Reader Diana writes…

‘Hi Ella and the team!

I’m not a naturist in real life or in Second Life, but I am drawn to your blog on a regular basis. I was particularly inspired by your re-invention of your ‘Eve’ alt to undertake a bit of a 2014 re-invention of my own, starting and finishing at the Fab Free Headquarters. You’re aware of them I guess?

And I thought I’d send you a couple of photos of me starting in my 2013 version at one end of the store, and ending up at the far end of the store in my 2014 incarnation.

I can’t say how inspiring I find Fab Free, and SLN, to be. Thanks for the inspiration to reinvent myself. I love my new look! 🙂 ‘

Diana Rookstown.

Ella says: Thanks Diana. Wow! That was a quick response to a posting made not two hours ago! While we’re primarily a naturist blog, and clothes don’t figure much, I’m delighted that you found SLN to be enough of an inspiration to reinvent your look. I personally find a bit of a tweak now and then keeps SL fresh, current and new, so I’m pleased that you’ve been inspired by the blog. I assume that it was the ‘Eve’ reinvention posts that inspired you to make that journey, and I’m delighted that you, even as a non-naturist, have found some inspiration from SLN. I also hope that other non naturists might find that there’s something about SLN that they enjoy, and can benefit from. That’s the aim. Use us as a springboard and discover (or rediscover) yourself for 2014. A Happy New Year to you, and I’m glad we’ve helped to refocus your SL for a New Year. Yes, we’re aware of Fab Free…their blog is an essential stop off every day I log in, even for naturists!, and we’d regard it as one of the prime SL blog sites in existence. Even as naturists there’s always something we like…skins, hair, poses…at Fab Free which we can use too. My assessment would be that it’s one of the ‘must have’ landmarks and bookmarks for those of us who love SL!’.

diana 2013_001b

Diana goes shopping at one end of the Fab Free HQ

diana 2014_001b

…and emerges at the other end, reinvented!

nb: Diana’s raw photographs were edited down for this blog posting.

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