And the other Christmas present?

Christmas can be hectic, with a routine like no other.

Up very, very early to watch excited children open presents. Quick wash. Begin cooking. And the next thing you know it’s pushing on for 2pm, time for Christmas lunch, and you’ve still not had a shower yet!

One of the other presents I got this year was this…

Yes, I know I like to keep it ‘natural’ down there, but there’s a limit. I do like to keep it under control!


I scooped up my presents, which included the usual array of pampering products, shower gels, soaps and so on, made my way upstairs and into the shower around 130pm and feel properly fresh for lunch.

Which is where things started to go a bit wrong, lol.

I suppose that having some proper time to undertake a grooming session is advisable. I felt pushed for time and, well, grooming got a little over-enthusiastic on one side!

So…I had to even things up and, well, it looks like I’ve accidentally adopted ‘the shaved look’. I could have stopped mid-way through, I suppose, and waited for things to even themselves up naturally, but I pressed on.

I know I did this last summer, the first time I’d been bare down there since puberty, but more or less let things grow out again immediately.

Jim loved ‘the shaved look’ during the summer. In fact, it was he who went bare down there first, and I got dragged along (not much resistance, I admit) in his wake, just for the experience of feeling ‘bare’.

So there you have it. By accident, I’ve joined the ranks of ‘the smoothies’. And as SL replicates RL, I headed to an SL bathroom to recreate the scene! And if you’re thinking ‘there’s something else slightly different’, I took my glasses off for the photos, just as I do in the shower in RL!

Razor kit from the Marketplace : L$100


8 thoughts on “And the other Christmas present?

  1. Even though these aren’t actual photos they are still so lovely and cute. I do use a razor for some trimming but primarily use Nair on legs, vulva and labia too. The razor is quite handy for touch ups then I sometimes let things grow for a couple weeks before repeating. The hair removal cream does leave those intimate areas silky smooth, something that I have been complimented on numerous times. Hubby says it’s the best. (Ms. K )

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