Angela Merkel nude again???

Let’s watch this post go viral, lol.

The post we did earlier in which Angela Merkel’s unconfirmed nudist past in the DDR was mentioned jogged my memory about another post I’d seen on a tumblr blog, and which I’ve spent the remainder of the evening searching for, and eventually finding.



I’m 100% certain the woman at the front of the photograph is the same one shown in a previous ‘Angela Merkel nudist’ shot, this one below.



What’s more, I’m 99% certain the woman in the centre of the pic above is the same as the one at ‘Angela’s’ side in the top shot. Why has no one spotted this ‘new’ photograph, and the similarities to ‘Angela Merkel’ before?

This ‘new’ photograph also gives us a few ‘clues’ to its location, perhaps. It’s obviously a camp of some sort, but there’s a car in the photo. What sort of car is it? German? If someone could identify it it might narrow down the geographic location where the photo was taken. It still wouldn’t be ‘definitive proof’, but an American car, of a particular vintage, seems unlikely in East Germany at the time ‘Angela’ was indulging in naturism.

Originally, the shot was ruled out as being ‘Angela’ as it was believed to come from a 1950s German naturist magazine called ‘Helios’, and the 1954 born Angela Merkel would have been too young to fit the age that the alleged ‘Angela’ is in the photos.

I think the car looks to be of 1950s vintage. Again, nothing definitive, as a 1950s car could still be running when these photos were taken. If it were to be Angela Merkel in the photos, the photos would need to date from…1968-70? when she’d have been mid to late teens. And herein lies another clue. The hairstyles in the photos mostly look later than the 1950s. Indeed, they could well be late 60s vintage. None of the hairstyles look 1950s to me.

Furthermore, what’s on the horizon? Are those watchtowers? (Bear in mind, in a campsite, they might simply be wooden buildings. Equally…could they be in the shadow of the wall that divided Germany? Is this a lake location somewhere near Berlin? Or further north between east and west?)

For the record I don’t think it’s Angela Merkel’s naturist youth in the photos, but it’s still nice to think that Germany’s leader might have done what many East Germans did so naturally behind the Berlin Wall, and that was to treat nudity as an entirely natural part of the great outdoors.



9 thoughts on “Angela Merkel nude again???

  1. Do we have a definitive publication date? Are they definitely from ‘Helios, 1960’?

    Then again, would it have mattered? As I said, I *like* the idea of figures of power & influence having had a naturist past (or ‘pot smoking’ past).

    As I stated that I didn’t think it was Merkel in the article, I don’t see that I particularly have a problem. I simply have a sense of my humour being tickled by the vaguest sense that she might have had *that* sort of past. 🙂

  2. The car in the background is a Jowett Javelin, looks like a model from the early 50s. It’s a very common british car.

    It’s very, very unlikely, that you find this car on picture taken in the 70s in the DDR (East Germany).

    • Thanks for the info! 🙂

      Yes, I totally agree that it’s highly unlikely it’s Chancellor Merkel in the photos. It is, however, a terrific thought that a world leader -any world leader- would support the naturist lifestyle, and Mrs Merkel’s DDR upbringing would put her in the mix to have at least been exposed to, or participated in, the lifestyle. Merely the idea that it could be her (in theory, not in actual practice) in the photos seems to intrigue many people. How might a statement from the Reichstag, from the Chancellor, that (a) no, it’s not her in the photos but (b) she has been naturist and wholly supports the idea re-invigorate the entire FKK movement?

      The number of click throughs on the post suggest that many, many other people also like the idea. And, for me, the more people being introduced to the naturist lifestyle, by whatever means, is a good thing. In a world of intolerance the very thought that we can embrace a naturist lifestyle and that people -be they the Chancellor of Germany or a ‘mere’ nurse, librarian, bricklayer or train driver- can find simple, free, healthy pleasures can only be a good thing.

      If people arrive at the idea that ‘hey, what a wonderful concept in a materialistic world’ then that’s good, in my mind.

      Thanks for your input.

  3. Hello,
    I am writing to your report from the year 2014. There was a question about the car in the picture. It its certainly no Jowett Javelin as someone has written. I think it is an Opel captain, built in 1950. This car was driven till the 80 th years in West-Germany, also in the later GDR. Interesting is the camping tent. It was built in the GDR and used in the GDR during 70th and more later.

    Link about the tent:

    Link about the opel

    Best regards
    Peter (west-germany)

  4. No idea where it is but the car at the back is 100% Opel Kapitän in production between 1939 and 1940. After the war nearly the whole factory was taken by Russians as a war “compensation” and they start producing Moskwich 400 with small external change: front mudguard was not a part of the door, but was shorten so the front door we one flat piece, much easier to produce. Many cars produced by 3-rd Reich Germany were used across Russian controlled countries form DDR to Hungary. I still remember them.

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