‘Naturism is about being an individual’

Naturism, people will say (and always have said) is about being an individual. So far, so good. People choose to remove their clothes in a non-sexual, social environment. As should be their right.

I was talking to someone yesterday about an evolving naturism. Photography from as recently as the 1980s/1990s will, in the main, show naturists as razor-free, piercing-free, tattoo-free individuals…simply removing their clothes in a non-sexual, social environment.

But naturism has changed over 30 odd years. Tattoos and piercings are in abundance, and the razor rules where pubic hair is concerned. And older naturists sometimes shift uncomfortably in their seats at the evolution. ‘It’s not like it was…’. No, evolution’s awkward like that.

Clearly, given what I’ve said in the past on this blog, I’m not a fan of the razor, I don’t like tattoos, and the one occasion I had my ears pierced as a teenager left me with an infected earlobe, so I never repeated the experiment. I’m, therefore, expressing my individuality, as a naturist, to be a hairier, fresh-canvassed, jangle-free naturist. My choice.

The same choices are available to other naturists, and they may not choose to adopt the same approach as you or I, as individuals, do. They may like tattoos, a smooth look and all manner of piercings. Their choice.

Don’t assume that an expression of individuality involving body decoration of some description negates their authenticity as a naturist. Don’t judge. Accept and be yourself. Accept others as they wish to be themselves.

Tattooed and smooth

A natural look


You might, in a small way, judge people on how they vote, what TV shows they watch, sports teams they follow and food preferences, but you wouldn’t dismiss a person’s company for any of these things because you recognise they’re much bigger than just any of those things. Similarly, don’t pre-judge anyone in naturism whose individual choices don’t mirror your own. It’s not the naturist way.


2 thoughts on “‘Naturism is about being an individual’

  1. I’ve been around nudiism since the seventies and I can tell you that body shaving has been around since before that time; but tattoo and piercings are newer, they follow the trending in society as a whole, as does naturism. I agree with your premise though, even though its not my thing to decorate my body, individuals have the right to choose how they present themselves to the world.

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