The rain in Spain falls mainly on….



Hello everyone. I’m back out in Spain, sorting stuff out in our new home. I’m delighted to say that it’s all taking shape, and I got proper, fast internet installed earlier today.

Of course I tested it with SL. It’s a graphics heavy programme, so how SL performs is a pretty good indication of how good the service will be.

Excellent, I think is the answer. While online I spotted a pose set of umbrellas at the Black Dot Project. I tp’ed over there and grabbed two separate sets, his & hers, at L$90 each.

howie umbrella1_001b

howie umbrella2_001b


I grabbed them because they reminded me of a real life naturist scenario earlier this year when we had a torrential storm, and I ended up outside, camera in hand, attempting to capture a stunning lightning.



The photograph (above) isn’t one of mine, but is fairly reminiscent of the lightning I observed. So there I was, on our balcony, holding an umbrella up to keep a camera dry while attempting (and failing) to capture a magnificent lightning storm. The umbrella poses certainly reminded me of that night!

Six umbrella poses in one set, five in the other. All good for those sims where the rain falls and you want to capture something a bit different from the usual cloudless SL sky.



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