You may now bathe without tops.

This photo is, apparently, from Atlantic City in 1939, so we’re celebrating the 80th anniversary of the photo. Topless male swimming had become the norm around 1934, and I’m guessing that Atlantic City was just a little behind the curve, normalising it in ’39, hence the photo.

It’s almost certainly staged in front of a real sign, playing on the fact that the woman is pointing out the info given while the beach lifeguard looks bemused.

In many parts of the world, 80 years on, women are still fighting for equality in this matter.


3 thoughts on “You may now bathe without tops.

  1. The porn industry hi-jacked the nudist scene years ago. Playboy and others have sexualized women’s breast for years to the point where we now have many generations thinking women’s breast are sex organs. Not sure top freedom for both sexes can ever be the norm.

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  3. If enough women go topless for long enough, everything will be ok. It is novelty that leads to arousal. Once the novelty wears off things will be more rational. Perhaps never ideal but far better than now.

    That may take a while.

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