When I first became a naturist it was by accident, at Cap D’Agde (CDa), in France (read the archives for the full story if you’re new to this blog…I explained how I became a naturist right at the birth of this blog and have probably re-told the story a couple of times during its lifetime for the benefit of new readers).

Back then Agde was naturist. These days it has morphed into something else entirely, a kind of freak show/circus of cuckolds, exhibitionists, BDSM enthusiasts, swingers and all manner of other ‘kinks’ that, to me, have no place in naturism. Indeed, naturism should be seeking to distance itself from the shenanigans at Cap D’Agde. If that’s your bag, fine, I just don’t see why you all had to destroy a perfectly good naturist ‘city’ to fulfil your own fantasises. Couldn’t you have done it somewhere else? No, instead many of you with ‘kinks’ rode the shirttails of naturism to establish a toe-hold in something far healthier and wholesome than your particular interests, and it annoys me that you all did!

Consider the following gallery…Cap D’Agde as it currently is now (and these are by far some of the tame shots I was able to source online, believe me there are a huge number of much more x-rated photos out there of current CDa ‘activities’ being undertaken in public)…

Just a parade of leather, piercings and tattoos, followed by ‘any flavour you like’ combinations of sex in the clubs around CDa, or back to an apartment for some swinging action. Compare and contrast this with how it used to be, and some of the following photos would be about the same time I first became naturist)…


Everything just seems more, well, innocent and wholesome.

That’s not to say there aren’t pockets of genuine naturists remaining at CDa, but it just feels like they’re being zoned and corralled to make way for the freaks and circus acts. I’ve often said that I don’t have any issues telling my children the right names for parts of the anatomy and using those words correctly, or explaining ‘the birds and bees’ to them in a matter of fact way. Equally, I’m not sure that they particularly need to see mutual masturbation, oral sex or full blown intercourse taking place in public.

The same pressures seem to be applying in Second Life, with genuine naturist sims being squeezed to make way for the freaks and circus acts -those pneumatically bosomed avatars in see through clothing, mirroring the current CDa experience, and folks, I think we’re definitely losing a battle here within SL. The freaks and circus acts are reaching critical mass, possibly, to the point where SL users without any genuine naturist experience will come to believe that naturism is all about fishnet and public fellatio.



The way forward

I have to confess I’ve neglected the blog recently, mostly because I can’t get excited about SL at the moment. Right now it feels as though the loss of the jewel in SL’s naturist crown, Eden Naturopolis (it still exists, as a shadow of its former self) was a bitter blow.

So where do we, SL’s naturist community, go from here? A few, genuine naturist sims remain, but Eden was such a huge part of it all that it feels like the heart has been ripped out of SL naturism. As a result, I’ve been reflecting where the blog goes from here. I’ve basically covered everywhere in SL that exists as a naturist location and we’ve ignored the sims where naked avatars performing public sex is being passed off as ‘a naturist location’. These places aren’t and never will be naturist.

So a rethink is in progress. Where does the blog go from here? It seems that a new-conservatism so evident in society…a rise in far-right policies and support feeding this…also feeds off into SL, with nudity increasingly barred at photogenic locations, on pain of being barred from some sims (and it has happened to one or two of us, with one or two sims, where using their photogenic landscape to take naturist photos (usually, we’ve been trying out new, naturist-potential poses).

I’ll be posting less for a while until I can rethink our policies. No, we aren’t going to suddenly embrace these naked sex sims that purport to be naturist. Yes, the blog will continue. But it will have to be a little more circumspect in where we visit for a while. It feels as disturbing to find Eden gone as it would be to find a real life naturist beach suddenly lost to textiles, for example.

I have a week off next week, so I’ll be spending a lot of time in world, observing, researching, exploring, and we shall see where we go from there. In the meantime, here’s a vintage gallery from real life, as one of my first explorations will be to see what vintage sims (1920s Berlin, for example, has an ‘FKK swim session’ one evening a week at their pool) can offer. Ella

Tunick in Norway

Spencer Tunick has recently undertaken another photoshoot in Bodo, Norway.

Apparently the town has around 55,000 inhabitants, is situated in the north of the country and, looking at the map, appears to be isolated enough to ensure that not too many people will have arrived from elsewhere to participate. For example, Norway’s capital, Oslo, is 1200 kms away, and Tromso, the only other major sized conurbation, is 500kms, and an eight hour drive, away.

So…it rather seems like the participants for this shoot are almost exclusively likely to be from Bodo itself.

In a town of 55,000, the chances are that you either knew someone in the shoot, or knew someone who knew someone in the shoot.

Naturism is, I think, often best undertaken amongst ‘strangers’. I’ve said this before, but it feels more relaxed amongst strangers (who often become good friends) than it would amongst friends and neighbours. Think for a moment : if your own street were to be invited to stage a Tunick shoot, would you be comfortable getting naked with your next door neighbour or Mr. Jones or Mrs Smith from across the way? I think it would be difficult. I wouldn’t really like to be going into the post office the next week having had my photo(s) splashed all over the local newspaper.

Of course, if I lived in an exclusively naturist town or village where we all routinely existed naked, I’d have a different view, seeing everyone naked every day, and indeed I do have a number of friends in Spain who I’ve never seen clothed!

So kudos goes to the people of Bodo who created another lovely Tunick shoot.


