My Nude Debut : is imminent, says Karen

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My boyfriend is much more relaxed about nudity than I am. I’ll come home to our apartment and he’s wandering around naked already, home from work, into the shower and naked if the weather’s good enough. He’ll stay that way all night in summer.

I’ve always had hang ups about my body. I’ve no boobs to speak of, and I feel self-conscious looking at myself naked in the bathroom mirror. But I think it’s kinda cute the way he wanders around. We’ll sometimes eat dinner with him nude, me dressed. And we’re in a sexually active relationship, so there are times when I do get naked, although the time from getting my panties and bra off and getting into bed is milliseconds, if I get my way. Sometimes, I don’t get my way.

Hi, I’m Karen and I live in New York City with my boyfriend, and he’s booked us two weeks in a nude resort in the Caribbean, which starts in about three weeks (is over. Karen submitted this 6 weeks ago: Ella)

I’m both excited and terrified. It’ll be great to get time away with the love of my life, and away from the cold of NYC, but at the same time….going nude???? In public????

How did I get myself talked into this? The simple answer is, I didn’t. He booked it, because he’s always wanted to visit a nude beach. In some ways, I want to throw off my clothes and lose my hangups and inhibitions, and in other ways I don’t want to be on that plane to that location. I want to be back in NYC, wrapped in all of the layers in my wardrobe to ward off the New York winter.

Looking at other men’s cocks? Them looking at my lack of boobs? Can I even go through with it? I’ve only agreed to go on the basis that I can, if I want, keep my swimming costume on.

I’ve agreed to fill another report to SLN when it’s all over. I know that sentence makes it sound as if it’s root canal work, but in a way, root canal work would be preferable right now.



Ella adds: Karen was as good as her word and has submitted her report from Saint Martin. I’ve added a couple of RL photos of the resort (not Karen’s photos) to give you a taster as to what it offers. I often get a sense of SLN being a little bit Euro-centric, so it will be marvellous to break out of that and cover a bit of ‘the Americas’ at last. I’m editing Karen’s piece at the moment and I should have it published during the forthcoming week.photo1 photo2




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