More nude swimming at the ‘Y’?

Previous posts on the practice of nude swimming at ‘the Y’ are exceptionally popular, months and years after they were written.

I’m of the opinion that the ‘nude male, clothed female’ angle is a total myth, but it’s certain that nude, male only swimming was considered standard practice in the past. Curious when there’s none of that now, and we live in more ‘liberal’ times, allegedly, while a less liberal era -the post war years- saw it as quite normal.

Our model emerges naked from the ‘Y’s’ pool

Someone’s CFNM fantasy, but almost certainly not a real life scenario at the ‘Y’ or anywhere else.


3 thoughts on “More nude swimming at the ‘Y’?

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  2. What so many of these fakers don’t realize is that back in the day there were laws against publishing pornography: it was a felony offense. Publishing photos of male genitals or female public hair was considered pornographic. The occasional photo of a male (but NEVER a female) swimmer’s bare butt was within the bounds of decency, but a photo of a swimmer’s penis in the school yearbook would never have happened—except in someone’s fantasy.

  3. Absolutely. All the vintage photos posted here (except possibly the first which is certainly not taken at a High School or the YMCA) have been faked. The high school page is from Topeka High School Kansas, 1967 and the original can be found at I have tracked down the originals of the last two photos which can be found on my pinterest page

    I wish this site would stop posting faked images. It is true that up until the 1970s boys often swam nude at school (me included) and in the USA also at the YMCA. However, the only genuine photos of this (e.g. in Life Magazine) were always very discrete and would never show genitalia.

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