Deep and crisp and even

The snow yesterday morning wasn’t quite as deep and crisp and even as the photos have, but we had a light dusting nonetheless.


With the children off at various extra-curricular school activities yesterday morning, we took ourselves off to the ‘beach’ that lies just beyond the fence at the end of our garden. I often take a walk, or jog, there with Jim, and I’ve written about sometimes squeezing in some naturist activity, as two friends do, on a ‘tracksuit kind of day’ ; going out for a jog in the hills in summer, finding some mountain stream, stripping off and cooling down in the water.

Yesterday wasn’t intended to be ‘a tracksuit kind of day’, albeit that we actually were tracksuited!

The beach curves around a bay, largely inaccessible to the public except over farmers’ fields. So it’s a de facto private beach. ‘What about a naked run in the snow?’, asked Jim.

I don’t know why he asks these things as he knows I’m usually up for a bit of naturism, even on a freezing cold Saturday morning.

We picked a spot in the distance…not too distant, a couple of hundred yards away, stripped off and ran to it, then back to our clothes.

We chose a spot not too far away to run to less for fear of being discovered, more for fear of it being too cold for us. We needn’t have worried. Yes, it was cold, but so was running in tracksuits, initially. It was also thrilling, exhilarating and exciting, an unexpected naturist bonus at the end of what was a bit of a washout year for naturism due to the appalling weather we’ve had.

I would love to do this again. And weather permitting, i.e. a cold, bright morning with no wind or rain, I suspect we shall, quite soon!



One thought on “Deep and crisp and even

  1. I was raised in a northern climate (Wisconsin) so the cold was normal for me. However since moving south (Oklahoma) I no longer find anything normal about cold temps or snow. I will agree though that a brief foray into the cold while naked can be quite refreshing. My husband a southern boy all his life agrees as he goes every morning naked to the end of driveway to retrieve the daily newspapers. We live in a dense neighborhood so it is with some risk but he says it is so refreshing and a great way to start the day. (Ms. K)

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