The season begins…

Easter traditionally marks the beginning of the naturist season. Landed clubs open for business after the winter (although some may have remained open all winter), the holiday allows some to jet off to warmer climes, the sort of trip that -even if not naturist- may demand some attention to the bikini line.

‘We don’t have any naturist opportunities in winter’, confesses naturist avatar Vivienne, ‘so I don’t bother keeping it bare down there from the time we come home from our annual nudie hols through until just before Easter. It’s only then that I think I’d like to keep things tidy, and the scissors and razor get a workout!’

Husband Frank opts for ‘a bit of a trim’ at this time of year too but ‘doesn’t go bald’. A winter of growth is trimmed or cleared for naturist activities.

(Photos posed by SLN models)

I would know several naturists in RL who adopt a very similar grooming approach at this time of year, specifically this week -two weeks before Easter Day- to allow the dreaded ‘razor rash’, should it occur, to settle and for proponents of pubic grooming to achieve a perfect smooth look.

Thanks to Pro Rexroth on the Fab Free blog for pointing out the paddling pool (shown above) which is free on the Marketplace. Once again, at this time of year it’s an item that will come out of our garage and be checked for punctures or what have you and then properly washed. I do have one of these in my RL back garden and the children love to clamber into it after school. Often, I join them in there. A word of warning: never leave children unattended near a paddling pool. While my two eldest can swim, and the youngest isn’t walking, I’d never leave them unattended by the paddling pool as accidents can and do happen. Happily, our garden is large enough that we have a fenced off area behind the garage, a patio for all manner of outdoors pursuits from barbecuing to the paddling pool. Because of the dangers involved -hot BBQs or a body of water- we padlock the gates to this area unless the children are supervised.

Another indication that the naturist season has begun is the WNBR bike rides. Australia has already run one of 2017’s variety of these, although strictly speaking we’re into their autumn now. As the world turns towards the sun, for the northern hemisphere, more will be taking place and we’ll report on these as the season progresses.

Yep. I think it’s safe to say that the northern hemisphere’s naturist season can be considered to have begun…


3 thoughts on “The season begins…

  1. Since our resort remains open year round with indoor events during the colder month we maintain the smooth look year round. 🙂

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