Xmas party, 2017 (Part 1)


A very Merry Christmas from all of us at SL Naturist.

It’s the time of year when, once again, Howie holds his Christmas ‘soiree’. Held over a couple of nights, due to SL being a thing where not everyone can guarantee being online at the same time, particularly in a busy RL period like Christmas, many of his SL friends, almost exclusively naturists, drop by for an evening of conversation, with the conversation often focuses on our RL naturist activities over the past year, and our RL naturist hopes for the next year.

Pine needles getting everywhere! Howie prepares for the party.

Beers on the beach for Ella, Howie and Diane

Don and Charlene by the pool

Ayna arrives dressed…

…but soon gets into the spirit of the evening with Ricky and Duncan

Ayna hams it up for Harry’s camera.

Koo, Dick and Ayna by one of the Christmas trees

Ricky and Heather

Poor Evie gets BBQ duty!

But there’s time for some assistance and a cuddle from Harry.

Harry snaps Zika on the beach

…before Zika grabs Martin and some mistletoe!

Howie, Karen and the two Liz’s.


Sandrine and Pino, both French avatars, hop across a small body of water 😉 to help put candy canes on the SLN tree. Entente cordiale in an era of ‘Brexit’

The next set of photos all feature Malgorzata, who has been busy grabbing the Advent calendar gifts from the Eternal Dreams store. Free on the day, or still available to buy thereafter. Some of the poses are called ‘Seeking the sun’ and are absolutely superb poses that easily lend themselves to a naturist theme! I’ve been over there myself to grab many of them.

Incidentally, Bill, who modelled with Mal, is sporting a ‘Prince Albert’ genital piercing. This particular piercing has featured, in an article written by Pookes, four years ago. But if such a piercing should be your idea of fun, or fun for a loved one, you can find it on the Marketplace priced at L$50. A little inquisitiveness and a willingness to hop around the sims -or even just be imaginative in your Marketplace searches- will reveal many, many bargains at this time of year! But back to the party…

Malgorzata loves her poses, and she pointed me in the direction of Helamiyo, where there’s some lucky chairs with excellent poses. Also available to buy (L$45) is a set of what I would describe as ‘dramatic’ (as in ‘theatrical’) styled poses.

Offended by textilism

As usual, many poses can be set in a naturist environment (or many other environments) to offer a scene not intended by the creator of the pose. 🙂 So I’ve called the one above ‘Offended by textilism’.

And in case you’re wondering if we got invaded by textiles at this point, Model Jim (not my Jim, incidentally) had to dress just for the two of us to create the pose! 🙂

I’ll call time on this post for now, and round out on Friday’s ‘Part 1’ of the party and pick up tonight’s ‘Part 2’ of the party in a subsequent post.


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