Peak Tattoo

A couple of years ago I read an article which said that we wouldn’t reach ‘peak tattoo‘ until 2025. In other words the trend for getting them is still growing.

When normal, middle-class people started getting three-inch long dragons on their shoulders, back in the early ’00s, I thought we’d peaked. When they started having huge Celtic-inspired designs across their chests in 2007, I thought we’d peaked. When pretty girls in floaty Laura Ashley dresses began appearing with tattoo “sleeves” covering both arms from shoulder to wrist, I gave up writes Alex Proud in The Telegraph.

That trend is also evident in Second Life, where many people now sport numerous tattoos, and of course naturist sims are the best place to display them.

I still don’t like them and don’t see myself ever having one. But I’ve been intrigued by the way in which many of my SL friends have gone from a clean, bronzed skin to tattoo-heavy (male and female alike) as the the whole process of inking spreads.

Like the real life models in Alex Proud’s article, it’s ‘middle class’ avatars and ‘pretty girls in floaty dresses’ avatars who’ve begun ‘inking’ in SL. When you converse with people in SL you find that it’s users are, very often, middle class, intelligent people. The way they will converse gives it away. They’re professionals, they’re educated. And they’re embracing tattoo culture in SL.

Wolfgang began life as a tattoo free avatar, although he had a penchant for genital (and nipple) piercings in SL as, apparently, he does in RL.

Many SL friends who thought as I do…no tattoos!…are now adorning their avatars for the alternative, Second life they wouldn’t contemplate in first life.

I’ve also got some SL friends (Charlene, above) who thought she’d never have a tattoo. But having worn one on her avatar for a long time (Avada, Fly Free tattoo L$125) she has eventually gone and got the same tattoo done, in the same place (her underboob) in real life!!!! :-O

Yes, people you wouldn’t envisage tattooing in real life are now getting inked, using their body as a canvas to tell their own story.

I still think many tattoos are awful, unimaginative and plain silly, but it’s evident to me that as tattooing grows in popularity people are often spending a lot of time thinking about the design and placement of their ink, and the quality, imagination and actual storytelling behind them does actually mean something to so many people. The days of just getting a ‘tramp stamp’ on a whim are over. I still won’t get one, but I’ver certainly warmed to the idea that people plan them carefully and with some thought, much more, these days.



Topless in the park

A UK bank holiday today and I wasn’t, in theory, working. However, there was a bit of paperwork I could do at home, so with the children at Granny’s house, I dropped the car back at home and decided to cycle over to work instead, pick up some papers and cycle home.

Oh, did I mention summer has arrived (at last) here in the UK? Temperatures in the mid-20s today and feeling hot (hotter, apparently, than Madrid!)

A bit of a stream runs through the park and so I decided to kick off my shoes and wade in its four inches of water before heading home. Imagine my surprise to find another woman down off the path, sunbathing topless!

Yes, it may be a sight familiar in Paris or Amsterdam, but not in Scotland!

I was tempted to express some solidarity with her, but equally aware of the time, so really I had to finish a quick paddle, cool my feet, and then head off home. But I was thrilled to see that (semi) nudity is now becoming a bit more visible in public parks. Long may it continue.



My sex life.

OK, so the subject of my sex life has been brought up in comments, again. I’ve deleted the comment, rather than publish it.

Look, people (more specifically, guys), this blog is about my naturist life, not my sex life, or my life as a working mum, or my life as someone who goes for walks through public parks in the dead of winter with four layers of clothing on, OK?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m a 40 year old Mum to three children, so you can all assume I’ve had sex three times (maybe more). And that’s the very limit of where you should all assume I’m discussing my private and personal life in that regard. OK?




Healthy eating, exercise and naturism


Sandrine takes advantage of the fact that it is possible to shop in swimwear, topless or fully nude in many naturist resorts, in or out of Second Life Buying in healthy food


One of the simple pleasures of my naturist holidays is that I can roll out of bed, wander down the steps of the apartment and buy fresh bread fro breakfast from the little van that goes around the area. Later in the day, it’s a bit of a walk to the supermarket where naturism is possible inside, and pick up a few provisions for the day ahead.

We like to eat healthily all the time, but on holiday we eat healthily and simply. I don’t do any cooking, and instead we will buy bread, cheese, fresh tomatoes, fresh sardines, drizzle a lot of it in olive oil and try to replicate the Mediterranean diet.

Amaris, our new writer focussing on wider naturist or alternative lifestyles with an emphasis on the likes of diet, exercise and environmentalism, takes up the story as regards healthy eating…


Hi again from me, Amaris,

Just a few quick and easy and healthy recipes that would really fit well in Ella’s idea of Mediterranean diet, and don’t involve (much) cooking, allowing her to concentrate on her holiday.

First up is mayo-free avocado egg salad.

