Vintage Season: Those Fabulous 50s

50s retro_001b

50s retro2_001b

50s retro3_001b

50s retro4_001b

50s retro5_001b


For the final part of our ongoing Vintage Season, for this year anyway, we’ve dropped back to the 1950s (although one or two items might be just a little more 1960s). The short photo-essay pretty much spells out many women’s lot: ‘time saving cutting edge technology to ease their stay-at-home boredom’ and, just maybe, before the birth of Women’s Lib and women beginning to feel there might be just a little more to life before her pipe-smoking husband came home to listen to the game, just a tiny sense of sexual frustration on her separate single bed.

tumblr_mjxbpjmwT51qewd88o1_500 tumblr_n983r2RZPH1tsk6y0o1_500


tumblr_n9po3nH3tz1rydpjxo1_400 tumblr_nb1ut1THzE1qmmr9io1_1280 tumblr_ng4vjdAZhg1rydpjxo1_1280 tumblr_ng4vvqwRty1rydpjxo1_500

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