Time consuming (2), brought to you by the letter E

I feel I shouldn’t tease you about this time consuming post we, the editorial team, are working on. For long periods of yesterday all of us were on line at one stage or another, sourcing ‘naturist clothing’ 🙂

Yes, that’s a contradiction in terms, but let me explain.

On RL naturist beaches you’ll find everyone isn’t nude all the time. The ferocity of the sun sometimes leads people to cover up to greater or lesser degrees. Less to do with modesty, more to do with simply protecting oneself from the sun’s rays.

To that end, we’ve been scouring the grid for hats, sarongs, baggy T shirts, bags tohold all of our sun tan oils, books, drinks, kindles etc. The usual array of naturist beach-related items, in other words, which add realism and interest to the pix we take.

Currently, the lucky board at Hudson’s Clothing is offering a bikini and wrap. I’m telling you this because a) it might not be there for long, and be gone before I manage to get the post we’re working on finished and b) wraps, sarongs and pareos are very much part of the naturist experience in RL, and are something I will wear as part of my SL naturist experience, just for added realism.

Not all sim owners like or encourage this ‘partially clothed’ idea, preferring to keep their sim ‘pure’, but the fact remains that various states of undress are part of naturist beach life.

So here’s me (again! 😦 ) modelling the set, which is L$0 on the lucky board as described above. I have to say that I’m getting a bit fed up being ‘the model’, so much so that I’m trying to get a couple of models to show off items for us on a more regular basis, leaving me to do the writing bit! 🙂 The only reason I’m in these pix is that the letter E came up first!

(above, the wrap shows its slightly diaphanous quality)

So, while we continue the quest to bring you ‘naturist related clothing’, this lovely wrap set should put you in the mood for summer, whether you’re going to be naturist or not.

(below, ‘topless’ is also a fact of life on naturist beaches)


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