Lovin’ my new mesh bod!

The grid’s very quiet. Of course it is, it’s Christmas Day and people have things to do, myself included. But I still found time to hop onto SL on occasions today, specifically Lupes, for a couple of these photos, to test run a couple of presents. One is a new laptop, and I’ve already downloaded an SL viewer for it! Not much else on there yet, but an SL viewer will keep me occupied today 🙂

The second present, to myself, I suppose, and not planned at the beginning of Christmas Day, is a new mesh body, so the few moments I have had to hop inworld have been to test-run it this afternoon. 🙂

I love it already! I think I need to tweak my dimensions a little yet, and I appear to have gone up two dress sizes since this morning, lol, while I get a handle on the finer details of it, but it looks fantastic. Of course, I don’t imagine at the end of a day of eating I’ll be the only person in the world feeling I’ve slipped up a dress size. Fortunately for me, the ‘growth’ is merely virtual and will be remedied in due course.

Since adopting the mesh body, being enamoured with the realism of the genital area, and due to a RL mishap with a new electric razor, 😉 I’ve gone ‘bare down there’. At this time of year I’d generally have ‘winter plumage’ 🙂 and don’t bother much with shaving armpits or trimming around my genital area. No one’s seeing under my arms, and even though I liked to keep pubic hair ‘natural’, I would have kept it panty line trimmed for the weekly swim. Natural, yes, but I didn’t often rock a 70s vibe in that respect.

I did buy mesh armpit hair from the Marketplace today, which you can see in the third photograph, but that and my pubic hair has now gone in SL (and RL!) for now.

One of the immediately noticeable things about the mesh body (as Brenda pointed out to me) is that it doesn’t ‘fold’ when sitting or posing and therefore looks more realistic in photos. I have to say that, eight hours after purchasing it, I can’t imagine my SL without it now!





And the other Christmas present?

Christmas can be hectic, with a routine like no other.

Up very, very early to watch excited children open presents. Quick wash. Begin cooking. And the next thing you know it’s pushing on for 2pm, time for Christmas lunch, and you’ve still not had a shower yet!

One of the other presents I got this year was this…

Yes, I know I like to keep it ‘natural’ down there, but there’s a limit. I do like to keep it under control!


I scooped up my presents, which included the usual array of pampering products, shower gels, soaps and so on, made my way upstairs and into the shower around 130pm and feel properly fresh for lunch.

Which is where things started to go a bit wrong, lol.

I suppose that having some proper time to undertake a grooming session is advisable. I felt pushed for time and, well, grooming got a little over-enthusiastic on one side!

So…I had to even things up and, well, it looks like I’ve accidentally adopted ‘the shaved look’. I could have stopped mid-way through, I suppose, and waited for things to even themselves up naturally, but I pressed on.

I know I did this last summer, the first time I’d been bare down there since puberty, but more or less let things grow out again immediately.

Jim loved ‘the shaved look’ during the summer. In fact, it was he who went bare down there first, and I got dragged along (not much resistance, I admit) in his wake, just for the experience of feeling ‘bare’.

So there you have it. By accident, I’ve joined the ranks of ‘the smoothies’. And as SL replicates RL, I headed to an SL bathroom to recreate the scene! And if you’re thinking ‘there’s something else slightly different’, I took my glasses off for the photos, just as I do in the shower in RL!

Razor kit from the Marketplace : L$100


What a Tonic after a complete Mesh!

I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough to Brenda Hoisin, co-owner of the Eden Naturopolis Estate.

Brenda and I have been SL friends for a loooooong time, and I’ve always received excellent advice from her, as well as practical  inworld assistance.

For example, see the photo below, Brenda gave us office space at Eden Naturopolis, for which I’m extremely grateful. I’ve got plans for it in the New Year, incidentally, so stay tuned! 😉

Anyway, a few days ago I was railing against the limitations of mesh bodies. Brenda, commenting in the article, disagreed. I’m a lot of things, but I’m always willing to take a valued friend’s advice. I tried another demo mesh body. Nope. It wasn’t working for me. But again Brenda came back with her suggestion.


A little known mesh body creator in comparison to others. So I tried again. Last time. I promised myself. SL time is limited and I simply don’t have enough of it, between writing the blog, to just keep running around trying on demos.

And…..bingo!!!!!!! Devastatingly easy to put on, adjust and so on. I had a fully functioning mesh body, with a shape I was happy with, within minutes.

And all for a mere L$2000! Including the hands and feet, with the existing head still usable. A choice of nipple styles (I’ve gone for ‘perky’, a match for real life!). Nails in a variety of colours!

While I’m still going to be wearing pubic hair in SL, I detached that briefly to show a more detailed ‘vaj’ 🙂 That was always something I acknowledged as superior in mesh, even when I felt mesh had disadvantages.

Absolutely superb!

I’m thrilled!

So pleased, in fact, I went back to grab the L$250 sheer top you can see above, something that would definitely be part of our ‘naturist wardrobe’ and can be seen in naturist resorts around the globe.

Thanks, Brenda! You’re an absolute star! 🙂



The Christmas period can be one where the world is rather ‘slow’, news-wise. There’s nothing wrong with that; indeed it could be said to be part of the magic of Christmas that we don’t have to endure much in the way of politics. On the other hand, it’s a day when, occasionally, ‘big news’ happens precisely because people have their eye off the ball to celebrate Christmas. Nicolae Ceaucescu was removed from power in Romania (and killed) on Christmas Day, an event I remember on the news as a child.

