New York, New York (and Hurricane Sandy)

As Hurricane Sandy makes its way towards the NYC area, we’d just like to tell our SL friends in the area (and in Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba and the entire NE of the USA affected by it) to stay dry, stay indoors and, most importantly, stay safe.

I’m following it on the BBC’s news, and I sincerely hope you all manage to see what is being dubbed ‘Frankenstorm’ -a hurricane from the east colliding with wintry conditions coming in from the west- through safely.

Slovak naturist Marta poses beside the symbol of America, one she says inspired her in childhood while growing up behind the Iron Curtain.

From adversity will come tales of heroism from the blue light services, groups and individuals.

And it’s a reminder of how much we can’t control the weather, and of how our need to overcome the difficulties it presents unites mankind. Wall Street is suspended, which is no great loss, as it’s an odious cathedral to Mammon and inequality, and more fundamental issues of life take over, such as securing life and limb.

The race for the White House is also largely suspended, along with public transport and much of the business of the city. It’s a town I adore, and I hope you all see it through safely to the flip side.

We should also be reminded that in the likes of Cuba, for so long an ‘adversary’ of the US, the suffering, from destroyed buikdings to the reported 11 dead in Sandy’s wake, is exactly the same. At times like these a kind of SL spirit rises in RL, with strangers inclined to take the opportunity to perform random acts of kindness to others. We are reminded just how much our values are similar, not different.

Take care, everyone.


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