision on the former Blue Lagoon Naturist Estate. I’m beginning to feel that, when complete, this will not be a naturist sim! 😦 I hope I’m wrong, but I just sense that the complete set of sims will become textile, not even clothing optional.

I’m sensing this simply because some of the sims now having work undertaken on them don’t even fit with a sense of real world global naturism. Some do, of course, but ‘Indonesia’ or ‘Dubai’ or even ‘Italy’ aren’t hotbeds of naturist activity. It all looks fantastic, of course. The bits that are already completed are superb. But…I just have that feeling about it, particularly since Blue Lagoon Marina, avowedly naturist/clothing optional, now exists as a new and separate sim.

Of course, we should not deny Amarylis Dream their opportunity to create an alternative textile world if they so choose. Their money, their rules. Simply we should be glad that Blue Lagoon Marina continues, albeit in diminished form.

Anyway, being a ‘glass half full’ type of person, I tend to dwell on the positives. A reduced Blue Lagoon Marina and its continued dances and live events (they’re advertising, so clearly it shall continue) will now focus activity into a smaller area, and this hopefully means a larger naturist or naturist friendly crowd attracted to it. I’m hopeful a smaller BLM will be raging success in 2018 and continue to successfully fly the flag for naturism!



I’ve been on a pose hunt. The two above are billed as ‘erotic’ poses (L$20) at Voir.

Yes, I see what they mean, I suppose they have a little of that coquettish look favoured by models in ‘Playboy’ about them, but equally, in a different setting, they work just as well as ‘beach’ poses (textile or naturist).

I’m pretty sure I’ve been in similar poses on the beach. The top photo is definitely a favoured pose of mine while watching the older children paddling or swimming. Probably you have struck the same pose too, even if you were wearing a swimming costume. The bottom one…well, out in the sun can be tiring 🙂 so an afternoon ‘siesta‘ often is called for. We’ll not let the children be out in the sun too long anyway, so there’ll be that ‘sleepy’ period looming in late afternoon. I roll into that aspect of Spanish culture quite easily, so a yawn and a stretch before heading off to the apartment for. bit of a lie down before dinner is equally familiar. So while billed as ‘erotic’, they work as beach poses equally well.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to ‘think outside the box’ for poses, regardless of your chosen ‘role’ within SL. I could see the above being used in, say, a wartime role photography setting, the top one saying ‘defeated soldier’, the bottom one saying ‘I surrender’.

See how you need to make poses not intended for your SL role work for you?

Another one I picked up (L$45) was the pose, above, by Purple Poses. Nude..but not! 😉 I think this one is really, really cute. One of the things I do like about this new mesh body is that the wedding ring I previously bought and wore on my classic avi still turns up on the mesh bod. I’m married, and for me it’s important to declare that, even in SL. It says (as does my profile) ‘off limits, guys! (for everyone but Jim)’

Not that avatars will necessarily check the ring finger or profile 😦 But you have to do what you can do!

More poses (already bought) to follow as I work them into plausible naturist settings.