The USSR used December 25th to do a nuclear test in 1962.

The USSR used it to transport an invasionary force into Afghanistan in 1979.

Gorbachev resigned as President of Russia in 1981, and on the same day Ukraine voted to leave the Soviet Union.

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to wake up on Monday (or Tuesday) morning to learn that the more than slightly unhinged Kim Jong Un has launched his most provocative nuclear test yet. Because his atrophied mind will have concluded that Christmas Day is the day that ‘the west’ takes its eye off the ball.

One upside to the slack news period of life around Christmas is that journalists still need to fill acres of news print and cyberspace, and to do so they print stories that might otherwise be buried under the day to day aspects of national and international politics. Often, these stories are much more interesting than the stuff often peddled as news day and daily.

For example, the UK’s Daily Mail this morning runs a story about what’s known as Black Eye Friday here, the night when people stop work for the Christmas holidays and go out and get rip-roaringly drunk. They appear to run this story almost every holiday. What a surprise. Young people go out and get drunk.

I don’t really approve of getting into that condition under any circumstances, being someone who always knew my limit with alcohol, then stopped drinking regardless of what friends were doing. But before I learned that lesson I suspect I was just as ‘out of it’ on more than one occasion as much as any of the people in the photos accompanying the story. Hidden away, though, in the photo gallery is the following photo.

Whether drink fuelled or not, a young woman takes time to sit with a homeless man on the streets of Liverpool. It makes for a lovely image of the Christmas spirit, and we can hope the gentleman in question manages to find some hot food and shelter over Christmas and beyond into 2018. I know there’s lots of people who’ll give up their Christmas Day and volunteer to help deliver hot food, warmth and social interaction at Christmas. Perhaps 2018 can be the year when we begin to tackle the issue of people on the streets more robustly.

Another story that grabbed my attention, one of those that would have been buried at most other times of year, was one about people departing Russia, as featured on the BBC news pages.

There’s an exodus of people, young people, educated people, departing Russia because of its oppressions and, assuming the link is available to people around the globe, and not just in the UK, I’d urge you to read the article. If anyone is having difficulty accessing the link, I’ll copy and paste the text as an addendum to this post. There’s even a name for it : Poravalism (roughly translatable as ‘let’s get out of here-ism’ or, as I’ve seen it translated ‘scram-osis’)

Apparently it’s a compound word of two simple Russian words: “пора” (it’s time) and “валить” (to go, clear out, scram.)

I’m not sure how widely known the word ‘scram’ will be known beyond English speakers, or even within the English speaking word. It’s known widely in the UK. ‘To scram’ means to ‘clear off’ or ‘get out of here’ as in ‘you! Scram! Now!’ (as maybe said from a policeman to some unruly teenagers) or ‘Let’s scram’ (as maybe said if a pub’s getting too crowded and you and your friend just want a quiet drink).

Remember when the Russian punk rock group Pussy Riot held a concert in a Russian cathedral, were subsequently arrested and jailed?

One of the jailed, Nadya Tolokonnikova, chose to remain in Russia to continue to agitate from within and she’s featured in the BBC article.

I wrote about, and in support of, Pussy Riot away back in 2012.

Nadya Tolokonnikova, today.

‘Pussy Revolution’ at Lenin’s Tomb

Pussy Riot, of course, didn’t embrace nudity. Theirs was a more ‘punk’, shock tactic approach to challenging authority. But they were supported by the likes of Femen, a group that did embrace nudity for shock tactics.


They were even at it last night, staging a protest in the Vatican’s own Nativity scene, with a protestor, dressed as the Virgin Mary, sporting a slogan that read ‘Assaulted by Church’.

Prior to my learning this, this morning, Harry had set up a photo op at SL’s Red Square when this story was first published, with a nude model conflating Pussy Riot and Femen (the model replicating Nadya Tolokonnikova’s current pink haired look, while including some nudity). See the photo above.

I’m not quite sure Harry did it, but his model also sports a couple of Femen styled slogans, Free the Nipple and Top Freedom Now, on her torso.

The effect is, of course, to show a defiance in the poses to the oppressive society that has grown up (again) in Putin’s Russia, the oppression that is leading to Poravalism.

If you have time, read the article (one that’s being widely shared beyond the BBC link).


Happy Christmas!

What’s that noise? Is it Santa coming down the chimney? Well, actually, at a little after 600am it’s two excited children scurrying down the stairs to find out what Father Christmas has brought, and a third now awakened by them and expecting to get fed.

Feeding duties done, it’s a case of throwing on a nightdress (!) Yes, really! It can be pretty chilly early in the mornings. I sleep nude (doesn’t everyone?) but there are mornings, such as this morning or weekends when I toss on a nightdress to keep me warm until the central heating properly kicks in.

Merry Christmas, everyone! And if you didn’t read this on the day itself, I hope you had a terrific day. Ours, at the time of writing, is still unfolding.

Eggs and toast for breakfast

And the instructions for cooking turkey are…?Phew, I’m pooped and it’s only 1000am!