G (.) (.)gle Street View.

A marvellous story doing the rounds today is news that an Australian woman spotted the Google Street View car (that’e the one with the camera on top, for those who’ve never witnessed it in real life) approaching and decided on a bit of fame.

Lifting her shirt…


…which has caused all kinds of anguished hand-wringing for Google, who have now edited her three times. First, the breasts were censored. Then the breasts and face. Finally, her full body was pixellated.

Since then, Karen Davis has been the target of abuse (why? How empty is your life if you imagine you have to reflexively head to a keyboard and social media to toss abusive comments around?)

But she’s responded to her ‘haters’ and said it’s a bad case of ‘big boob envy’.

She told Daily Mail Australia: ‘They are narrow-minded people who are not happy with their own bodies.

‘Haters hate, (have) you got the guts to do it?

‘All the flat-tittie chicks think I am disgusting. Big-boob envy has hit Port Pirie.’

This has absolutely nothing to do with SL, with naturism, with SL naturism or any other elements of our usual remit, but the story made me laugh. Once again, a pair of boobs rule the world (or in this case, the world of Google Street View). You go, girl!


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