With Elbag and Brenda now back in control of Eden Naturopolis, the place is returning to its former glory, having been denuded in the time that it wasn’t under their control. Slowly but surely it fascinates and delights with each visit, as the rebuild goes on. Latest in the redevelopment is the Boardwalk area at the central tp point, with the opening of a coffee shop. Now, we’ve got a coffee shop beneath SLN HQ (at Eden Kittiwake), and we know damned good coffee when we taste it. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to forego the opportunity for other coffees, and the Eden coffee shop is a winner, both for the quality of the Colombian served up, and the decor (see above), which involves certain bits of furniture and bric-a-brac that is delightful, including old gramophones, a mini homage to the Beatles and cakes to die for! (although we’re all watching our figures).

Next door is a lecture theatres where NED talks take place, and below Susan gave a talk on the dangers of being photographed clothed! It seemed to go down well with the audience.


And the sand sticks to your body

I’ve been over at Izzie’s store, because I found out that they have a ‘sand’ tattoo, (L$199) something that anyone on the beach will understand. A wet body ends up with sand stuck to it.

Look familiar?

I did try to find real life photos that demonstrated an effect we’re all familiar with, but sadly almost all are either of the glamour or pornographic nature, so it’s a limited gallery.


Greetings from America


A lifetime dream is currently being fulfilled, with me on the US west coast. Sadly, no naturism has been possible on this trip. No matter : I’ve seen and done things I’ve always wanted to see and do. Back in the UK next week.


Heatwave breakfast

The weather is pretty remarkable across Europe right now. Even here on the Spanish coast it will top out at 32 degrees over the next 2-3 days, and that’s with the effect of being cooled by coastal breezes. Inland? Almost intolerable.

I once read an article about how, by mid-century, global warming would result in the likes of the Mediterranean countries becoming regularly ‘intolerable’ in the summer months. Where the direction of travel is mostly in a southern direction now, it was suggested that eventually it would go the other way, with Spaniards, Portuguese, French and Greeks all escaping to northern Europe, where their holidays would entail escaping the blistering sun in favour of something more tolerable. I arched an eyebrow when I read it (and it was probably long before the whole global warming debate became more front and centre as it is now)

The photo above replicates me yesterday, pen and paper in hand, scribbling notes for SLN-related articles (such as this one), and slightly ‘covered up’ because, well, sometimes you need to afford yourself a little bit of protection!

This morning I’ve taken my morning walk along the shoreline, naked in the early morning sunshine, gone back to the apartment to grab my laptop, and I’m now sitting in the shade having ‘desayuno’ (breakfast). Cafe con leche, milky coffee, and a tostado.

While there are dozens of places I could drive or walk to in a short space of time, I’d have to cover up for those, as they’re all beyond the naturist zone. So I give my trade to the same place, every morning, every year we’re here. For the naturism, the view, and the ambience. Where I am right now can be seen, in the distance, in a couple of the photographs in the small gallery below. Stay hydrated out there!


Heatwave hysteria

In my previous post I mentioned that, given the current European heatwave, it wouldn’t be long until stories of public nudity came along. Three hours later…

The same story is in German here.

German security guards ask topless women to cover up. Others strip off in solidarity. The police stop a nude moped rider. All taking place in Munich and Brandenburg.

Expect more of these real life naturist type stories to follow if the heatwave continues. 🙂 Extreme heat is the best advert for naturism, ever.


The European Heatwave : Naked living

Ffrom writing about the miserable weather, a week ago, Europe is now basking in a killer heatwave.

OK, I’ve relocated to Spain, where I should expect much better temperatures than at home, but this is content-wide now. Home (Scotland) is enjoying temperatures in the low to mid 20s, the south of England to be near the 30 mark at the weekend.

Madrid and Paris are to see the temperature hit 40+ in the next few days :-O

And it’s at times like this where stories are re-told in the media, and I regularly hear first-hand, that my ‘naturism now makes perfect sense’. Indeed. Why wear clothes when going naked can be much more comfortable!

OK, you do NOT want to be naked, outdoors, unprepared, in 40 degrees of heat. But now is the time to think of sleeping nude, being nude indoors and generally embracing the idea of naked living of you aren’t naturist. You will almost certainly feel more comfortable for it, indoors or out, like the people enjoying naturism in the gallery below.

It makes logical sense.

Jim and Ella enjoy cooling off with some outdoor naturism.


Poor Susan is meanwhile stuck indoors working on her photographs.
But the nude living experience makes it a much more comfortable environment for her.