Naked with a chair

The ‘Naked’ sim isn’t one I visit regularly. I’ve nothing against it, it’s beautiful, but hitherto I’ve based myself around the now changing Eden Naturopolis.

One of the lovely elements of it is an art display called ‘Naked with a chair’, and numerous avatars have posed accordingly and their photos are on display. There’s also a little photographic area where you can do your own photo (with a limited number of poses) and so I’ve despatched several SL friends to pose accordingly, with the results shown below.

‘Naked with a chair’ has been a longstanding prop for photographers.

SL’s ‘Naked with a chair’ is the work of Mind Carlberg, and turns up in the destination guide to SL, as well as being the first search hit on Google when typing in ‘naked with a chair’.




New Firestorm version : same old mesh body issues

A new version of Firestorm has been released, but the same old issues remain for me… 😦

My mesh (Tonic) body in SL viewer. Works perfectly!

My mesh body in the new (and previous) versions of Firestorm. Horrible shadings appear throughout.


I’ve no idea what the problem is, it has to be Firestorm itself, or my graphic settings. Either way, I prefer Firestorm as a platform and my relatively new mesh body. So neither is working for me as I’d hoped they would. Either sort it, Firestorm, or someone please explain if I can fix the issue myself so I can use my mesh body within Firestorm.



The Wasteland

April is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.
Winter kept us warm, covering
Earth in forgetful snow, feeding
A little life with dried tubers.
                                                                                                                                                                                    (TS Eliot : The Wasteland (opening) )
changed, changed utterly:   
A terrible beauty is born.
                                                                                                                                                                                    (WB Yeats, Easter 1916)
Wow! It seems like you can’t take your eye off the SL ball for a second! In recent weeks I’ve been underwhelmed by SL, and not posting or logging in much (all of this a reaction to recent illness and a reappraisal of life itself as a result).

On my return, I’ve found that Brenda and Elbag seem to have sold the Eden Estate  and it’s now owned by Loretta String.

I know the mechanics of SL have probably required a lot of stuff to be non-transferrable (a bug bear of mine since I started in SL because, if I can give clothes away to friends in RL, why have I never been able to do that in SL with many of the items?) but Eden now resembles a wasteland…

Above (top photo) you can see the road leading to the airport (still intact, oddly enough) end abruptly. The entire hub section has disappeared, and much else in Eden besides. The old landmarks, Naked Dreams, a lot of everything!!

I don’t want to be too harsh, since this change has only happened in the past couple of weeks, and rebuilding/rejuvenation will take time, but…wow!!! It looks like some sort of pixellated nuclear war has taken place.

I’ve no idea if it’s coincidental, but many of the islands are now uninhabited. It feels like a mass exodus in some locations! Howie’s home remains intact, and I messaged him to find out his plans, which are to sit tight until the rent is up for renewal and assess his options then because (a) he hasn’t a clue how to renew rent right now and (b) suspects that there will be a rent rise as a result (‘as in real life, so it is in Second Life when new owners appear. I’m not expecting a rental reduction, put it like that’ was his response)

The jewel in the crown of SL naturism…denuded, if you’ll forgive me that description 😦


Family naturism

Apart from my youngest, my children don’t really go much for lots of cuddles anymore, feeling too ‘grown up’ for that ‘yucky kissing’ thing I and their Dad do (pretty much daily in front of them, lol) but as Howie’s home has a new swimming pool, complete with parent/child poses, I decided I’d pose accordingly.

There may be those who baulk at the notion of a naked (pixel drawn) child in the photos, but I’m of an opinion that I’m fed up having my naturism held hostage to the actions and perverted mindsets of a few individuals who’ve altered an entire perception of naturism, as if children aren’t part of the agenda. Of course children, and family orientated naturism, are core to the lifestyle.

Without children being involved in naturism it could be argued that the new, happy, well-adjusted and safe ‘next generation’ of naturists will wither (see below), and that we -naturists- would face some sort of existential crisis as a result.

British Naturism (see their recent tweet above) appear to agree with me.

We’ve always been blasé about our nudity around the home and on holiday, have always used the proper words for parts of the body, and the children are growing with an acceptance of their own, ours and others nakedness. Piercings, depilation or pubic hair doesn’t really interest them one iota any longer. Things just are what they are.

I don’t intend to make naturist children ‘a thing’ within the blog (incidentally, the avi undertaking the role of ‘my daughter’ is an alt of mine, there’s no age-play involved here) and I won’t be posting photos of real life naturist children. But I am going to move forward on the basis that we must begin to reposition them, in a theoretical sense, within naturism. To keep reminding people that they are there, they are happy and well adjusted, that they’re the next generation and that, despite their relative invisibility (even in text form, not even photographic form) in naturist websites and blogs, we have to remember that they’re there, and that it’s by immersing them in naturism at a young age that we will ensure healthy, rounded teenagers and adolescents, less curious about what the other sex looks like and thus less likely to be indulging in some of the more dangerous rites of passage of teenage (unprotected sex, teenage pregnancy and so on).

I expect some readers will disagree with the view that we must make children and families more ‘visible’ (purely in a textual sense, not photographed). But I feel that I’m swimming with the tide here, if the likes of British Naturism are also gently reminding us of the many benefits to be gained by introducing children to the lifestyle.