Quick, simple and nutritious. Apart from boiling a couple of eggs, Ella isn’t going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. In fact, she only needs to tell husband Jim to boil the eggs while she works on her tan and it’s really just a case of chopping things up and mixing them together. This is an absolute favourite of mine.

Amaris working on some recipes in her kitchen

Again, very quick, simple, nutritious and delicious.

I’m not sure how popular these types of blog posting these will be, it’s a naturist blog and clearly many visit for the naturism in its quite narrow sense, but for me naturism goes away beyond just taking your clothes off. It embraces healthy eating, taking care of the environment, regular exercise and other elements of life that we’ll embrace if people seem to like the sort of posts I’ll write.

There’s lots of great Mediterranean styled dishes to show you, but I won’t labor the point for now.

Instead I’ll conclude with the photo above, showing a woman managing to combine semi nudity (I imagine padded cycling shorts make very good sense on a thin saddle!) and excercise.

While sitting in my SL kitchen, enjoying my avocado egg salad (on wholemeal bread), it occurred to me that I wasn’t sure if there was anywhere available to do mountain biking (semi nude or otherwise) in Second Life. So I checked.

Yes, there are mountain bike rides in SL. And like the woman in the photo above, I’ve kept my padded cycling shorts on 😉

OK, folks, let’s see how my vision of naturism, more like a casual approach to clothing where it makes sense, grabs some of you! And if you’ve got a few moments, try out one or both of the recipes I’ve offered.



Some free poses…and nudity in the home and around children

Reina Photography have added a couple of free gifts at their inworld store.

The first is called ‘Mother’s Day’, and the second is a couples pose.

Let’s look at the couple pose first…

It comes with a backdrop when you rezz it, but you can lose that and just keep the pose balls.

Cute, eh?

And now the ‘Mother’s Day’ one…

Hmmmm, I shouldn’t feel guilty about portraying children in naturism as they’re a vital part of family naturism and the lifestyle’s future, but somehow I do, even in SL avatar style. For that reason, I’ve pixellated the following photos because there’s a lot of warped people out there.

Ageplay is  rightfully frowned upon in SL, although there’s a lot of ‘petites’ (child sized avatars) out there on the grid. When I get to my RL naturist holiday the kids will be with me, on the beach, as will dozens of other tourist and local families.

Children are an intrinsic part of naturism, and yet we’ve become hostage to a few sick individuals who see them in a specific, nauseating way. It’s a lovely, cute pose and, in the context of this blog, something that should not be dismissed for because of the sick views of a minority. But we are, and there it is.

I’m glad I’ve got the pose and was able to make a photo utilising it, and I assume that there’s a market for those who will like to pose with their ‘petite’ (child sized) avatars in Second Life, otherwise why make the pose at all?

Granted, I guess the pose isn’t made for a naturist market, but remember! My children are growing up, as all children initially do, without any sense of shame about their bodies and will, like generations of naturist children in the past, grow up as rounded individuals. For them, the body is a natural thing, something naturists (and nude-friendly folk who aren’t ‘naturist’ as such…many families do treat nudity at home as entirely normal) understand.



The Profumo Affair

In 1963 the British establishment was rocked when an affair between its then War Secretary, John Profumo, and Christine Keeler, a nightclub dancer, emerged.

In the moral standards of the time, the affair might have been enough to see Profumo forced to resign in disgrace. What made it worse -for Profumo- was that Keeler had also slept with a Russian naval attache with links to Russian intelligence, Yevgeny Ivanov. In the light of the Cold War paranoia of the times…and possibly some well founded doubts…the idea grew that ‘pillow talk’ between Profumo, Keeler and the Russian might compromise the UK’s national security.

Within a year, Profumo’s Conservative party had been voted out of power in favour of Harold Wilson’s Labour Party, and it’s possible to suggest that ‘the Profumo Affair‘ played a part in that.

The Profumo Affair still has some cultural resonance in the UK, with a 1989 film, ‘Scandal’, dramatising the events (and the Pet Shop Boys having a hit single with the title song), and Andrew Lloyd Webber created musical from the story, ‘Stephen Ward’ (Ward being the man who introduced Keeler to Profumo).

Afterwards, Keeler began what she called her ‘slow descent into obscurity’, but not before sitting for one of the most iconic images of the British 1960s.

…as well as some slightly ‘racier’ (for the time) topless shots.

So iconic is the chair shot that you can buy a version on Second Life’s Marketplace, (L$149).

Abbey, an SL friend who lives her SL in an almost permanent state of a vintage/retro look, has a similar chair. Sadly, she can’t remember where she obtained it, otherwise I’d have pointed you at the seller as well.

But it evokes a certain similarity to Keeler’s shots very well, as well as being a little ‘racier’ than the Keeler original.

Abbey has been doing a bit of posing for us recently. I won’t go as far as to suggest that this is the starting point for another ‘Vintage Season’, but we’ll certainly have a couple of upcoming posts  that reflect on the historical nude in the coming days.