Elephants and Tractors

Something New Poses have a rather delicious group pose out right now. It’s not too often that a free gift for a group pose emerges, so take the opportunity to grab it (LS0, no group joining fee).

Entitled ‘Country Life’, I think it’s something…well…definitely Something New! I think this is a fantastic pose!



Our poses model, Malgorzata, pointed us towards this one which she, in turn, had picked up from the Fab Free blog.

Which reminded me…tractors are a popular prop in nude photography…








Mal also told us about a free gift she received via one of her groups, Verocity, which was called ‘Elephant’. And that is, indeed, what it is…


Elephants, too, are no strangers to helping out in nude photography…



Verocity has several other free group gifts available, and we’ll blog some of these on Friday night.

Note that Mal is bottomless in the elephant pose, which brings us to an infographic I found online, and asked Mal to pose accordingly for the photo.


Note the words: ‘Experienced naturists know that most body heat is lost through the upper half of the body. When cool, naturists put on a shirt -not pants’.

True words that we’ve blogged on previously.

See you on Friday night for more blog posts!




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