Midnight Lotus Platinum Edition male genitals

I don’t cyber in SL. My husband is sometimes away on business, so I guess that were we to go online together, it’s something that we could do, but it’s not something that has ever appealed to me.

As a result, I guess we could easily use the best free penis in SL, Midnight Lotus’s ‘Chrome edition’, something we’ve blogged on again and again in a hope to get some of SL’s male avatars to ‘keep it real’.

The Chrome edition, in case you didn’t know, is realistically sized and coloured. It’s free, and its non-scripted, i.e. there are no ‘working parts’. As a male you won’t be able to make your genitalia erect or ejaculate, for example.

Again, this wouldn’t concern us as we’re going to SL naturist sims where, just like RL naturist locations, an erection is never seen. So the Chrome would have worked for us.

In the end, though, Mr. Keng opted for Midnight Lotus’s Silver edition when joined SL.

When passing nipples to me, Hasuko (see this post for how this exchange took place) also passed a copy of her Platinum Edition to Mr. Keng. 🙂

Honestly, I’m married to such a wuss!!!!

It’s as if I’d asked him to go naked in public. Oh….wait! 🙂

jim penis1 foreskin_001b


As with the Callisto nipples, there’s a whole slew of add-ons which come as standard. For example, the flick of a switch could switch Mr. Keng from circumcised to uncircumcised. Other editions require an add-on foreskin to create the uncut look. However, Mr’Keng is cut in RL, something of a rarity in Europe, so I imagine he’ll keep to his cut ‘profile’.

Linden Labs are an American company, and the overwhelming majority of its users American. As the majority of US males are still circumcised, this is a penile profile that would have dominated SL, and in my early days of playing the game I don’t think there were ‘uncut’ penises around (although, obviously, pre-blogging days, it wasn’t something I needed to research thoroughly).

Now, obviously, almost every penis available in SL offers cut and uncut versions, or as with Hasuko’s Platinum edition, both in the same unit. I think this is a brilliant idea, as it certainly allows male European players to more accurately reflect their own real lives.

I’ve never got myself ‘fitted out’ with any female genitalia, so the ‘pee’ options were new to me on the Platinum edition, but interesting nonetheless.

In a SL naturist environment, such things would not be something I’d ever have encountered before, I have to say.

jim penis2 pee_001b

Thanks to the proliferation of badly made, oversized, badly coloured free and cheap penises around, permanently erect, I can’t say that SL erections are something new to me but once more, in an SL naturist environment -the vast majority of my SL playing time- it’s just not happening.

It’s not something we’d usually cover, but in the interests of thoroughness….

jim penis3 erect_001b


As with the nipples, everything is adjustable easily and comprehensively, including the size of the penis or testicles, the colour and even the speed at which the male ejaculates. It was at this point that Mr. Keng protested. 🙂 ‘I am not going there!!!!’ he wailed.

No. He’s probably correct. It’s not really a ‘naturist’ aspect of SL, but genitals and skins on display certainly are part of our remit.

I have to say that it’s a great looking penis, and with an enormous number of variables that come as standard. In value for money terms, I would say it outranks some other brands and, from a personal perspective, I think it is enormously superior to some of the more expensive brands.

I would suggest that this should probably be a male genitalia of choice for all SL users. Another superb product by Hasuko!


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