Shame on you!



I saw this on a site purporting to be ‘naturist’ and felt it was very disrespectful. The couple in the photo are probably over 70, in love and have enough life about them to be confidently naturist. Naturism isn’t just about being young. In fact we all probably hope to live to that couple’s age and have enough health and vitality about us to be enjoying naturism.

Bloggers and websites need to grasp this. It’s offensive that they should be posting drivel like this on a naturist site. They should know better. Shame on them!



6 thoughts on “Shame on you!

  1. I didn’t click like as this is so wrong. This is what is so wrong with our society today. We can only wish to be in a loving relationship like this when we get older. Being comfortable in our own skin no matter what the age. Fabien

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