A couple of weeks ago I was reading about a Costa Rican ‘cult’ called Melanation.

Led by the charismatic Eligo Bishop, of course nudity features a bit.

The Melanation religion preaches that humans are “God” and nudity is a way of being closer to nature. The latter bit I’d agree with, the first bit, well, Christians might argue that god is within us.

Of course, when you read that men are polygamous in nature and as such can marry multiple wives but that women only need one man alarm bells begin to ring. It begins to sound like the same old patriarchy in action and the leader wanting to have his cake and eat it.

Some of the concept, living naked in the jungle and eating naturally grown foods, sounds idyllic, up to a point. But when other elements are introduced…no. Just another false ‘god’ with feet of clay.


One thought on “Melanation

  1. Really disingenuous when it’s thought that men should have many wives and that a woman only needs one man. The fact is, it’s actually the opposite because more often than not most men never fully satisfy a woman and we know a woman can easily satisfy two or three men at a time. Living off the land, it’s extremely hard work and pretty much a fairy tale as the skills to do it have been lost on most of the world. Ms K

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