Postcard from Spain (September 2013 edition) Day 8c

I’ve blogged about a particular ‘situation’ before, where I’ve seen people whose body language suggests ‘friends’ rather than ‘lovers’. There’s one apartment close to use where the (Spanish) owner seems to invite several people down for weekends. Some strip, some don’t. In each incidence it seems, by the body language, that they’re friends, and aren’t involved in relationships.

The Spanish guy might invite 2-3 people, and the way they conduct themselves always infers that they might be social friends or co-workers.

I’ve said before that I’d find it slightly odd to be stripping off in front of family, friends or colleagues. Of course, I’ve friends I’ve made through naturism, and that seems fine, but I’d still find it odd to bring a friend or my siblings here and be sitting around naked with them. And I think I’d die of embarrassment I happened to come across a family member nude on the beach. But maybe that’s just me.

Anyway…the weekend is upon us, and I’ve already seen a couple whose body language suggests they’ve come away for a weekend and, gulp, going naked is involved.

One one hand, it’s terrific that people can be so relaxed in one another’s company. One another there’s that ‘strangeness’ element, but maybe that’s just me.

The girl in this couple arrived with a sarong around her, the guy wrapped in a towel. He took off his towel and got into the water immediately while she sat by the pool’s edge, wrapped in her sarong. And she was….giggly, suggesting that she was desperate for the conversation not to dry up and whatever else you do, ‘don’t look at his genitals’. Which were semi-visible, I guess, while he was in the water.

So she giggled and laughed and…eventually…the sarong was peeled off as she sat there, breasts now exposed. And after more giggling and conversation she….eventually…stood up at the steps into the pool, finally fully nude before him.

And at that moment he chose to climb out of the water so that he, too, stood fully nude before her.

And then everything seemed to relax. Both gave the impression of now not caring that they were naked in front of one another. Some time later, the ice broken, they left the pool area.

getting braver2_001b


Getting braver!




finally stand naked2_001b

‘I finally stand naked before you!’


One thought on “Postcard from Spain (September 2013 edition) Day 8c

  1. As if to prove a point….about three Spanish couples have just turned up at our pool, on the edge of dark, at 840pm, and all gone swimming. Obviously friends, and clearly here for the weekend, but it’s lovely to see half a dozen people in the pool, having just driven here from….wherever!!!!

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