Shiny Shabby

The Shiny Shabby event is on, with free gifts from almost all the participating stores.

My military boots, poses and hair are all freebies from Shiny Shabby.

trine boots_001b

trine boots2_001b


Apologies for not posting over the past week, I had a family funeral to attend, which took me away from my computer and Second Life for a while. It did, however, create a thirst for Second Life, and a battery fully re-charged for lots of posting.

I should also report that, with this ‘Shiny Shabby’ post, we’re declaring the naturist winter (in the northern hemisphere) to be at an end, and we’ll be getting back to what I’d regard as ‘normal’ Sl Naturist posting from next week. Yes, I know winter doesn’t officially end (with the Spring Equinox) for another month or so, but I detect the end of the naturist winter hibernation taking place, on various websites and in real life.

We’ll be bringing you the very best of the northern hemisphere’s naturist summer over the course of the next eight months.





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