Sexy Santa in Second Life (and some sibilant alliteration for you)









Right now, the Second Life grid is awash with ‘Sexy Santa’ or ‘Sexy Elf’ costumes, many free as Xmas gifts at numerous stores. I have to say that I’m not averse to these and have been wearing some of them (complete, or in part) myself when out and about on the grid.

The internet is also awash with ‘software’ yep of photos with a Christmas theme. There’s few that feature genuine amateurs, but we’ve found a few (above) where Santa hats and little else is the order of the day. There’s also plenty of modelled shots that are of a ‘glamour’ variety (see below)






These might well be the templates for the outfits available in Second Life.

abi santa baby_001b

abi santa baby2_001b

Howie’s friend Barbara has already modelled the full set from Hudson’s Clothing in a previous post, but I thought I’d just wear certain elements of one of a number of free Christmas themed gifts at Hudson’s Clothing to give a more familiar ‘sexy Santa’ look. Is this incompatible with naturism? I don’t think that outfits like this are incompatible with naturism, from personal experience of a naturist club where the ladies were encouraged to wear ‘Mrs Claus’ outfits, and the gents elements of a Santa Claus outfit. Naturists do love to dress up, after all. Be it for evenings out after a day in the sun, or all manner of ‘fancy dress’ competitions at clubs, we’re as ready to put some kind of outfit on as we are to take our clothes off. It’s all just a bit of fun.

abi santa hat_001bcd

If you’re adept with Photoshop or Gimp, you can also set a Second Life photo into a Christmas card with a transparent section in order to create something that you might like to upload to Second Life and then send to SL friends. Of course, if you aren’t inclined towards naturism, you could wear clothes (but if you aren’t naturist (a) why are you reading SL Naturist and (b) isn’t it something you might like to put on your Nude Year Resolutions list for 2016? 😉



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