Reinvention again

Back in Issue 6, we covered the topic of reinvention, expanding on a short piece by Ella in which she suggested that this is the time of year for it. Indeed it is. And I think, as much as facing the new year with a new look is part of the deal, so too is the fact that we get inundated with free gifts at this time of year (tis the season to be giving, tra-lalalalala and all of that). So now’s an ideal time to think about reinvention or, if you’re a newbie, or only thinking about joining SL, diving right in, because you will be able to create a wonderful looking avi for nothing, or next to nothing, thanks to the largesse of SL’s designers in the Christmas season.

That’s all fine and good, but some of us get wedded to how we look, to the extent that a total reinvention isn’t likely. But subtle changes are. I managed to pick up a free skin at the Mar store I liked, and unless I see something remarkable in the short term, I’ve decided to reinvent by going backwards, and ‘let my hair down’. I’ve spent much of 2012 with it scraped back into a little ponytail, but I’ve decided to ‘get back’ to how I looked, more or less, in 2011.

Sometimes, it isn’t necessary to spend a lot, or even anything. Sometimes, a little experimentation with the inventory, and the rediscovery of past purchases, can re-define your avatar look for a while. In my case, I’ve pretty much got my 2013 look together 🙂



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